Friday, July 08, 2005

Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo...

IOC! The Enemy Press AP reported Friday that the IOC secretly voted to drop baseball and softball from the Olympics in 2012. According to the story, the vote was announced without totals given, all was shrouded from view. To be fair, all Olympic sports were voted on and only baseball and softball were dropped. Some officials had scheduled a vote on five new sports to see which two would be added. Sadly for the supporters, all five were rejected.

"The action by the International Olympic Committee marked the first time it had dropped any sports from the Summer Games in 69 years."
Oh, and the story goes on to say..."IOC president Jacques Rogge said baseball and softball, two sports invented in America, would be eligible to win their way back into the Olympics for 2016."
Now, why on God's green earth is that little throwaway line in there? Poor little Olympics afraid of American sports? Can't see why, the slave state of Cuba has won the gold three times. Maybe because the American women have won softball gold each time? Just the same old anti-Americanism?
Bah! A bunch of dolts they are.
Meanwhile, such a glorious sport as Rythmic Gymnastics is safe. Right! Girls running around waving streamers about their heads! Oooh, such rythm, such gymnastics!
Don't forget our little group of recognized sports. Although these "sports" aren't currently Olympic sports, they do follow Olympic doping rules, so they can be considered for acceptance. Less'ee: Bridge. Yeah Baby! With all the strenuous effort needed to keep in shape, better test these brutes weekly for steroids. Hey! Roller Sports! Alriiiiight! Kansas City Bombers! Life Saving? WTHeck? Ok, I suppose if you got mouth to mouth from some long legged Aussie girl, it'd be very spurting, um, sporting.
Yeah, drop baseball and softball for stupid crap like that. I wonder if anyone pays the members of the IOC off to...heh, wait a minute, of course they do.