Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Shishkabab Vegetarians

Terror group linked PETA released a list today of the sexiest vegetarians. I suppose that's about as good as they can get. Most of the people I know who refrain from eating meat are rather on the thin side. Doesn't mean they can't be sexy, but most of those heroes of the veg look a bit weak to me. Now I must admit, I believe that Gwyneth Paltrow has a very good appearance, not so much now as I see the black heart within her. Politically I mean, of course, she could be a good hearted perso...ah, hell, she's an anti-American shrew! And an unfit mother!! Yes, she foisted upon her one year old daughter a, blech, "cake" in a vegan style. Damn it, leave your crap to yourself, your one year old needs nutrition from all sources, including meat! I would never condemn my Honey Girl to a sickly, hate filled menu like that.
So anyway, apparently there are supposedly some sexy people who don't eat meat. I guess that means their all heterosexual, right? After all, to be a veg, you can't eat meat!