Thursday, June 30, 2005


I am not a "gun nut." I never had any firearms of my own. No one in my family is against guns, we just never really felt we needed to have one. After 911 things changed, also I now have a family and property to protect. I have spent many enjoyable hours on Kim's site learning about different types of guns, plus my rights and responsibilities as a citizen. Thanks to this website and others, I decided to purchase my first firearm. I bought a NEF/H&R single shot 20 gauge shotgun. Being a first time gun owner, I felt something like this might be more appropriate than a typical pump action 12 gauge. The recoil should be easier to handle and the single shot would help me learn to shoot with more care than a pump with massive firepower would.
So on Buy A Gun Day, Kim's excellent idea to offset tax day, April 15,2005 I became a gun owner.