Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Up Pompeii

Archeologists made a discovery of a cache of silver from the ruins of the city. Five years ago a wicker basket was found and the contents have been confirmed to be silverware. The article says the materials will be on display in the near future. The tone of the story leads you to believe that this find was unexpected. Silverware? In ancient times? I thought they just used their hands or maybe pointed sticks!

Rome! Ruler of the World! Rome! Invincible! Rome!...well you get the picture. Look, the Romans were more advanced than we think they were. Plumbing? Roman. Hydraulics? Roman. Cement? Roman. Underwater concrete? Roman. Advanced architecture? Roman.

Pompeii would have had its share of wealthy inhabitants. The location on the sea would be an attraction for vacationers. It was a port and a resort area. It still is today. I guess today we have to surprise ourselves by the ability of the ancients, try to think we're just like them man. Dude, we're all the same! Well , we're not. Then ancients had different ways of thinking about things. Why they did what they did is sometimes incomprehensible to us. And perhaps always will be. They existed, they were like us in many ways, but very unlike us as well.
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