Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Yes! She actually issues an apology...ah, no....

Update on our favorite funeral crasher from Michelle Malkin.
What the flying f is it about these Dumbocrats? I thought maybe third times the charm, but no, she has to go and muck it up. Can't these sorry pieces of work ever really be sorry for anything they do? Guess it's too much to expect.
Of course this means she wrote a letter of apology to the family of the Marine. A non-apology apology. Here's a link to her actual "heartfelt" letter, from Michelle again.
If the words or phrase "you misunderstood" or anything similar appears anywhere in an apology, it's not an apology. You are essentially being told you're an idiot who can't grasp the higher thoughts of superior beings. Best thing to do, peon, is bow and scrape before your betters and keep silent.
We'll see if there's any fallout from this matter, elections are in 2006 in Pennsylvania.