Monday, July 11, 2005

O Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood....

The Enemy Press AP reports today that some unknown actress named M. Gyllenhaal apparently made some type of comments about the World Trade Center terrorist attacks. It seems she blamed America for the attacks. Well, of course she heard from quite a few people about that. Perhaps she has thought better of speaking about things she knows nothing about as she now has released a statement clarifying her remarks.
``I was so surprised by the way it was misunderstood, and the disdain that came back at me was a real shock,'' Gyllenhaal told the Daily News (New York) for an interview published Sunday. ``I regret what I said, but I think my intentions were good.''
Ah yes, the non-apology apology. Take a page from people like Dastardly Dick Durbin and blame the listeners for being too stupid to understand the high and lofty thoughts of their social betters. Oh, we heard quite clearly what you said. We just reject what you say. Your vapidity is plain for all to see.
Tell you what, just do what you're hired to do and nothing more. You are a dancing monkey, when the organ grinds do your show. When the organ stops, shut the hell up.