Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Celebrity Stupidity

You know, one of my favorite sports is laughing at celebrities. I laugh at them because they believe attaining the rare status of celebrity entitles them to speak on all sorts of subjects. Subjects that they really know little about.
Sure, we're not all experts in most things, however, a little research can go a long way. I don't mean quoting talking points from a tract or lobbyist press release, I mean digging into a subject using multiple sources. Check out an encyclopedia, or a book, or yes a website or even find someone with a first person account. But don't just use one source. And by all means do NOT use what the MSM tells you without corroboration.
Here's our first installment of "Celebrity Stupidity."
From LGF.
OK, Ricky Martin said he didn't understand what the writing on the headscarf meant. I'll give him a pass on that. However, there is no excuse for not understanding what is going on in that part of the world. Doesn't he ever read a newspaper? Watch TV news? Don't you think someone would tell him to beware of possible propaganda? I suppose because the UN is the sponsor of this little trip, he guesses it's all fine. Well Bub, it ain't. You and the rest of West Hollywood ought to understand what's going on before you put your faces and asses out there. Useful idiot. What's next for you Ricky? Gonna attend the Beat In for Palestine at the foot of the wall at the corner of Abomination and Kufir Streets?
Please, celebrities, refrain from these things in the future. The life you save may be your own...and ours.