Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Traitors on Parade

Hanoi Jane is coming out of the closet. Yes, she's admitting she's against the Iraq War. Which is over by the way, although the occupation continues. And how will she show her anti-war bona fides? She has a bus tour planned. She will be riding around on a bus that runs on veg oil. You know, the kind you get at the store, no doubt. She was going to use lard, but she wanted Muslims to feel they could join her tour.

S'w'anyway, she says she met a lot of veterans during her book tour who encouraged her to come out. Hm, the only veteran I remember who came to her book signings spit tabaccy juice in her face.
I guess it'll be a crowded bus. I'm not sure where the bus came from but I heard that there's a failed campaign bus lot somewhere in Massachusetts she can pick one up used. Though, I believe those ran on hot air. "She will be joined by families of Iraq war veterans and her daughter." Well, I guess if none of those veterans who came to her book signings are available you might be able to draft, whoops, I mean recruit, I mean get some real patriotic soldiers from the Winter Soldiers to ride the bus. Can't show how America is against the war without soldiers, even if they're fake.
You know, I think if she's coming to my town, I might see if I can get the tabaccy juice concession....
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