Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Comic Genius of John Forbes Kerry

I thought that he was dead serious. He claimed he wanted to be president, claimed he ought to be president, claimed he was the only one fit to be president. He had the looks, he had the voice, he had the war hero status. I have to admit, I was one of those people who considered John F Wannaby nothing but a wooden imitation of a great man.
Yet, I didn't get it. It was so sublime, and ridiculous. Because I despise him and all he stands for I laughed at his li'l blue bio-suit adventure, his stop in at Wendy's with the Missus, picking John Edwards as hisVP, crawling on his belly to sneak up on a deer, and the ultimate portrait of the man: Reporting for Duty! I laughed, I laughed loud and long at the man, hoping that President Bush would destroy him in the election. How could someone so full of himself and it be chosen to lead us?
Then today it dawned on me. This man was not serious. Not one bit. He has no desire to lead the country. He has no vision of America. He has no political aspirations.
No! He wants a career as a comedian! His campaign had all the hallmarks of a great comedic mind. Everything he did was calculated to get a laugh out of his audience, the electorate. The man is a political performance artist!
I could not believe I was privileged to live in a time when the greatest political joke in history was put out for all to see. Yes, I laughed, laughed with a laugh that shook me until I dropped, gasping for air. Form 180! Form 180! FORM 180!!!!!
I believe I will have to hold my sides for at least a month when I think of the man and his comic genius.