Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Disunion Union

Haw! Haw! Poor AFL-CIO. Breaking up is hard to do, but sure is fun to watch!
Approximately one-third of their membership bolted during their annual convention. Serves 'em right. The all powerful, mighty Union has fallen and can't get up. Too much time and dues spent making politics instead of new members. Now, I'm not a union member, nor do I work in a field that normally gets unionized, so nothing personal to my job. But, I do understand that these things were needed in the early part of the last century. I don't like unions and I don't trust corporations either. You will find the same type of people in both boardrooms. Does anyone think that all management type are rich and all union leaders are poor? Some benighted souls probably do, I don't. Both sides around the table have large incomes, both spend time at the Hamptons. Do you really think that John Sweeney has never set foot inside an exclusive country club? Fat cats on both sides. Unions wouldn't exist if companies paid fair wages.
A new group is supposedly forming to combat the complacency of the AFL-CIO. Don't think much of them either. Their supposed goal is to increase membership, although where they expect to get them is the question. Unfortunately, it appears they are pushing to allow illegal aliens to get amnesties. Great, bring in a lot of criminals, get them signed on to the rolls and take dues from them for extremist Democrat politicos. That's their stated goal.
Let them both fall.


GUYK said...

YEP! I have nothing against unions. Every mob boss ought to own at least one.