Tuesday, July 12, 2005

How dumb do you think she is?

Funny. My mom was checking the mailbox and was coming back to the villa when she was approached by a person wanting to use our phone. She said she lived on the block and her phone was disconnected. The person wanted to use our phone, but mom said there was a phone a block away at the mini-mart. "I don't want to walk that far," the girl said.
OK, right, we're gonna let you just walk on in to our house...and have you pull a knife or gun and try to rob us, or at least case the joint for action later. You really think we're that stupid? We've never seen you before. You don't live around here. Sure, waltz on in...and I'll shove a 20 gauge in your thieving face. Then I'll slam the bolt home on my 30-06 and watch you soil yourself as the barrel rests on your left nostril. Didn't you see the NRA sticker on the garage window? Guess not. Well if you plan on coming back some night, notice it. It ain't just for show. Is that all I've got? Maybe, maybe not. Don't try to find out, exposure to lead is hazardous to your health.