Saturday, December 31, 2005

Stop The ACLU's Best Of The Blogosphere 2005

Jay at Stop The ACLU is seeking your best post for 2005. It doesn't have to be about the ACLU. Check your archives and submit your best post of the year here.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ten Worst Americans

While surfing today I came upon this post at All Things Beautiful. Alexandra von Maltzan has invited bloggers from all over the blogosphere. Do yourself a favor and don't read the other's choices until you've made yours. It's amazing that one's I chose I felt would be a little obscure made various lists. Create your list and then check out all the others.

Here's mine, in no particular order:

Charles Lee: Because of excessive pride which made him believe he should supplant Washington as Commander in Chief. He was captured by the British prior to the Christmas attack on Trenton, and it was later revealed he had treasonously offered a plan to the British to end the Revolution. After he was exchanged he was dilatory in carrying out his orders and spent a large amount of time denigrating Washington. He was court-martialed for disobeying orders and publicly insulting Washington. He spent the rest of his life attacking Washington.

Benedict Arnold: Causa dicta est.

Clement Laird Vallandigham: Ohio Democrat politician and original Copperhead. Expressed sympathy with the Confederate cause and publicly spoke against Bush and the War, er Lincoln and the War in such uncertain terms that he was arrested and tried for treasonous activities.

John D Rockefeller: Avarice personified. He built Standard Oil into the country's largest monopoly by ruthless business practices. His competitors were either driven out of business or forced to sell out to him because of Standard's kickback to railroad companies. He tried to change his image by throwing dimes out to children on the street. Someone once remarked that he made dollars and gave away dimes. The legacy of fake philanthropy continued with his descendants, who give away massive amounts of money but also have massive amounts of control throughout society.

Boss Tweed: One of America's most corrupt politicians, Tweed is the poster boy for graft and public corruption. $400 toilets for the military have nothing on Boss Tweed's brooms for $41,190.

Margaret Sanger: Icon of the birth control and abortion movement, many people think she helped create reproductive freedom. In reality, she championed eugenics and the forced sterilization of those she deemed unfit to have children. Her destructive legacy is the abortion pushing Planned Parenthood Foundation of America.

Lucky Luciano: Although Capone was the bigger name, the modern mafia was conceived and built by Luciano with his friend Meyer Lansky. The ruthless corporate crime syndicate was his idea. Infiltration of honest businesses made it very hard to root out organized crime.

The Rosenbergs: Convicted of spying for the Soviet Union and providing details for atomic weapons, this pair helped the Soviets develop their WMDs. They may have not provided the most essential information, but they willingly adhered to an enemy and were involved in other activities, according to their former handler and corroborated by the Venona Papers.

FDR: The architect of the modern welfare, expect government to care for you, helpless American state. Whether or not he had the idea to socialize America, or if circumstances conspired to make it so is immaterial. The illegal, unconstitutional acts and agencies he created affect the republic today. Personal responsibility died with his election to the presidency.

The Monstrous One: Committed to power, this person will say whatever it takes to control the government. Appearing to back middle American values, this politician extraordinaire tacks from left to right to appear palatable to most of America. If this person ever succeeds, darkness will descend on America.

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Enemy Press USA Today's Bizarre Pro-Hunting Editorial

Earlier this week Enemy Press USA Today posted an editorial by Skidmore College professor Mary Zeiss Stange which argued for hunting in urban areas overrun with deer. Professor Stange is the author of Woman The Hunter, a book about her perspective concerning society's view of women and hunting.

She discusses the need to cull deer caught in an urban setting, and details how some cities go about this. She does seem to have an aversion to baiting the antlered rats by professionals who then kill them. Stange prefers to have non professionals do the work. "All that skilled hunters need to do the job are access and homeowners' permission, and several metropolitan areas that have established 'urban hunts' do provide both - among them are Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, and some counties around the Twin Cities. Though most of these urban hunts involve archery rather than firearms, all have three things in common: They are highly regulated, and only very well-qualified hunters make the cut. As a result, they are very safe; there are no documented cases of injuries to non-hunters in any urban deer hunts. And they do work to bring down deer numbers - perhaps not quite so dramatically as a sharpshooting fest, but certainly more humanely, economically and ethically. The meat from these urban hunts generally goes to community food banks."

This seems like common sense for areas under attack by an overpopulation of deer. Someone at the editorial board must have been at a meeting or asleep when this editorial ran. Imagine the Enemy Press ever endorsing hunting!

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End Of Year

Now that the presents are opened and the food eaten, it's time for the other holiday to take center stage. Unfortunately for me, this is now the prime time for my employer. Tonight is my last night off for the rest of the year. Light posting perhaps until sometime next week.

Year end poll:

When did you decorate for Christmas and when do the decoraions come down?

I put them up my first day off after Thanksgiving and remove them my first day off after New Years Day.

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Template Testing

Template testing. Great. So now it works except I have a continued link at the bottom of every post. And the wisenheimers at Blogger tell us to figure it out for ourselves how to remove it from non-continued posts. Any readers out there who've been able to do it?Test Here. Five attempts before success.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

President Bush's Christmas Address And A Democratic Response

President Bush offered a few words this weekend for Christmas. Reproduced below is the text of his speech and a draft copy of the Democrat response found in a garbage can in Hyannisport, next to some empty liquor bottles.

President Bush in lowercase. DEMOCRAT RESPONSE IN UPPER.

At Christmas, we give thanks for the gift of the birth of Christ, and for the blessings that surround us every day of the year. In this great and prosperous land, we have so much to be thankful for, and Christmas reminds us of our obligation to share these blessings with others. There are many among us who are hurting and require a helping hand. In the new year, I hope Americans will look for ways to volunteer your time and talents where they are needed most. By reaching out to a neighbor in need, we make our nation a more just and compassionate place. This Christmas, we remember our fellow citizens who suffered from the hurricanes and other disasters that struck our nation this past year. We pray for their strength as they continue to recover and rebuild their lives and their communities.


During the holiday season and throughout the year, we think with pride of the men and women of our Armed Forces, who are keeping our nation safe and defending freedom around the world. In Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, they are protecting our liberty by spreading liberty to others, and all Americans are grateful to our troops for their courage and commitment.


We're also grateful to their families. Staying behind when a family member goes to war is a heavy burden -- and it's particularly hard at Christmas. We pray for our military families; we ask Almighty God to bestow His protection and care on their loved ones as they protect our nation from grave dangers.


We also remember the heroic men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation's freedom. We pray that God will comfort the loved ones they left behind. The sacrifices of these brave troops have rescued millions from lives of tyranny and sorrow, and made America more secure. We will always cherish the memory of each of our fallen servicemen and women, and count it a privilege to be citizens of the country they served.


The times we live in have brought many challenges to our country. And at such times, the story of Christmas brings special comfort and confidence. Christmas reminds us that we can trust in God's promise of peace on Earth and goodwill toward men. On a night more than 2,000 years ago, an angel of the Lord brought good tidings of great joy: the God of Heaven had come to Earth, and He would be with us always.


Thank you for listening, and Merry Christmas.


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Heh, Heh, Heh

I was checking my sitemeter stats and found a referral from an search from the Arlington wreath story I linked to from Michelle Malkin. I'm right on top of her on the search results....I think I need a cigarette....

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Poor Old Jack, Still Doin' Hard Time

From Yahoo News. It appears Dr Death got a "no" from the parole board in Michigan. Man, I have to say it again, if you can't suck it up buddy, why not kill yourself? But of course, he won't.

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New Jersey Wants New Tourist Slogan - What's Your Choice?

Enemy Press Network CNN reports that the corrupt and mobbed up state of New Jersey is trying to trick people into thinking it's a tourist spot. They've started a contest to choose a slogan and are asking residents to vote. Only Jersey residents are eligible apparently, but that won't stop you from voicing your opinion here. Leave your great idea in the comments section.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Enemy Press Can't Make Up Mind On Bush Polls

Same day, two different takes on the President's popularity. On one hand, Enemy Press Network CNN gleefully claims that "Poll: Iraq speeches, election don't help Bush" and on the other Enemy Press Network MSNBC somberly notes that "Bush's support jumps after long decline, Poll shows growing optimism on Iraq, economy."

Here's what CNN tries to push on America. "A CNN/USA Today Gallup poll conducted over the weekend found his approval rating stood at 41 percent, while more than half, or 56 percent, disapprove of how the president is handling his job. A majority, or 52 percent, say it was a mistake to send troops to Iraq, and 61 percent say they disapprove of how he is handling Iraq specifically. The margin of error was plus or minus 3 percentage points." Here's what MSNBC says. "Bush's overall approval rating rose to 47 percent, from 39 percent in early November, with 52 percent saying they disapprove of how he is handling his job. His approval rating on Iraq jumped 10 percentage points since early November, to 46 percent, while his rating on the economy rose 11 points, to 47 percent. A clear majority, 56 percent, said they approve of the way Bush is handling the fight against terrorism -- a traditional strong point in his reputation that nonetheless had flagged to 48 percent in the November poll."

Why the disparity? Well, CNN lamely claims that their poll was taken before the President's latest speech. That way they can report their gloomy assessment and not add the new numbers. Of course they really just don't want to report the truth, that when President Bush explains to America what he's doing and his rationales, the people believe him. After all the time the Enemy Press has had to denigrate his plans and to outright lie, the public will tend to believe them until the truth comes out. SOP for those in the press who hate America.

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And They Think US Sport Fans Are Bad...

Take a look about this story from Europe. The Enemy Press Network ABC reports that the gay and girl sport of soccer seems to be having an outbreak of rude and boorish behavior.

"Soccer clubs that fail to control racist fans were threatened by FIFA president Sepp Blatter (real name, Full Pissholder) with relegation, suspension and expulsion. Blatter said legal experts at world soccer's governing body would decide in January what measures are needed to strengthen FIFA's anti-racism laws. National soccer federations will then vote on the proposed regulations at FIFA's annual congress next year." B-b-but, I thought that Europe was enlightened and superior to the low class US? Where does all this come from? Can it be that "Europeons" are subject to the same passions and hatreds that the rest of humanity is? Perhaps.

As per usual in the Land of Increasing Darkness, ze zolution ist regulashun, regulashun, regulashun. "Teams that fail to control their players or fans also might be forced to play matches in empty stadiums. But Blatter said new, more severe punishments are needed." Open the re-education camps! There will be a Great Leap Forward in race relations, all will learn to be tolerant of others, except Muslims of course, they will be exempt from such laws. A Prague Winter will solve all the continent's problems.

Poor old Europe, destined for the trash heap of history. A failed experiment in self government gone awry. I guess Europeans and democracy and rule of law aren't compatible after all, they need a strongman to rule them. Too bad. Bye.

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How To Learn German

From Special Sauce.

New Addition To Blogroll

Special Sauce. Found this site while browsing. A Good Aussie site, take a look. Added to the blogroll.

Axis Of Weasels Trades Murderer For Hostage

Enemy Press Network CNN reports that Germany, a founding member of the Axis of Weasels, released the cold blooded murderer of a US Navy diver in return for the release of one their citizens held by the terrorists in Iraq. Although the German government denies the allegation and tries to say it was a state's decision and not a federal one, it's clear that a quid pro quo was in action.

Mohammed Ali Hamadi was convicted of murdering "Robert Dean Stethem, a 23-year-old U.S. Navy diver whose body was thrown on the tarmac at Beirut airport during the hijacking of TWA Flight 847." So another killer gets sent back into action because of the cowardly actions of a faithless ally. How many others will this man kill? Unfortunately, the story doesn't indicate why the state of Hesse allowed a man sentenced to life in prison a parole. As the leftists like to say, "if it only spares one life..." then this man should have remained in prison. If this hero of the resistance is involved in anything that destroys a life or property, the German state is responsible and those who are affected should immediately bring the Hessen officials to the dock.

Of course the officials will deny any responsibility if anything should happen. Where are the calls from the unhinged left (sorry, redundancy) for immediate withdrawal of all troops from Germany? Well, nowhere really because it won't hurt America, therefore that quagmire gets ignored. Hopes ran high when the new Chancellor Merkel took office, sadly, it seems not much has changed in the former ally.

It's clear that we must maintain our course and count on no one to deal correctly with the terrorists of the world in this GWOT. All the whining of the America haters must be brushed aside like yesterday's garbage and we must continue on the course set by President Bush. Our continued existence demands it.

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If Only They All Did This

Yahoo News reports that a singer for some band named Weezer (apparently a group of asthmatics) took a vow of celibacy a while back and has decided to continue it.

Wouldn't the world be a more wondrous place if all entertainers and celebrities decided not to chance reproducing? No more raving lunatics trying to tell citizens how to vote. Why any free man or woman would take political cues from trained monkeys is bizarre, yet it happens. We'd be better off if they all kept their pants on.

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Monday, December 19, 2005

It Brings Out The Best In Us...Or The Worst

Christmas. The Holiday Season. How many times do you hear people greeting strangers on the street during the year? Not as many as in December. It seems that this time of year brings out our best feelings for our fellow man.

Well, not for everyone. Here's something I saw written on the back window of a truck today. "WORSHIP YOURSELVES! Stop worshipping your imaginary friend on Sundays and put your faith in yourself."

Of course in the old days I might have gotten angry at the owner of said truck and maybe cursed at him. Apparently I'm getting soft in my old age. Well, not really. After I read this screed writ large, I burst out laughing. Why? Not because I believe what's written on the window is true, but it reinforces the idea that there's no one more intolerant than a militant atheist. They claim the name of Bright, as in knowing the light, or being enlightened or carrying the light. You know a light bearer, or as the Latin would say, a Lucifer. Ooops, no offense meant to live and let live Atheists.

I guess there's just something about the public expression of goodwill and peace towards your fellow man that riles up militant atheists. I suppose that this Jesus fellow has something to do with it. The militant atheists claim He doesn't exist, but they sure have to keep denigrating the non-existant God don't they?

Merry Christmas to all the Atheists out there who aren't bothered by Christmas.

WTO Ends, No Violence Predicted

Fox News reports that the WTO meetings in Hong Kong ended with "a last-minute compromise on a date for wealthy nations to end farm export subsidies." Of course these meetings always get an out of control group of hate filled protesters who just say "rah, rah, rah, our side hates you," and freedom by the way.

Anyway, a group did gather and had a violent confrontation with police. One little note, this WTO meeting was in a totalitarian country, Communist China, in fact. This leads one to wonder, with the typical Chinese response to protests being this, and this, how did these people get in to do their deed?

Perhaps China isn't as interested in free trade as they seem? Well, of course not, the government is an illegal, immoral, murderous thug junta. What they really want is access to the world's markets to bring in cash for expansionist plans. Ever hear of the gun maker Norinco? Well, despite denials to the contrary, it's not a free enterprise. Norinco is an arm of the Peoples Liberation Army, or the Communist government. Every item purchased from Norinco goes directly to support the criminal designs of the government.

With this knowledge, one is lead to believe that the protests were allowed and tacitly encouraged by the government. Otherwise you would think that a large influx of people who have no ties to the WTO coming into the meeting area would make the authorities investigate who they are, and then, keep them out. But no, that didn't happen. Maybe people should pay more attention to the global activities of China, they aren't anyone's friend. Someday we may regret integrating them into the world economy.

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Iraqis Defy Democrats, Enemy Press, and Insurgents, Vote In Massive Numbers

The people of Iraq showed up the defeatist Democrat leadership and the Enemy Press by voting in massive numbers throughout the country.

All the lies by hate filled Democrats were exposed by the vote - even Sunnis voted and began the rebuilding of a democratic Iraq.

Senator Biden of Delaware went to Iraq to pooh-pooh the idea that Iraqis wanted a free state, but then when he saw that they rejected the lies of those who desire to have freedom fail, changed his tune. "'There's going to be a real election here and I think there's going to be a significant turnout. That's a very important first step,' Biden said on CBS News' The Early Show." He probably felt his ears burn when this video was played on Fox News.

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New Addition...

I passed by a new Big 5 and stopped in to take a look at the sales. They had one K31 for $99. I saw some little dings on the underside of the stock and some scratches and wear near the butt. The worst bits of damage were two gouges, although the area was less than the size of a pinky fingernail. The handguards looked pristine. There was finish on nearly all of the wood, except near the buttplate. What type of finish is standard for these guns? The guards looked relatively unfinished, but the rest of the stock looked lightly finished and slick, was it shellac or something else? No cosmo or any other residue on the stock.

All metal parts had grease on them, except for the magazine. I detached it and saw some slight green residue on the plate. I assume copper fouling. I pressed the plate up and down and it seemed to move easily, no sticking. The bolt was sticky, but I expected that. It took a little force to return it. Although I'm left handed and that could have been part of the problem with working the bolt. I saw no damage or pitting on the bolt. The top of the receiver has very miniscule pitting near the Swiss badge, otherwise it looked like new.

Unfortunately, the new store didn't have a bore light. I had to pull back the bolt and try to hold it up to the light to get a look down the barrel. Not enough light to see everything, but I could clearly see it had rifling. I saw no pitting or any other damage or residue, but it was dark, so I can't be sure. The front sight had a coating of grease, but apparently no damage to the ears and the sight itself was clean. It seemed rather small. How tall are the sights normally? I did notice that the sight was resting on an angled base. I never noticed that before. Does that make it easier to adjust? The barrel bands were a little rough, they seemed to be the worst part of the equipment. I didn't look at the trigger as I forgot to ask the salesman to remove the lock. Yeah, I know, I just didn't think about it at the time.

The sling was apparently original, it was a light brown well used leather. The only cartouche or other marking I saw was on the right side of the stock. It appears to be a number one in a circle.

I wasn't sure what to do, it looked nice and the straight pull bolt was relatively easy for me as a left hander to use. It seemed relatively clean, so I wouldn't have to do a major clean up on it. I decided to take one more look over it and noticed that the magazine, bolt, and receiver all had the same serial number. I've heard about rebuilds that mismatched parts, but I wasn't sure if that was the way the K31s were. The matching serial numbers clinched the deal for me and I put it on layaway.

I checked the serial number on and it appears the rifle was built in 1950. Perhaps it only had one owner. If I end up completing the purchase, I'll take a look under the buttplate and see if there's any info on the citizen issued the rifle.

Was this a good buy?

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Instapundit And Online Shopping

Professor Reynolds posted a column at TCS Daily about the future of shopping. Resale shopping specifically. He talks about a new book by Daniel Nissanoff who is involved in internet business ventures. Nissanoff writes of how resale portals such as eBay will profoundly change the way Americans see and discard of possessions. He apparently believes that we will use eBay and other sites to buy items regardless of the cost because we will recoup the premium paid by reselling it later.

A bright future for consumers? Perhaps, but what if your consumer heart desires to promote and protect the Second Amendment? Say you live in a state that's unfriendly to your right to self protection. You fire up the computer and go to eBay to search for a little rifle or shotgun. What will you find? Why, their list of banned items. Here's the main point that rankles, or should, everyone concerned about their Constitutional liberties. "Weapons listed on eBay U.S. must comply with the California Penal Code covering the sale of weapons. Otherwise, these items are not permitted on eBay." One of the most regulated, citizen fearing, true liberty restricting states is vetoing your Constitutional Rights. Of course eBay is probably a California based company, so they must follow state laws, but your Constitutional Right trumps state law every time. Are the owners of eBay anti-gun? It's not stated anywhere, perhaps they are not, but they are aware of the consequences of breaking state laws, even blatantly unconstitutional ones.

If eBay and other sites are indeed the future of shopping, it bodes ill for our freedoms unless new competitors for eBay are located in states that realize they have no power to keep Americans from exercising their Constitutional Rights. Many will say, so what if eBay won't let you have guns, you can always use sites such as Southern Ohio Gun, or Gunbroker, or Guns America.

Well, if those people would actually go to those sites, they could see quite clearly that these sites are also under the control of each state's gun laws. Do you live in East LA, or South Central LA? Would you like to buy a nice Czech surplus pistol for self protection? Sorry, you can't have it if you live in California. It's for your own good apparently, and eBay agrees. "Since (sic) the sale of weapons is highly regulated, or may cause harm to eBay or its members, sellers are restricted in their listing of them on eBay." However, cars, which do more harm to people each year that firearms, are for sale in abundance on eBay.

It's a frightening thought that the internet, which is touted as a tool of freedom, could become a tool of oppression. Those who hate your right to bear arms already use every lie they can and manipulate figures to try to keep you from protecting yourself. Let's hope this coming online revolution doesn't aid the cause of freedom haters. Perhaps you should buy a gun today...for the children.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Spanish Speakers Please Help...

I've wondered about this for years, but who the heck is Felix Natividad, and why do people sing about him at Christmas time?

Sunday, December 11, 2005

CBS News Reports "Integrity Is Word Of The Year"

According to the CBS News website, Merriam-Webster, the dictionary publisher, stated that the word "integrity" was the most searched word for 2005. It seems that over 200,000 people accessed the word at their website.

"The noun, formally defined as a 'firm adherence to a code' and 'incorruptibility,' has always been a popular one on the Springfield-based company's Web site, said Merriam-Webster president John Morse."

It's possible that the word has gone out of usage according to Ralph Whitehead, a professor of journalism at UMass. "'You hope integrity is a word everyone understands,' he said."

Apparently no one at CBS looked it up last year.

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Carnival Of Cordite!!!

This year's final Carnival Of Cordite is up at Resistance Is Futile!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Chinese Government Kills Eminent Domain Protesters

Fox News reports that "Hundreds of riot police armed with guns and shields have surrounded and sealed off a southern Chinese village where authorities fatally shot demonstrators this week, villagers said Friday."

"During the demonstration Tuesday in Dongzhou, a village in Guangdong province, thousands of people gathered to protest the amount of money offered by the government as compensation for land to be used in the construction of a wind power plant. Police started firing into the crowd and killed several people, mostly men, villagers reached by telephone said Friday. The death toll ranged from two to 10, they said, and many remained missing. State media have not mentioned the incident and both provincial and local governments have repeatedly refused to comment."

This illustrates exactly what type of government China has. Murderous thugs who have no compunction over killing those who oppose their way. "The number of protests in China's vast, poverty-stricken countryside has risen in recent months as anger comes to a head over corruption, land seizures and a yawning wealth gap that experts say now threatens social stability. The government says about 70,000 such conflicts occurred last year, although many more are believed to go unreported." And why haven't we heard of these occurrences? Total media control? And some people believe that these thugs and murderers should have control of the internet.

For one brief, shining moment, the usual thug loving Amnesty International makes a statement against the Chinese actions. "'These reports of protesters being shot dead are chilling,' Catherine Baber, deputy Asia director at Amnesty International, said in a statement." Then of course, right back to the same unknowing, unfeeling characterization of the true nature of the Chinese junta. "'The increasing number of such disputes over land use across rural China, and the use of force to resolve them, suggest an urgent need for the Chinese authorities to focus on developing effective channels for dispute resolution.'" Idiot. Gunning people down in cold blood is the effective channel for dispute resolution for thugs and murderers. Here's another choice statement from AI in London, "'Amnesty spokeswoman Saria Rees-Roberts said Friday in London that 'police shooting people dead is unusual in China and it does demand an independent investigation.'" What? Have you forgotten Tiananmen Square?

As usual, the world will forget about what happened there or never even hear about it and no one will even consider taking the Olympics away from China. If we cannot punish China by removing the precious chance to propagandize their illegal and illegitimate government, maybe we can ask Paul McCartney to stay away. Although, it was people being killed, not animals....

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UK Guardian "Newspaper" to Chavez: You've Got A Friend In Me

The recent events in Venezuela have been covered in detail elsewhere such as at Fausta's Blog, but it remains a rich source of information for those who keep an eye on the supporters of tyranny everywhere. The Guardian "Newspaper" penned an editorial concerning the election with the head, "Democracy under threat." Now, before you fall off your rocker, although it appears the Guardian "Newspaper" got it, they show their love for dictators by blaming the opposition and by extension, America, for the threat.

First off, though, the "Newspaper" tries to explain away the dismal turnout for the election. "The people of Venezuela have gone to the polls 11 times in seven years. Almost a superfluity of democracy, some might think, and signs of electoral fatigue could be detected in Sunday's elections for the National Assembly when only 30% of the electorate bothered to vote. The rest perceived the result as a foregone conclusion since in earlier elections President Hugo Chavez, or the candidates he backed, had stacked up substantial majorities. Sunday's poll followed the trend, and the Chavez list wiped the board." One small problem. The ever reliable (reliable to totalitarians that is) Reuters ran a story that quotes Venezuelan officials as stating that they blamed "the low turnout on traditional apathy in Congress elections and the opposition boycott which led many Chavez supporters to believe victory was assured." Hmm, not quite the rosy picture the Guardian painted is it?

However, the Guardian then pulls out the old "they knew they would lose" chestnut to explain why the opposition withdrew from the polls. "Their rejection (of the referendum to impeach Chavez) did little to enhance their authority or popularity and when they withdrew from Sunday's poll they knew that they faced defeat and humiliation." Really? Based on the fact that Chavez won the referendum, the Guardian divined that the opposition wouldn't win any seats anyway? How would the parties suffer defeat if some of their members won seats in the Congress?

Of course, it's all really Washington's fault as "The US-backed strategy is to use apparently neutral non-governmental organisations to tell the world that the elections are not free and fair, that press freedom is under threat, and that human rights are not respected. These allegations are then exaggerated and amplified in Washington." This fixation on President Bush and his administration could be taken for insanity. Perhaps the Guardian should stop looking under beds for bogeymen, it might improve their mental health.

But their main point is democracy is threatened by those in Venezuela not named Chavez. Hugo is a god, and his enemies are small little disorganized groups of malcontents. "It (Democracy) is indeed in peril, threatened by a tiny ragbag of opposition groups given disproportionate international influence through the support of the US. By their irresponsible electoral abstention, they hoped to undermine the credibility of the parliamentary system." Oops, that pesky Reuters article contradicts them again. "Traditional parties such as Democratic Action and the Copei Christian Democrats, who led the boycott of Sunday's vote, were at the center of power before Chavez came to office in 1999 promising to end years of corruption and neglect."

Sorry, but although the opposition is disorganized now, perhaps because of the Chavez government's oppressive activities, they are clearly a larger group than the dictator loving Guardian "Newspaper" lets on. But that's part and parcel of the leftist plan, lie about your opposition and belittle them at every opportunity. How many barrels of oil did the Guardian get to run this little editorial?

The Guardian closes with a denial of little Hugo's true colors. "Yet Chavez is not a dictator as the Americans claim...There is every sign that he will win the presidential election next year and, who knows, the one in December 2012." Confound it, why does everyone rain on the Guardian's parade? "New deputies elected to Venezuela's National Assembly, to be sworn in January, will legislate to keep President Hugo Chavez in office until 2030, National Assembly President Nicolas Maduro said on Tuesday. The legislation would be revolutionary and would ensure that Chavez remains in power not just till 2021, but till 2030, Maduro said at a ceremony celebrating the victory of pro-government deputies in Sunday's elections." And this from the Chinese government!

Not a dictator, eh? President for life? Changing the constitution to remain in power? I though this was what people of this ilk claimed President Bush was going to do? Yes, it's plain, the Guardian is in full insanity mode. President Bush is Hitler and a war criminal, but Chavez actually does what they claim Bush is secretly planning to do and that's just fine with them. Who said terrorist lovers had to be consistent? They just have to support them no matter what happens.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Shoot Possible Bombers, Or Not?

A federal air marshal shot and killed a passenger on a flight from Colombia. According to Fox News, the passenger claimed to have a bomb and when confronted, fled down the passageway from the plane to the concourse. "It was the first time since the Sept. 11 attacks that an air marshal had shot at anyone, Homeland Security Department spokesman Brian Doyle said. According to a witness, the man frantically ran down the aisle of the Boeing 757, flailing his arms, while his wife tried to explain that he was mentally ill and had not taken his medication. The passenger indicated there was a bomb in his bag and was confronted by air marshals but ran off the aircraft, Doyle said. The marshals went after him and ordered him to get down on the ground, but he did not comply and was shot when he apparently reached into the bag, Doyle said."

Bad news for the family, but what if the man did have a bomb as he claimed? Should air marshals be more hesitant to use deadly force? Are we more likely to see incidents such as the shooting in Britain of an apparently innocent bystander? What would happen if a marshal decides not to shoot, allowing a bomb to be detonated?

We need to ask these questions now before another, possibly more tragic incident occurs. The safest course, though one fraught with risk, is to do as done today. One life was lost. This is a tragedy for his family, but it could have averted a larger one. Many people could have lost their lives as a result of a homicide bomber. We must make our priority the securing of American airways. Imagine the economic disaster that awaits if our skies become unsafe. Many businesses and people rely on safe airlines. Shipping cost could skyrocket if companies were forced to use ground transport. More dependence on foreign oil for the extra cars used because of flying fears. Economic havoc wreaked on America would be as important to those who want to destroy us as actually causing deaths. We need to remain vigilant and remain free at the same time. We must also resist those calls for revamping or doing away with the use of deadly force to protect our airlines that will surely come. We weren't there at the incident and don't know what caused the marshal to shoot, but we must remain ready to shoot. Our lives and freedom may depend on it.

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Dr Death's Lawyer Begs For His Life

Irony abounds in this Enemy Press Network CNN story. It appears Dr Kevorkian is in poor physical health, and it's been caused by his incarceration, according to his attorney Mayer Morganroth. Twice before pleas for clemency or pardon from the governor of Michigan have been denied.

Hey doc, if you're in such poor health, why not kill yourself? It's been said starving to death will be painless, but Terri Schiavo was unable to comment.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Blind Shooter Upset That Others Can Get CCW

Enemy Press Network MSNBC aired a story about a blind North Dakota shooter who complained to Tucker Carlson about that state's decision to do away with a marksmanship test for those seeking a concealed carry permit.

"TUCKER CARLSON, HOST, ‘SITUATION’: 'You are worried that people who should not have concealed weapons permits are getting them, is that right?'"

"CAREY MCWILLIAMS, BLIND MAN WITH GUN PERMIT: 'Yes. The legislature went ahead and, without consulting me at all, just decided that if a lowly blind person can pass their shooting exam, which I have heard from the police officers that were around me when I was shooting, they said that they dread that kind of test. Even though I passed that, they were just going to toss it, and throw it away, and then everybody and their brother-in-law can just pretty much show up and don’t know anything about firearms, but feeling macho that day, they just show their driver’s license, and there they are.'"

Loaded question. Who exactly are those people who should not have concealed permits anyway? Carlson doesn't say but McWilliams does. He arrogantly believes that he alone has the right to decide the (unconstitutional) gun laws in North Dakota. "...without consulting me at all...." the government apparently doesn't take into account McWilliams' ideas about the right to keep and bear arms. He doesn't like the fact that anyone now can obtain a permit. It appears North Dakota is going to brace for a flood of applications from those he deems unfit to carry weapons.

Although McWilliams appears to be on the right side of the right to own guns, it's disturbing to hear those with permits say other people shouldn't be allowed to have them. The Constitution of North Dakota itself doesn't limit who should be able to own guns. Neither does the US Constitution. Apparently even gun owners are sometimes blind to the reality that all citizens of America have the right to guns, whether they know anything about them or not.

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Totalitarian Mouthpiece Touts UN Internet Power Grab

Pajamas Media posted an open letter by Dr. Peng Hwa Ang of Singapore who tries to rationalize the UN's attempt to wrest control of top level domain servers from the US. As per usual for those who bow to dictators, Dr Ang tries to tell us that all the world prefers the slavery of the UN and other authoritarian regimes to the freedom an American controlled internet offers.

The whole open letter is a response to this column by Pajamas Media Editorial Advisory Board Member Claudia Rosett. Rosett has been covering the Oil for Food scandal, and now she turns her attention to the UN's IPG.

Dr Ang begins with lies, and continues lying throughout his apologia pro Dictator. He first tries to tells us that he's one of "those of us who consider ourselves centrists and friends of the US in the debate over internet governance." Sorry, I know centrists and you're no centrist. Friends don't steal each other's property. "I hope her views are not those of the informed in the USA, primarily because they ignore the concerns of Most of the Rest of the World (MRW) and come across as spin from the Department of Commerce." Who's he trying to convince here? Bush haters? The extremist Democrat leadership? Who are the "informed in the USA?" Liberal internationalists? Those who hate their own country and would gladly see it destroyed? MRW, as this friend of evildoers writes, is filled with totalitarians and freedom haters, why on earth would America care what they think?

These "informed in the USA" are seen to be the target of this piece as he interjects Iraq. "Well, just before the US went to war in Iraq, the domain name of Iraq-.IQ (or country code Top Level Domain ccTLD) disappeared from cyberspace. In other words, if Yahoo then had wanted to register its domain name in Iraq, it could not register This was the unspoken fear of MRW at WSIS: that critical infrastructure and services for an information age laid on the internet could be shut off if the US, for any reason, decided to do so." Has America done this before? Does it happen with regularity? Could there be a military reason to shut off internet access to an enemy regime during wartime? Of course there is, the internet can be used to transfer money and instructions to scattered troops and sympathizers. No, this point from Dr Ang is only meant to stir up BDS among those in America who hope for defeat and the strangulation of American power. Does anyone really believe that the lovelies who dream of taking over the internet wouldn't cut off access to their own subjects to keep them disconnected with the free world. Only the willfully blind and those who love oppressive governments would say yes.

Dr Ang then tries to say that the "informed in the USA" absolutely love the idea of ending US control. "In October, I gave four presentations to university audiences in the USA, just before WSIS. In all cases, not a single person objected to the handing over of the ccTLD from the USA to the country in question. The audience understood the nub of the problem." And just who were these audiences? Students at UC Berkeley? Other universities where the truth is no longer taught? Places where conservative thought is shouted down or forcibly repressed by either students or administration? We don't know, and probably never will.

Here's a bald example of straight out deception on the part of Dr Ang. "It is therefore disingenuous to describe what was done at the Summit as an "internet grab." The US did not have to do an "internet grab" because it already had the internet in its hands." Accurate, but Fake. The "internet grab" is from thug governments and their supporters like Dr Ang. We know you are the culprits here. The evildoing is on your part. Sadly, there will be the willfully ignorant and the enemies of America who'll believe these totalitarian lies.

Another Accurate, but Fake moment from Dr Ang. "And so while the US said no to oversight, the US had to agree on other issues it did not want to give in to earlier, such as agreeing to a forum to discuss internet governance issues." Oh, you mean the new forum that has no ability to enforce its desires? We've already heard from Assistant Secretary of Commerce Michael Gallagher on the matter as seen below. This forum will just be a toothless debating society declaring the cat needs to be belled, although no one will do it.

To close out his encomium to oppressors, Dr Ang tries to tell us that only the UN is trusted and the MRW loves the idea of a thug organization controlling things. "Only the UN has the credibility as a third-party to be acceptable by Most of the Rest of the World (MRW). That credibility is reflected in the Internet Governance Forum. In the end, after looking around, MRW decided to park it under the UN Secretary General. Given the choice "trust the US or trust the UN" unlike Ms Rosett from the USA, MRW chose the latter." But did they? Was there a vote that the people under the totalitarian governments participated in? Of course not. This dictator lover insinuates that the world wants UN control, yet no one really agreed to it except the mouthpieces of evildoers. SOP for these people. Lies, lies, and more lies. The totalitarians are getting desperate as the world sees people working and demanding freedom everywhere. The Internet is the greatest force for freedom in the world today, and they can't handle it. The thugs and murderers throughout the world will do all they can to suppress freedom. America needs to stand strong and maintain control. We owe it to the world to do so.

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Texas Redistricting Plan Approved - For Now

Cybercast News Service linked to an Enemy Press Washington Post (reg. req.) story concerning the famous Texas redistricting plan which led Democrats to flee the state to avoid doing their constitutional duty. "Justice Department lawyers concluded that the landmark Texas congressional redistricting plan spearheaded by Rep. Tom DeLay (R) violated the Voting Rights Act, according to a previously undisclosed memo obtained by The Washington Post. But senior officials overruled them and approved the plan. The memo, unanimously endorsed by six lawyers and two analysts in the department's voting section, said the redistricting plan illegally diluted black and Hispanic voting power in two congressional districts. It also said the plan eliminated several other districts in which minorities had a substantial, though not necessarily decisive, influence in elections." Later the story quotes Eric Holland of the Justice Department, "'The court ruled that, in fact, the new congressional plan created a sufficient number of safe minority districts given the demographics of the state and the requirements of the law.'"

Please tell us again how each race is supposed to be granted the rights to representation based on the color of skin? Where in the Constitution is the right for each ethnic group or skin color to be given a House or Senate seat? What happened to the colorblind society? Perhaps it's all just rhetoric.

As usual, those leading the opposition are Democrats. Are they really concerned about the supposed dilution of voting power, or are they just angry because power is shifting away from them in Texas? Let's take a look at one aspect of the case. "The complexity of the arguments surrounding the Voting Rights Act is evident in the Justice Department memo, which focused particular attention on seats held in 2003 by a white Democrat, Martin Frost, and a Hispanic Republican, Henry Bonilla. Voting data showed that Frost commanded great support from minority constituents, while Bonilla had relatively little support from Hispanics. The question to be considered by Justice Department lawyers was whether the new map was 'retrogressive,' because it diluted the power of minority voters to elect their candidate of choice. Under the adopted Texas plan, Frost's congressional district was dismantled, while the proportion of Hispanics in Bonilla's district dropped significantly. Those losses to black and Hispanic voters were not offset by other gains, the memo said."

Isn't that bizarre? The memo - which was secret by the way and was leaked, shall we have a Congressional investigation? - plainly states that the White candidate was the one preferred by minorities, and the Hispanic candidate was not. But please note that the White candidate was a Democrat and the Hispanic candidate was a Republican. Where is the vaunted claim that only non-whites can represent people of color? Nowhere, because it's about the Democrats loss of power, not concern for minority rights.

The colorblind society will never exist as long as the Democrat party exists. They claimed ownership of persons before, now they demand ownership of votes. It seems that America is turning away from them and they will do anything to regain control. The Republican party has done much to turn minority voters away during the last century, but Republicans were also the ones who championed the Civil Rights movement while hooded Democrats in West Virginia fought against it. Look up "Dixiecrat" and "Jim Crow." The party of freedom needs to continue to show that it accepts and desires all people from every ethnic group and skin color to join and help build a strong America. Set asides and safe districts are not the answer, ridding our polity of those who use race as a wedge to gain power is.

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Carnival Of Cordite!

The latest installment of Carnival of Cordite is up at Resistance is Futile!

It A-peers You're Not My Peer-No Race Based Juries

The Enemy Press Network ABC reports that "Judges in Michigan cannot use a person's race, gender, religion or nationality to select jurors under a new rule approved by the Michigan Supreme Court." This perfectly sensible ruling has some government agencies lining up against it, although it is a reasonable interpretation of Constitutional law.

"'While on its face the language appears to prevent discrimination in the jury selection process, in reality its application will do nothing to enhance the constitutional guarantee of a jury of one's peers,' Linda V. Parker, director of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, said in a written statement." What exactly does this dolt think a peer is? Does this halfwit understand the meaning of the word. Highly doubtful as this is a government bureaucrat.

"peer n.
A person who has equal standing with another or others, as in rank, class, or age: children who are easily influenced by their peers." This is from

Clearly this blather about not getting a jury of one's peers is codespeak for racial discrimination. All citizens of the US are peers of each other. Black, White, Asian, Native Americans and Hispanics are equal in the law and are peers. This bureaucratic buffoon is spreading the idea that only people of the same race are qualified to judge each other.

Poisonous claptrap. Not only foolishness, but sinister as well. What would happen if these conditions were followed? Perhaps the director of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights might be out of a job? How far have we come from the ideas of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution! People in government actively subverting the ideas in those documents with an eye to gaining power. Sadly, it seems that's all we have to look forward to these days. These charlatans piously speak of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, yet they would all consign us to racial and religious and political ghettos in order to satisfy their lust for power.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Cute Beatle Refuses To Play In Totalitarian State

The UK Telegraph reports that Sir Paul McCartney, the former Beatle, recently stated that he would refuse to play a concert in Communist China. Unfortunately for those who would applaud this act of rejecting a totalitarian state, McCartney only refused to go to China "after watching a secret video of dogs and cats being killed for fur."

That's right.



No matter about the fifty plus years of political control by a group of murderous thugs. Forget about the contrived famines having starved the Chinese people. Don't think about the vicious repression and torture in "re-education" camps. Ignore the systematic murder of second children, only one's good enough for them. Put out of your mind the harassment of Christians. Don't mention the spies on every block. What's really important is the use of fur.

That's right.



Sir Paul said, "'This is just disgusting. It's just against every rule of humanity. I couldn't go there. If they want to consider themselves a civilised nation they're going to have to stop this.'"

That's right.



Hey Paul: They're not civilized, they're murderous thugs. That's what amoral people do. By the way, did you know they eat meat too?

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Former Iraq PM Claims Saddam Atrocities Still Going On

The Enemy Press Network CNN is reporting that former Iraq Prime Minister and Baathist Ayed Allawi is claiming that all the same old stuff is going on in Iraq, just under new management. He must have found Ted Kennedy's speech and recycled it. "'People are doing the same as (in) Saddam's time and worse,' Allawi said in an interview published in Britain on Sunday." Really? Have the plastic shredders been reintroduced? Have beautiful women been abducted and raped? Have villages been wiped out with gas and bulldozed? Apparently not. Although "the remarks also follow the discovery of an Iraqi government facility holding 170 prisoners, including some showing signs of torture." It turns out that only seven people were seen with possible wounds from torture. Hardly enough people for a decent mass grave.

The story also includes this little bit of information: "Allawi, a secular Shiite and former Baathist, is standing in parliamentary elections scheduled for December 15. He failed to win January's election, which brought current Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari, an Islamist Shiite, to power." Disgruntled politician? Perhaps. He has apparently learned the techniques of loser crying from the Democrats. However, charges like this are serious, but it seems again that the Enemy Press is a day late and a New Iraqi Dinar short as the allegations are already being investigated. The interior minister said an investigation was under way into the torture allegations and that he has discussed the allegations with Gen. George Casey, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, AP reported.

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Democrats Misunderstand Government, Or Wanting The Whip Hand?

Traditionally the President gives a holiday address and this week was no exception. President Bush's weekly radio address was wholly focused on Thanksgiving and America. He thanked the troops for their sacrifice. "They are America's finest, and we thank them today and every day for their service and sacrifice." He also included their families. "This week we also extend our gratitude to our military families, who are making great sacrifices to advance freedom's cause. Many of our servicemen and women have endured long deployments and separations from home." He reminded us of our blessings and he urged us to share them with others. A good, strong, faith inspired message this holiday weekend.

Each party also responds to the other's radio address. This Thanksgiving weekend the task was given to Washington state governor Christine Gregoire. After an initial short acknowledgement of thanksgiving to the troops, which by its brevity appears to have been a distasteful thing for her, the Democrat response to Thanksgiving was all politics.

She begins her screed with talk of high energy prices, which have already been coming down by the way, with a reference to New Mexico's governor Richardson, the baseball pro...well, not really. She notes that Governor Richardson has called a special session of the legislature that approved and implemented a rebate scheme. But of course, a permanent tax relief bill wasn't on the agenda. Apparently Democrats don't like to give tax relief. Also it was noted that, "Pennsylvania Governor Rendell announced an agreement to build the nation’s first waste-coal-to-diesel plant – a project that will reduce energy bills for Pennsylvania’s residents and reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil." Well, why is this happening now? Why not increase oil exploration here and drill in ANWR? Democrats and their extremist "environmentalist" allies have scotched plan after plan to create more energy producing plants for years. How many power generating stations have been built in the last ten to twenty years? None? Thanks Governor Rendell, for nothing that is.

Gregoire then launches into a laundry list of things the President and Congress does that she doesn't like. She seems to think that everything bad is because of what President Bush does. Apparently the Democrats believe that Americans want free health care, which isn't free because taxes go up, that Americans want free education, which isn't free because taxes go up, that Americans want the government to create jobs for them, which can't happen because to create jobs from nothing, taxes go up.

Unfortunately for poor Governor Gregoire, not one of those things is anywhere in the Constitution. But since when have Democrats wanted the Constitution? It's bizarre, but apparently now standard operating procedure for the America hating leadership of the Democrat party to insist on false rights and try to destroy real rights Americans have as human beings. It seems that although they talk of the President and Republicans in Congress being out of touch with America, the election results continue to show the people reject the ideas of the Democrats. All their talk leads to one inescapable conclusion, the idea of government the Democrats are most comfortable with and really desire is one that treats every person in America like this.

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Monday, November 21, 2005

America Under Assault By Foreign Troops?

Check out this post on Blogonomicon.

Disturbing if it was Mexican troops, even more so if it was a group of masquerading drug runners. Perhaps the government will now do something about border controls. Does anyone think that if we have no response that whoever did it won't try it again? We must not allow any foreign forces to enter our country with impunity. President Bush must demand immediate information from President Fox about the invaders. Congress must investigate and immediately increase border security. We cannot allow invasion by either foreign troops or foreign criminals to go unpunished. Write your Representatives and Senators and demand action.

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Buy Music CDs, Fund Islamism?

Old news no doubt, but apparently TAFKA Cat Stevens recently released a new album. A commercial for it appeared on the Biography Channel. Of course Stevens doesn't use that name anymore unless he wants to make a buck.

A glowing article about him from earlier this year appeared in the Enemy Press Guardian "Newspaper" in the UK. The paper is so hostile to freedom that they start out their "story" by denigrating the government here for not allowing Stevens entry into America. As if we are not allowed to decide who and who may not enter.

Stevens' official site is down as of this publication, however, there is another website maintained by a fan that covers the release of this new song on a reissue of his gold records. The site has a copy of his rationale for leaving the music business. Although Stevens declared himself to be Muslim, he seems to have no qualms about living off the proceeds of his former life. "He lives off of investments from the wealth he had earned up to the point when he left the music business and does not use the royalties for himself directly." Is that Islamic? If he believes that his music was immoral, isn't it immoral to live off the money they generated? Many Muslims say that charging interest is not permitted, it appears that earning interest from non-Muslims is permitted.

If you decide to buy this CD, how can you be sure you're not funding Islamism? Well, according to the Guardian "Newspaper," Stevens recently won a settlement from some British newspapers who said he supported terrorism. Unfortunately there is a facet of Islam that approves and indeed encourages Muslims to lie to non-Muslims if it will help the false hope of Islam. Therefore, although it appears clear that Stevens doesn't support terrorism as such, there is no way to be sure that any money given to anyone connected with Islam won't be used against those who don't subscribe to their religion. Best thing then is to not buy this CD.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

National Ammo Day

Don't forget, buy at least 100 rounds of your favorite cartridge today!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Carnival of Cordite!

The latest installment of Carnival of Cordite is up at Resistance is Futile!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Democrat Rep Calls For Surrender In Iraq

From Yahoo News. The Enemy Press AP reports that an unknown influential Democrat congressman by the name of John Murtha called for the immediate removal of American troops from Iraq leading to surrender to the terrorists.

"'It is time for a change in direction,' said Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., one of Congress' most hawkish Democrats. 'Our military is suffering, the future of our country is at risk. We cannot continue on the present course. It is evident that continued military action in Iraq is not in the best interests of the United States of America, the Iraqi people or the Persian Gulf region.'"

America, these sound like the words of a traitor, a backstabber, a supporter of the murderous thugs in Iraq. "Change of direction" he wants? A change from coming victory to defeat?! "Our military is suffering?" From what? Weariness in defeating an enemy who wants to destroy our way of life? Are they tired of helping the Iraqis form a democratic state? Well, one thing is sure: they are tired of people like this cancer in Congress and the Enemy Press lying about the actions in Iraq. "The future of the country is at risk?" Yes! And it started on September 11, 2001. Our future is only assured by fighting back. Cowards who demand immediate surrender are worse than Benedict Arnold. At least he sold out for a position in the British army. What was this man's price? A few hundred thousand barrels of oil? "We cannot continue on the present course?" What?! The course of victory must be abandoned? Must we leave the Iraqis to the murder lust of those who hate freedom? What vile vermin would want that? Who hates freedom so much that they would leave those who need America's help to struggle against those determined to destroy them? No one who loves freedom would be so dishonorable, so faithless, and so cruel. "Continued military action is not in the best interests of the United States of America, the Iraqi people or the Persian Gulf region?" Foul lies, meant only to harm our actions and our President. Military action isn't the first course of action desired, but this was the only course that could result in the freedom of Iraq. Cessation of military activity would only increase the danger to Iraq. Only a fool or someone who hates liberty could believe that an immediate pullout would stop all aggression. No. These calls are for one reason and one reason only. To damage the reputation of the President and to harm his administration.

Extremists in the Democrat party have effectively sided with the terrorists by the calls for withdrawal. We must stay the course until the job is completely done. Our honor demands it. Those who hope to relieve "glory days" or some drug addled reverie by forcing our troops out of a war zone are endangering all of us. They must be opposed with all our strength.

This blog calls for the immediate resignation of Rep Murtha and the entire Democrat leadership of the House and Senate, or they must be expelled. This blog also calls for the Republican leadership in the Senate to stand down and let others more willing to stand up for Iraq guide the party in time of war. We have no choice. The choice was made for us on September 11. Our only option is to fight those who would destroy us. We must fight them wherever they are, and at this time they are in Iraq.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

UN, EU Internet Power Grab Fails, US To Remain In Control

The Enemy Press CNN reports a "deal" was reached prior to the UN's World Summit on the Information Society that kept control of the internet's root servers in the hands of ICANN. Previously the EU crowed that they would take control of the internet by fiat, that they would force the US to capitulate.

Yesterday they had to eat crow as the US refused to back down. Enemy Press Network CNN tried to put a brave face on the failure to wrest control from the bastion of freedom by the stifling bureaucracy of the EU. "Negotiators from more than 100 countries agreed late Tuesday to leave the United States in charge of the Internet's addressing system, averting a U.S.-EU showdown at this week's U.N. technology summit." Heh, "agreed." No, what happened was the EU and UN got fobbed off with a toothless forum which can only "address concerns. The forum, however, would have no binding authority." That's right, the totalitarians got zip, zilch, nada. According to Assistant Secretary of Commerce Michael Gallagher, "'The Internet lives to innovate for another day,' he told The (Enemy Press) Associated Press."

Yes, as long as the US controls the internet it will live and continue to grow and even perhaps transform into something else. What matters is that stifling the internet with controls from totalitarians of all stripes will produce nothing good. The Good Guys won this round.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Enemy Press Tells Lies Again

Read the predictable response from the Enemy Press regarding President Bush's "attack" on the terrorist supporters in America.

This editorial appeared in Tuesday's Louisville Courier-Journal.

This was my letter sent in response. I had to keep to a two hundred word limit to better my chances of publication, otherwise a long fisking would have been sent their way.

"Why don't you just come out and declare yourselves in league with the enemy? Your "Tired Refrain" editorial aptly describes you. Blah, blah, blah, same old leftist lies. The intelligence given by President Bush was the same, you just don't like it because it's true. How many times do we have to tell you, President Bush never said Iraq was an "imminent threat?" Check the tapes, or is that beyond your capability? You and your ilk in the Enemy Press seem to think you're above fact checking. Check the fact that so-called mainstream newspapers are dying. Papers lie, circulation dies.

As for your sneering at the specific figures given for weapons, these came from known stockpiles that Saddam was required to show he destroyed. He did not, therefore the only conclusion was he still had them. You're doing the misleading.

As for the lie that there's no international support, please note that over thirty nations participated in the freeing of Iraq. Just not those who it turns out had financial reasons to oppose the liberation. Google "Axis of Weasels."

No, the tired lies come from you, not the President. He has nothing to explain, or apologize for, you do."

Think they'll publish it?

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Dunn's Bullet Serialization Scheme Fails This Year

Remember Dangerous Joe Dunn the California Senator who believes that serializing all bullets will solve gun crime?

Well, apparently his backdoor registration plan didn't get to a floor vote in this year's legislative session, according to the NRA.

Unfortunately, the California legislature doesn't kill a bill just because the session ends. This bill appears to be available for another vote and possible passage in 2006.

Californians who value freedom and their rights must continue to pressure their state legislators to kill this gun control scheme. Senator Dunn has higher ambitions and it would be a blow for the Second Amendment and indeed all liberty if he was able to succeed and go on to higher office where his plans would benefit no one, except those who hate freedom.

Uh Oh, I'm In Trouble Now...

Imagine my surprise when I checked my sitemeter log and found that this organization linked to my post concerning Senator Graham's habeas corpus denial for terrorists.

I guess they have their eye on me now. Will I be blitzed with anti-American and anti-Bush screeds? I don't know, but if terrorist lovers try to come here and drop their flaming bags, I'll have to activate supersecret plan 18B to combat their evil designs....

BRING...IT...ON...(saluting, reporting for duty)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Enemy Press Will Try To Have It Both Ways: Jordanian Bomber Was In US Custody, Released

The Enemy Press AP in the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that American forces had detained someone with the same name as the recent homicide bomber in Jordan.

There is no proof that it was the same person, however it is likely that it was the same person as he apparently came from the same area. "'He was detained locally at the division detention facility' but was released two weeks later because there was no 'compelling evidence to continue to hold him' as a 'threat to the security of Iraq.'"

OK Enemy Press, that leaves this question. Considering that you and your America hating allies constantly call for the release of those in US and Allied custody, what was the correct course of action here? Should this person have been released and the bombing carried out as it was? If so, then your shrill attacks on the US military for detaining people for no reason are shown to be lies. He was determined to be no threat and he was let go. He wasn't subject to torture nor was he placed into a prison never again to see freedom. All your lies about the imprisonment of the murderous thugs are shown for what they are. Should he have been kept in custody? If so, then you are admitting that we don't know for sure who's a threat and who's not, but we can't let possible murderers go free to carry out attacks, as he did.

No, sadly, the Enemy Press will not answer either question as they will change there stance based on what will serve their America and Bush hating agenda. The truth of the matter is they don't care and never have cared about the freedom the Iraqis and Afghans now have. In fact they are hostile to it and real freedom everywhere.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Aiming Shotguns

Everyone has heard that shotguns are the original point and shoot interface. Well, according to Civilian Gun Defense Blog, that ain't necessarily so.

From a story out of Gilmer Texas, it appears that an attempted home invasion was thwarted by one of the residents. "According to police reports, two cousins, an 18-year-old and a man in his early 20s, had purchased and were restoring a house in the 500 block of Clark Street. They began having trouble with a neighbor, Sidney Carroll Pickett, 52, of 513 Clark Street. 'They said he had been 'acting crazy.' He had been 'acting crazy' for some time,' Warren said. On Monday, the 18-year-old was at his house alone and decided to take a nap prior to resuming work, Warren said. 'While he was lying down, he said Pickett broke open the door to the house and came in with what appeared to be a shotgun in each hand,' Warren said. The incident occurred at about 3:30 p.m. 'Unbeknownst to Sidney, the 18-year-old had a loaded pump shotgun by the bed. He picked it up and fired five shots from seven feet away. Apparently, he didn’t hit Sidney,' Warren said. "

Five shots from seven feet away and all misses?! It appears that shotguns may just need a little more aiming than conventional wisdom says. Either that or the kid is a very bad shot.

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Theocrat Weighs In On American Issues

A well known religious leader made remarks concerning political questions earlier this week, according to The Enemy Press Agency France Press.

There was no outcry for separation of church and state from the usual quarters for some reason. Oh, wait, it wasn't a Christian leader. The Dalai Lama interfered in American politics at a Washington DC high school and no complaints were made.

It appears the leader might have been set up by a fringe group agitating to give the residents of the District of Columbia unwarranted Congressional representation. "The Tibetan leader said it was 'quite strange' that people in Washington DC had no voting Representatives and no Senators, an issue that has dogged the United States for the last 200 years. (funny, it never seemed to 'dog' America before) It cropped up again when the Dalai Lama, on a visit to a public school in the US capital, was asked by a student why US citizens in DC were denied the right, and what would he do if his citizens were deprived of such a privilege." Note to student: the people of Tibet have no rights at all. Tibet is illegally occupied by the illegitimate thug government in China.

The Lama then asked the question back to the student, Bernard Igbedian. "When Igbedian said he saw no reason for the denial of voting rights, the Dalai Lama, himself battling Chinese authorities for greater autonomy for Tibetans, (is that all?) said the people should speak up and find out why."

Bernie, here's why. The District of Columbia is not a state. The Founders decided that the Seat Of Government should not be under the control of any state. States may cut off funding for services, neglect public safety or any cause any number of problems for the federal government because they don't like a law or administration. The federal government cannot be held hostage by officials from a state. Therefore, the District of Columbia is administered by Congress. Partisan political activity on behalf of any party could and would paralyze government activity. That's why you have no voting rights, nor should you. You want to have a Representative and Senator, move to a state.

Of course this commonsense structure is opposed by radical fringe political agitators. "But the issue of denial of equal rights to the almost 600,000 US citizens living in the 63 square mile (163 square kilometer) DC area, the size of Paris, is no laughing matter, said Kevin Kiger, spokesman for DC Vote, an advocacy group campaigning for full voting representation in Congress for DC residents. 'I am excited that an international leader like the Dalai Lama would share his thoughts on democracy in the US capital city, under a government claiming to be the standard-bearer of democracy,' Kiger said." Sorry bub, America, along with Britain and Australia are the standard bearers. You just don't like that you have no political power for yourself.

Then they bring in what they consider their trump card. "DC Vote charges that the United States is violating international law when it denies the district's residents equal voting rights in Congress. 'The leaders of other countries are using this fact as a bargaining chip, claiming that until the US brings democracy to the residents of its capital, it can forget about preaching democracy to them,' said Ilir Zherka, executive Director of DC Vote." Of all the stories heard from around the world about American Imperialism, not once has any of them mentioned this so-called "bargaining chip." It appears just to be another lie supporting their cause, which again is suspect as soon as they declare America is violating "international law." A non existent international law, of course.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Comment Policy

Well, I guess it's time to iterate a comment policy for Ah, Shoot!

As I believe in the Constitution and freedom, commenters are allowed to post regardless of their political or social views. Even Europeans!

What won't be tolerated is multiple posts on the same subject at the same time. Keep your comments on topic, or if off topic, only as a pointer to a blog post or story. Today I banned an IP because of stupid multiple posts. The comments were banal and just regurgitated anti-war, anti-bush talking points. I have since unbanned the IP because although leftist America and Bush haters don't want people to air their views, I do.

That doesn't mean that any silly comments without some idea of backup won't be moderated to make the poster look foolish. Ah, the joys of Haloscan.

If you choose to post banal leftist talking points, rest assured once I'm aware of them, you won't see much of anything but a post saying "blah, blah, blah, same old leftist lies."

So, feel free to post, but be warned, I'll do what I want to the comments section, but I won't ban you, because this website is free, so are you. Whether you want to be or not.


Senator Graham Protects America, Democrats, America Haters Oppose Him

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina successfully added an amendment to a Senate defense bill now under consideration, according to the Enemy Press AP. The bill would "bar foreign terror suspects at the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, from filing lawsuits in American courts to challenge their detentions, despite a Supreme Court ruling last year that granted such access." Unfortunately they would still be allowed one lawsuit to challenge their detention. However, "they would not be able to file petitions known as writs of habeas corpus, which are used to fight unlawful detentions, in that or any other U.S. court." Some good news anyway.

Sadly, as seems usual these days, Democrats and America haters are lining up to oppose this commonsense amendment. "Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M., said the provision was a major mistake and deserved scrutiny. 'It's contrary to the way the court decisions have come down already. It is an extraordinary step for this Congress to be taking,' he said." Outrageous statement in a time of war. Let's not protect ourselves, let's give the enemy every way to protect themselves, but don't do anything to help America.

More reaction from Democrat leaders: "But Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., said it was too broad and would effectively reverse the Supreme Court's previous decision on the issue of detainees rights. 'It is inconsistent with what the Supreme Court did,' he said." Too bad terrorist lover. Congress has the right to change laws to stop bad rulings from the Supreme Court. This is exactly why the Court must consist only of those who strictly adhere to the clear meaning of the Constitution. The Founders would rebel against the current crop of Democrats and their enemy loving ways.

Like clockwork, the so-called Human-rights groups also challenged the amendment. "'Depriving an entire branch of government of its ability to exercise meaningful oversight is a decidedly wrong course to take,' said Elisa Massimino, the Washington director of Human Rights First." Sorry, but what comes first is the continued existence and freedom of the United States and the West. Besides, the Supreme Court is only to decide constitutionality of laws, not legislate. The late actions of the Court are beyond their constitutional bounds.

It's a sad day indeed when our own legislators are more concerned with the "rights" of murderous terrorists than the safety of America. They should be ashamed. Unfortunately, they aren't.

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President Bush Attacks Democrat Hypocrisy, Too Late?

The Enemy Press AP reported that President Bush "attacked critics" of the Iraq invasion, but only to try to salvage his bad poll ratings.

"President Bush forcefully attacked critics of the war in Iraq on Friday, accusing them of trying to rewrite history and saying they are undercutting American forces on the front lines." Unfortunately for America, what the President said is true. The extremist Democrat leadership and the so-called "anti-war" protestors are doing exactly that. They claim to support the troops, but their actions and associations show otherwise.

"'The stakes in the global war on terror are too high and the national interest is too important for politicians to throw out false charges,' the president said in his combative Veterans Day speech." Truth hurts, doesn't it Harry Reid? John Kerry and Ted Kennedy are probably feeling their ears burn too. "'Some Democrats and anti-war critics are now claiming we manipulated the intelligence and mislead the American people about why we went to war,' Bush said." Correct, and there already have been investigations proving, that even if the material wasn't completely correct, there was no manipulation by the administration. All words to the contrary by those who hate the President so much that they would gladly surrender to the terrorists are exposed as lies. They supported the actions and conclusions of the previous administration, now suddenly the same conclusions are not to be believed? Here's proof of their insanity: "'More than 100 Democrats in the House and the Senate who had access to the same intelligence voted to support removing Saddam Hussein from power,' Bush said."

Again, the truth exposes those who hate America. Those today who oppose the freedom brought to Iraq and Afghanistan are shown as base political operatives. They are concerned more with satisfying their lust for power instead of protecting this country and our way of life. These people are a danger to America. Hopefully America sees through their hatred and votes them out of office at the next opportunity. Our continued freedom requires it.

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Friday, November 11, 2005

China Unveils Five Olympic Mascots: No Political Prisoners, Slave Laborers, Or Persecuted Minorities

The illegal thug government of China presented the false face they wish to show the world at the next Olympics in 2008. "In an elaborate, nationally televised gala at a Beijing sports arena to mark the 1,000-day countdown until the Games, senior Chinese leaders introduced the mascots cartoon renditions of a panda, fish, Tibetan antelope, swallow and the Olympic flame, each one the color of one of the Olympic rings."

"The Five Friendlies" are masking the thousands of murderous criminals in the government, but of course, that won't be said. As per usual, the Olympic leader sucks up to the organizers. "'The five friendlies are an incredible little family carefully chosen by Beijing 2008 to represent all of China to carry a message of friendship to the children of the world,' International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge said in a statement that was read at the ceremony. 'China is so lucky to have so many beautiful animals to represent the Olympic spirit,' Rogge said." Blech. But then again, what type of "friendship" are they offering? The friendly jackboot smashing a face? The friendly occupation of Tibet? The friendly crushing of the Falun Gong? The friendly persecutions of Christians? The friendly threat to invade Taiwan? That's five friendlies isn't it?

Unfortunately, the world will willingly head to China in 2008 and enrich the tyrants there and increase their feelings of goodwill towards a group of murderous thugs. At least it appears Taiwan is safe until after the Olympics.

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What?! Bible True Again?

It appears that another episode in the Bible gets support from an archaeological find in Israel. "Archaeologists digging at the purported biblical home of Goliath have unearthed a shard of pottery bearing an inscription of the Philistine's name, a find they claimed lends historical credence to the Bible's tale of David's battle with the giant."

Of course those who don't want it to be true deny that it ever happened. "Some scholars assert the story of David slaying the giant Goliath is a myth written down hundreds of years later." According to Aren Maeir of Bar-Ilan University, "The shard dates back to around 950 B.C., within 70 years of when biblical chronology asserts David squared off against Goliath, making it the oldest Philistine inscription ever found, the archaeologists said."

Sorry to burst your bubble, Bible haters, but it looks like It speaks the truth again.

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