Saturday, July 16, 2005

Whoring Up

I guess ABC needs another ratings winner. Hey kids, let's put on a sex show!
Hooking Up will be the newest entry into so-called reality programming. ABC's new producer says it's not a reality show but a documentary. Just because it's a documentary doesn't mean it has to be dry and scholarly. It can be hot and wet too!! Apparently.
You just know it'll be white hot! with a lineup of "attractive professionals aged between 26 and 38."
' "Mostly, it's hard-core voyeurism," reviewer Verne Gay (New York Newsday) wrote.'
Why on earth does anyone think that? Surely it's a legitimate need. We must see how to go about finding someone to hook up with. Hey, if it takes attractive professional women to get us to watch, what's the big deal? If you want dry and scholarly, find fat, ugly women to follow around. That case study will really give you the ins and outs of finding someone. It may take years, but surely some fat women have sex....