Sunday, July 31, 2005

We are too non-partisan....

Oh, lookee! Cigar store Indian starts a new TV Network and promises absolutely no partisan slant. Well, except he slides to the left, so we know what he thinks is non-partisan, is perhaps not so non-partisan. Looking through cockeyed glasses gets you a warped view. I suppose he should attempt a network, after all, he did invent the television, and the network system and the internet.

This new network will be so cutting edge that amateurs will be contributors. He apparently wants this new venture to appeal to the young and hip. But most of the material will come from professional sources. In other words, you'll have some stories that look like real stories you might find on the Enemy Press channels, but also a lot of crap done by two stoners with a super 8 camera. "Next up, Beavis and Butthead take an in depth look at hemp, man."
"Despite suspicions created by his former profession, Gore promises the network won't be advancing a political point of view."

' "I think the reality of the network will speak for itself,'' he told reporters in Los Angeles two weeks ago. ``It's not intended to be partisan in any way and not intended to be ideological.'' '
Yes, of course I believe him. Just listen to this: "Every half-hour, Current promises a news update using data from Google on news stories most frequently searched for on the Web."
Google, the most sincere, even handed web resource there is. Why, no one could doubt that that company is non-partisan! Except maybe that hate filled reactionary Charles Johnson.
Unfortunately I believe this current will run in the same old, tired leftist channels that have been flowing from his mouth for years. In fact, one of the would be contributors believes the same thing. ' "I have this sense that Current is not really looking for content that does not go in line with what their advertisers and investors are interested in seeing,'' he (Josh Wolf) said." '
Bingo! The magic words: advertisers and investors. Will the RNC be major advertisers on the network? How about the NRA? The DNC maybe? Soros? The slant of the stories will match the slant of those providing the money.
However, there is one way to assure that the advertisers and investors have no control over the stories aired. Perhaps they can get some funding from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club.

The Dizzy Channel

Although she doesn't know what's going on at her age, Honey Girl watches the Disney Channel. As a parent I have to monitor so no inappropriate material passes before her eyes. I've noticed they have various types of filler programs between shows. One particular one presents viewers who have interesting hobbies or collect various items. The typical type, of course, dolls, bracelets, skateboarding. However, I haven't seen anything on the shooting sports.

Right, Disney Corp supports things like domestic partnerships, but I'll bet you never see any kid enjoying target shooting. It's evil and dangerous.

World I'm sorry, so very very sorry...

that I wasn't able to vote in 1976. I could have spared you from this. "History's Greatest Monster" has decided to open his yap again. While at a Baptist Convention in Birmingham, England, former president Jimmy Carter exposed himself.

Fortunately not his old shriveled body, but his shriveled mind and soul. This whitewashed sepulchre continues to claim the Iraq war was "unnecessary and unjust."
Please tell us oh, Georgia Git(mo hater), how freeing 50 million people from tyranny is "unnecessary and unjust." Oh, the inhumanity!
"What has happened at Guantanamo Bay ... does not represent the will of the American people," Carter said. "I'm embarrassed about it, I think its wrong."
Well, Jimmeh, the American people returned President Bush to office. He has continued to insist that Gitmo is the correct way to protect America. So it appears the will of the American people is represented by Gitmo, not you.
The real embarrassment is you Mr Carter. Are you really so stupid as to think America is a nation of evildoers? Does all evil proceed from the shores of this country to infect the whole world? Actually it would be best for you if stupidity explained your hate filled rants. The alternative is truely frightening. What would someone think about a person who constantly travelled around the world embracing dictators, condemning his own government's actions, or supporting terrorists?
A person might think you are an evildoer, and a lover of evildoers. So which is it Mr Carter? Are you stupid, or sinister?

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Carnival of Cordite

Link to Boxing Alcibiades, this week's host.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Another leftist blah, blah, blah....

From Drudge: The Hearst Corps resident harridan, enemy press reporter Helen Thomas, recently declared that she would kill herself if Dick Cheney ran for president. Now she says, according to the newspaper Hill, "All we need is one more liar." I always laugh when I hear some extreme leftist rant and rave and make outrageous statements of what they plan to do. Why? Because I know they will never do them. Has Alec Baldwin left yet? Is Babs Streisand still here? You know the answer.
Fine you old hag-been, kill yourself. You think we'll get one more liar if the VP runs? Well, less'ee, add one liar in Dick Cheney, subtract one with your exit and we're even! Sounds like a fair trade. Bush Derangement Syndrome does awful things to your mind anyway. You'd probably be better off dead. Maybe not, you might not like the place you end up. But would it be any different than the hateful place you inhabit now?
Do you have a family? Grandkids? Why not retire and spend your remaining years with them and leave us alone. You are pathetic.

Going once...going twice...sold for 40 goats and 20 cows!

Enemy Press ABC News ran a story today on their GMA program. Apparently a city councilman in a Kenyan city offered a dowry of 40 goats and 20 cows for the hand of Chelsea Clinton when Bill visited that country a few years ago.

He's still waiting for an answer. I believe the Clintons should accept this generous offer. After all, her mother is an ugly old cow and her father is a randy old goat. Seems like a perfect fit!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Rat a Tat Tat

OK, now for a gun post.

This is it. The quintessential gun. The gun people have dreamed about for years. The icon of gangster movies, the war hero's weapon of choice. The Tommy Gun.
Yeah, I know you can't get a full auto anymore, but that's not the point. It's the fact that you have this gun in your hands. Besides, it's still in the manly 45 caliber. It comes in either the classic gangster configuration or the WWII GI.
I'm torn. It's the classic gangster which I've always wanted. In fact I used to have a toy Tommy Gun. However, there's a certain charm in having a weapon that kept freedom alive during the dark days of the last century. It took out fascists and probably a few commies too. What's not to like?
They sell for about $1000-$1500. They have a violin carrying case available, but I think I'll pass.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Traitors on Parade

Hanoi Jane is coming out of the closet. Yes, she's admitting she's against the Iraq War. Which is over by the way, although the occupation continues. And how will she show her anti-war bona fides? She has a bus tour planned. She will be riding around on a bus that runs on veg oil. You know, the kind you get at the store, no doubt. She was going to use lard, but she wanted Muslims to feel they could join her tour.

S'w'anyway, she says she met a lot of veterans during her book tour who encouraged her to come out. Hm, the only veteran I remember who came to her book signings spit tabaccy juice in her face.
I guess it'll be a crowded bus. I'm not sure where the bus came from but I heard that there's a failed campaign bus lot somewhere in Massachusetts she can pick one up used. Though, I believe those ran on hot air. "She will be joined by families of Iraq war veterans and her daughter." Well, I guess if none of those veterans who came to her book signings are available you might be able to draft, whoops, I mean recruit, I mean get some real patriotic soldiers from the Winter Soldiers to ride the bus. Can't show how America is against the war without soldiers, even if they're fake.
You know, I think if she's coming to my town, I might see if I can get the tabaccy juice concession....
Link: Here

Disunion Union

Haw! Haw! Poor AFL-CIO. Breaking up is hard to do, but sure is fun to watch!
Approximately one-third of their membership bolted during their annual convention. Serves 'em right. The all powerful, mighty Union has fallen and can't get up. Too much time and dues spent making politics instead of new members. Now, I'm not a union member, nor do I work in a field that normally gets unionized, so nothing personal to my job. But, I do understand that these things were needed in the early part of the last century. I don't like unions and I don't trust corporations either. You will find the same type of people in both boardrooms. Does anyone think that all management type are rich and all union leaders are poor? Some benighted souls probably do, I don't. Both sides around the table have large incomes, both spend time at the Hamptons. Do you really think that John Sweeney has never set foot inside an exclusive country club? Fat cats on both sides. Unions wouldn't exist if companies paid fair wages.
A new group is supposedly forming to combat the complacency of the AFL-CIO. Don't think much of them either. Their supposed goal is to increase membership, although where they expect to get them is the question. Unfortunately, it appears they are pushing to allow illegal aliens to get amnesties. Great, bring in a lot of criminals, get them signed on to the rolls and take dues from them for extremist Democrat politicos. That's their stated goal.
Let them both fall.

Ah, Shoot!

I know, I know, I haven't posted anything about shooting yet. I'm busy at the moment and hopefully will get to a range next month.

Shishkabab Vegetarians

Terror group linked PETA released a list today of the sexiest vegetarians. I suppose that's about as good as they can get. Most of the people I know who refrain from eating meat are rather on the thin side. Doesn't mean they can't be sexy, but most of those heroes of the veg look a bit weak to me. Now I must admit, I believe that Gwyneth Paltrow has a very good appearance, not so much now as I see the black heart within her. Politically I mean, of course, she could be a good hearted perso...ah, hell, she's an anti-American shrew! And an unfit mother!! Yes, she foisted upon her one year old daughter a, blech, "cake" in a vegan style. Damn it, leave your crap to yourself, your one year old needs nutrition from all sources, including meat! I would never condemn my Honey Girl to a sickly, hate filled menu like that.
So anyway, apparently there are supposedly some sexy people who don't eat meat. I guess that means their all heterosexual, right? After all, to be a veg, you can't eat meat!

Celebrity Stupidity

You know, one of my favorite sports is laughing at celebrities. I laugh at them because they believe attaining the rare status of celebrity entitles them to speak on all sorts of subjects. Subjects that they really know little about.
Sure, we're not all experts in most things, however, a little research can go a long way. I don't mean quoting talking points from a tract or lobbyist press release, I mean digging into a subject using multiple sources. Check out an encyclopedia, or a book, or yes a website or even find someone with a first person account. But don't just use one source. And by all means do NOT use what the MSM tells you without corroboration.
Here's our first installment of "Celebrity Stupidity."
From LGF.
OK, Ricky Martin said he didn't understand what the writing on the headscarf meant. I'll give him a pass on that. However, there is no excuse for not understanding what is going on in that part of the world. Doesn't he ever read a newspaper? Watch TV news? Don't you think someone would tell him to beware of possible propaganda? I suppose because the UN is the sponsor of this little trip, he guesses it's all fine. Well Bub, it ain't. You and the rest of West Hollywood ought to understand what's going on before you put your faces and asses out there. Useful idiot. What's next for you Ricky? Gonna attend the Beat In for Palestine at the foot of the wall at the corner of Abomination and Kufir Streets?
Please, celebrities, refrain from these things in the future. The life you save may be your own...and ours.

To Air (America) is Human

Interesting story on Michelle Malkin.
I have no doubt that these people are indeed nothing but thugs and hoodlums. I suppose it's just SOP for liberal or progressive groups. They can't keep their hands off public money. And in this case it could be a criminal act. These Worthies have apparently scammed money from a non profit Boys and Girls Club in NYC and directed it into the coffers of Air America. The founder of Air America is also a founder of the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club. Somehow-probably Halliburton in league with Rove Robot W- the money granted to the club for various programs ended up being invested in Air America.
Read the whole sordid story at The Radio Equalizer.'s from the Children.

Fatwah, Fatwah, who's got the Fatwah

Poor Mischa, he just has to get a fatwah like the Anarchangel. Go and read.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Yes! She actually issues an apology...ah, no....

Update on our favorite funeral crasher from Michelle Malkin.
What the flying f is it about these Dumbocrats? I thought maybe third times the charm, but no, she has to go and muck it up. Can't these sorry pieces of work ever really be sorry for anything they do? Guess it's too much to expect.
Of course this means she wrote a letter of apology to the family of the Marine. A non-apology apology. Here's a link to her actual "heartfelt" letter, from Michelle again.
If the words or phrase "you misunderstood" or anything similar appears anywhere in an apology, it's not an apology. You are essentially being told you're an idiot who can't grasp the higher thoughts of superior beings. Best thing to do, peon, is bow and scrape before your betters and keep silent.
We'll see if there's any fallout from this matter, elections are in 2006 in Pennsylvania.

Tap, Tap...Is this thing on...?

Thanks Guyk

Monday, July 25, 2005

Ah crap, I forgot about the Carnival

Here's a link to this weeks Carnival of Cordite: But That's Just My Opinion

They just cannot help themselves

All you can do is shake your head at these stories. Are all anti-war democrats like this? To be sure, this woman is considered some type of loose cannon, so who knows is she's just hate filled or insane. Note Disclaimer: "But I support the Troops."
Anyway, the governor had to do some damage control. Maybe the best damage control he could do would be to dump her from his ticket next year, but that might anger his base. What a dilemma. Dump someone who could have a strong base of support, or remove someone unfit for the job. Considering that America is increasingly rejecting the type of hate filled spew issued from the extremist hate America leadership of the Democrat Party, I'll bet he'll keep her.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

T Shirt of the Day

A couple of days ago I was wandering around at work and happened to notice a group of guys walking around looking at the scenery. Typical group of guys I figured. Then I noticed one of the T Shirts. It said:
I'm not Hispanic
I'm not Latino
I'm Mexican
OK pal, welcome to America, now go home.

The Comic Genius of John Forbes Kerry

I thought that he was dead serious. He claimed he wanted to be president, claimed he ought to be president, claimed he was the only one fit to be president. He had the looks, he had the voice, he had the war hero status. I have to admit, I was one of those people who considered John F Wannaby nothing but a wooden imitation of a great man.
Yet, I didn't get it. It was so sublime, and ridiculous. Because I despise him and all he stands for I laughed at his li'l blue bio-suit adventure, his stop in at Wendy's with the Missus, picking John Edwards as hisVP, crawling on his belly to sneak up on a deer, and the ultimate portrait of the man: Reporting for Duty! I laughed, I laughed loud and long at the man, hoping that President Bush would destroy him in the election. How could someone so full of himself and it be chosen to lead us?
Then today it dawned on me. This man was not serious. Not one bit. He has no desire to lead the country. He has no vision of America. He has no political aspirations.
No! He wants a career as a comedian! His campaign had all the hallmarks of a great comedic mind. Everything he did was calculated to get a laugh out of his audience, the electorate. The man is a political performance artist!
I could not believe I was privileged to live in a time when the greatest political joke in history was put out for all to see. Yes, I laughed, laughed with a laugh that shook me until I dropped, gasping for air. Form 180! Form 180! FORM 180!!!!!
I believe I will have to hold my sides for at least a month when I think of the man and his comic genius.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Large So Cal Newspaper Holds Strong Anti-American Views...

According to Hugh Hewitt, the Enemy Press LA Times featured a headline for a story about SC nominee John Roberts' wife: Wife of nominee holds strong anti-abortion views. Well, I thought that he, not she was the nominee...Hey that rhymes! Anyway, it appears the old anti-religious gambit is the ticket for Schumer et al to try to block Roberts' confirmation. The insinuation is that a conservative Catholic family like the Roberts have sinister motives to impose their religious dogma upon America. Barry Lynn says so! Because you see, religious people can't keep their religion to themselves, they must convert everyone to their faith. Inshallah.
You know it really is a wonder to me how these people keep getting re-elected. Are there no religious people in their area? They continually insult believers and yet keep getting voted back in. Is Schumer's state so really anti-faith that they keep putting him back in office? Maybe, maybe so. It's hard to believe that it might be true.
Article. VI.
... but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.
Note to the so-called "reality based community," this also means no one shall be disqualified for office for having a religious faith.


Apparently some former intel officers demanded that President Bush "punish" Karl Rove. As per usual some "patriotic Democrats" held another hearing in a basement somewhere in the Capitol to examine all the hullabaloo about Valerie Plame. Off with his head!
Oh, wait. It appears he really wasn't the one who did it.
No matter. It must be said, it must be done. Rove.
Same old crap. The only thing the Dimocraps need to remember is that most of America doesn't care about this story. If they think they will regain power wasting time with this, they are truely deluded. Let them go on. You know, there hasn't been a political party that dissolved since the Whigs in the 1850s. Might be fun to see it. Then good Democrats can disassociate themselves from extreme haters like Kennedy, Boxer, Feinstein, Pelosi, Byrd, et al.

Take Two....

OK, so they tried it again. Unfortunately for them, it didn't quite work. It's possible that it was a copycat action. The results seemed less than stellar. Reports indicated that the new bombers might have been a little skittish, apparently they didn't really want to be suiciders. Check out the usual reads.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

It's, it's green...and blue

James Doohan died today.

When we played Star Trek as a kid of course that's who I had to be, whether I wanted to be or not.

Where's a transporter loop when you want one?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Up Pompeii

Archeologists made a discovery of a cache of silver from the ruins of the city. Five years ago a wicker basket was found and the contents have been confirmed to be silverware. The article says the materials will be on display in the near future. The tone of the story leads you to believe that this find was unexpected. Silverware? In ancient times? I thought they just used their hands or maybe pointed sticks!

Rome! Ruler of the World! Rome! Invincible! Rome!...well you get the picture. Look, the Romans were more advanced than we think they were. Plumbing? Roman. Hydraulics? Roman. Cement? Roman. Underwater concrete? Roman. Advanced architecture? Roman.

Pompeii would have had its share of wealthy inhabitants. The location on the sea would be an attraction for vacationers. It was a port and a resort area. It still is today. I guess today we have to surprise ourselves by the ability of the ancients, try to think we're just like them man. Dude, we're all the same! Well , we're not. Then ancients had different ways of thinking about things. Why they did what they did is sometimes incomprehensible to us. And perhaps always will be. They existed, they were like us in many ways, but very unlike us as well.
Link: Here

Monday, July 18, 2005

Hi, I'm Bob. This is my brother Bob and my other brother Bob.

One of the funniest men in American comedy is the subject of an Enemy Press PBS American Masters program.
Bob Newhart will be profiled on that program later this month.
He's a comic master. The best scene ever in sitcom history was his transition from Dick Loudon to Bob Hartley in the finale of Newhart. Spoofing Dallas' dream season when Bobby Ewing died then returned, Dick Loudon's life was all a dream as Dick was hit on the head with a golf ball and awoke in his old sitcom. It was perfect as Dick woke up in the middle of the night and called out to his wife and when the lights came on it was Suzanne Pleshette as Emily Hartley in his bed! Bob had dreamed the whole Newhart series. All the old characters were back as Bob tried to make sense of what happened. Nothing that happened in the last eight years was real, except one thing. As Bob was standing at the elevators...Larry, Darryl and Darryl made an appearance!
Without a doubt Bob Newhart deserves the honor of this program.


Lileks has a bleg in his column today. Because he asked, I answered. Don't know what he'll think, but he needs the help. He wants to know which movie heroes of the past would make good comic book movie heroes today.
The correct answer is: not a one of them. These are icons he's talking about. We have no icons left now, they're all weak, wimpy and effeminate or crazy...and the women ain't too good neither.
Go and read, and read daily. After spending a day reading about all the garbage that happens, Lileks is like a good bubble bath...Lileks, take me away!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Carnival is here!

Gullyborg is the owner of the Carnival.
This week's guest host is Baboon Pirates.
Maybe someday I can submit something, someday....

Whoring Up

I guess ABC needs another ratings winner. Hey kids, let's put on a sex show!
Hooking Up will be the newest entry into so-called reality programming. ABC's new producer says it's not a reality show but a documentary. Just because it's a documentary doesn't mean it has to be dry and scholarly. It can be hot and wet too!! Apparently.
You just know it'll be white hot! with a lineup of "attractive professionals aged between 26 and 38."
' "Mostly, it's hard-core voyeurism," reviewer Verne Gay (New York Newsday) wrote.'
Why on earth does anyone think that? Surely it's a legitimate need. We must see how to go about finding someone to hook up with. Hey, if it takes attractive professional women to get us to watch, what's the big deal? If you want dry and scholarly, find fat, ugly women to follow around. That case study will really give you the ins and outs of finding someone. It may take years, but surely some fat women have sex....

We hold ourselves to a higher standard

According to Hugh Hewitt, the Enemy Press LA Times has new ethics rules. Funny, I didn't think they had ethics.
Scroll down a bit....

We won't get fooled again, until next time!

The Enemy Press NYT and AP suffered another setback today as they accidentally reported that Karl Rove told an administration advisor about his interview with Mr Cooper "wasn't to divulge Plame's identity but to caution Cooper against certain allegations Plame's husband was making, according to legal professionals familiar with Rove's testimony."
''What it says is, Karl Rove wasn't the leaker, he was actually the recipient of the information not the provider,'' Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman said on Fox News. ''So there are probably a lot of folks in Washington who have prejudged this, who have rushed to judgment who are trying to smear Karl Rove.''
Haw! Haw! These buffoons are so consumed with hatred for the man that they will fall for any story so long as it demonizes him.
But wait, there's so much more. The increasingly shrill Rep Pelosi still demands hearings: "...the fact that a criminal investigation was under way did not prevent extensive hearings from being held on other, much less significant matters....''
I can think of nothing less significant in a time of war than to worry about who "exposed" the identity of a former, that is "no longer a covert agent" to the press. Especially when it now appears the press did it themselves. Neither is there anyone less significant in Congress than Rep Pelosi.
Link: Here
reg required

Friday, July 15, 2005

Enemy Press Watch 2

Good God! Don't they ever quit? This is the most dispicable piece of work done by these Moth!*#%!@& I've ever seen. These people are garbage. Reuters, you are the enemy and we are watching you.

Enemy Press Watch

Today at work I watched a terrorist recruitment and propaganda video on CNN. Oh, sure it was just an 'exclusive look behind the scenes' in the insurgency they said. I don't believe there is a link to it on their website now and I'm certainly not going to link to it. You can find CNN on the web anyway.
So what we saw was a little video put out by a supposed former general of the Iraqi army. He gave the standard boilerplate about the insurgency being prepared before the invasion. Blah, blah, blah. We were treated to scenes of brave insurgents in the streets firing their heroic resistance weapons at the invading forces. By the way, this video was taken last year some time. Why, because this type of street fighting is non existant these days? Ya think? The former general claims over 200,000 Iraqis are members of this so-called resistance. Thugs and evildoers more likely. Any guesses how many really belong to this 'heroic' group? Who knows, certainly not me.
Can you tell me any good reason for this 'report' to have ever seen air time? I sure can't think of one. We can see from various other sources that although attacks continue, they are now reduced to suicide bombings, and drive bys. You do not hear of open street fighting or massed attacks. Why? Because the insurgency is not strong, it is not composed of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi patriots. No, it is a group of pathetic evildoers. Bitter enders and fanatics comprise the core of this activity. And now these brave heroes have a helper, a benefactor to build up their morale, and a sinister group who does all they can to discourage progress in nation building. The Enemy Press, CNN branch.
Go to hell CNN. You are the enemy, and we're watching you.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Dear Diary

July 14 Nothing

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Is he really that stupid?

I laughed out loud at this post on the Rott. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. Muster gas....


I was driving home from work this morning and glanced up at a banner I saw draped on a freeway overpass. It said: 1700 dead soldiers and I'm still paying $2.59 for gas.

Now I'm not sure who posted this over the freeway, but I think he, she, it must not be very bright. Gas is only $2.39 per gallon here.

Celebrities know best

The Enemy Press AP reports that some actors are lobbying Congress to urge it to force the President to repeal the government ban on embryonic stem cell research. Of course, each of these superstars currently seem to be suffering from some sort of malady which needs, nay demands, that embryos be destroyed to find a cure. Sorry pal, but I just don't believe we need to kill others for your benefit. Oh, sure, it's for the children. Let's save all the kids of tomorrow by killing other kids today. After all, they aren't real people yet anyway.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

How dumb do you think she is?

Funny. My mom was checking the mailbox and was coming back to the villa when she was approached by a person wanting to use our phone. She said she lived on the block and her phone was disconnected. The person wanted to use our phone, but mom said there was a phone a block away at the mini-mart. "I don't want to walk that far," the girl said.
OK, right, we're gonna let you just walk on in to our house...and have you pull a knife or gun and try to rob us, or at least case the joint for action later. You really think we're that stupid? We've never seen you before. You don't live around here. Sure, waltz on in...and I'll shove a 20 gauge in your thieving face. Then I'll slam the bolt home on my 30-06 and watch you soil yourself as the barrel rests on your left nostril. Didn't you see the NRA sticker on the garage window? Guess not. Well if you plan on coming back some night, notice it. It ain't just for show. Is that all I've got? Maybe, maybe not. Don't try to find out, exposure to lead is hazardous to your health.

Hey! Wake up and go to sleep

Five days from July 7 to this...bombing to suicide.

Monday, July 11, 2005

O Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood....

The Enemy Press AP reports today that some unknown actress named M. Gyllenhaal apparently made some type of comments about the World Trade Center terrorist attacks. It seems she blamed America for the attacks. Well, of course she heard from quite a few people about that. Perhaps she has thought better of speaking about things she knows nothing about as she now has released a statement clarifying her remarks.
``I was so surprised by the way it was misunderstood, and the disdain that came back at me was a real shock,'' Gyllenhaal told the Daily News (New York) for an interview published Sunday. ``I regret what I said, but I think my intentions were good.''
Ah yes, the non-apology apology. Take a page from people like Dastardly Dick Durbin and blame the listeners for being too stupid to understand the high and lofty thoughts of their social betters. Oh, we heard quite clearly what you said. We just reject what you say. Your vapidity is plain for all to see.
Tell you what, just do what you're hired to do and nothing more. You are a dancing monkey, when the organ grinds do your show. When the organ stops, shut the hell up.

Pax Vobiscum

CNN reported a few days ago that Pope Benedict asked the terrorists to stop bombing things in the name of God. Well,, Mr Pope, considering these people aren't Catholic and not even Godly men, I really don't expect them to listen to you or do what you want. Nice try though.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo...

IOC! The Enemy Press AP reported Friday that the IOC secretly voted to drop baseball and softball from the Olympics in 2012. According to the story, the vote was announced without totals given, all was shrouded from view. To be fair, all Olympic sports were voted on and only baseball and softball were dropped. Some officials had scheduled a vote on five new sports to see which two would be added. Sadly for the supporters, all five were rejected.

"The action by the International Olympic Committee marked the first time it had dropped any sports from the Summer Games in 69 years."
Oh, and the story goes on to say..."IOC president Jacques Rogge said baseball and softball, two sports invented in America, would be eligible to win their way back into the Olympics for 2016."
Now, why on God's green earth is that little throwaway line in there? Poor little Olympics afraid of American sports? Can't see why, the slave state of Cuba has won the gold three times. Maybe because the American women have won softball gold each time? Just the same old anti-Americanism?
Bah! A bunch of dolts they are.
Meanwhile, such a glorious sport as Rythmic Gymnastics is safe. Right! Girls running around waving streamers about their heads! Oooh, such rythm, such gymnastics!
Don't forget our little group of recognized sports. Although these "sports" aren't currently Olympic sports, they do follow Olympic doping rules, so they can be considered for acceptance. Less'ee: Bridge. Yeah Baby! With all the strenuous effort needed to keep in shape, better test these brutes weekly for steroids. Hey! Roller Sports! Alriiiiight! Kansas City Bombers! Life Saving? WTHeck? Ok, I suppose if you got mouth to mouth from some long legged Aussie girl, it'd be very spurting, um, sporting.
Yeah, drop baseball and softball for stupid crap like that. I wonder if anyone pays the members of the IOC off to...heh, wait a minute, of course they do.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Terror Attacks

I don't have much to say about this. This is not good, but not completely unexpected. Evildoers do evil things. Plenty of commentary from my usual reads.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Independence Day

July 4, 2005 229 years of freedom sounds like a perfect day to go out and shoot off fireworks and excercise our freedom by shooting off some rounds. Too bad no one is around to go shooting today. Maybe next year.