Wednesday, August 31, 2005

RFK Jr: "Enviro-predator"

Ah, yes, someone who has a famous name believes all that spews forth from them is more to be believed than the truth.
Tech Central Station's James Glassman published an article today decrying the wacko environmentalists pronouncements about the Hurricane and its cause. It's all global warming! "That is why the response of environmental extremists fills me with what only can be called disgust. They have decided to exploit the death and devastation to win support for the failed Kyoto Protocol, which requires massive cutbacks in energy use to reduce, by a few tenths of a degree, surface warming projected 100 years from now."
"Katrina has nothing to do with global warming. Nothing. It has everything to do with the immense forces of nature that have been unleashed many, many times before and the inability of humans, even the most brilliant engineers, to tame these forces."
One of these disgusting people who is trying to exploit this catastrophe is Robert Kennedy Jr.
RFK Jr (Really F*****dup Kennedy) also posted about the hurricane. On The Slut in Town Post, or whatever the nut calls it. Anyway, it's all Bush's fault you see, he listened to Gov Barbour of Mississippi. He really wanted to destroy his state and cause all that suffering, because he loves big oil. "Now we are all learning what it's like to reap the whirlwind of fossil fuel dependence which Barbour and his cronies have encouraged. Our destructive addiction has given us a catastrophic war in the Middle East and--now--Katrina is giving our nation a glimpse of the climate chaos we are bequeathing our children." Yup, oil is the cause of everything. Let's stop using it! That'll show that oil we're not afraid of it!
I think it's genetic or something. The further you get along a famous family tree, the more insane the members become. I think we're seeing that here. Cabots and Lowells I guess.
There are a few more envirodementalists Glassman talks about. "Or consider Jurgen Tritten, Germany's environmental minister, in an op-ed in the Frankfurter Rundschau...He goes on, 'There is only one possible route of action. Greenhouse gases have to be radically reduced, and it has to happen worldwide.' In other words, thanks to Katrina, we'll finally get Kyoto enforced. (He might start at home, by the way. Europe is not anywhere close to reducing CO2 to Kyoto standards. In fact, the U.S. is doing much better than many Kyoto ratifiers.)" Ain't that the truth. All this Euroblather while they do nothing.
"Ross Gelbspan, in a particularly egregious, almost giddy piece in the Boston Globe that was reprinted in the International Herald Tribune, wrote that the hurricane was 'nicknamed Katrina by the National Weather Service Katrina, [but] its real name was global warming.' He also finds global warming responsible for droughts in the Midwest, strong winds in Scandinavia and heavy rain in Dubai. The reason for all this devastation, of course, is that the Bush Administration is controlled by coal and oil interests."
"And the Independent, a widely read British newspaper, reported today that 'Sir David King, the British Government's chief scientific adviser, has warned that global warming may be responsible for the devastation reaped by Hurricane Katrina.' King contended that 'the increased intensity of hurricanes is associated with global warming.'"
Oh, but sorry, it looks like their little balloon was burst by their own side. The Enemy Press New York Times undercut their positions in an article. Glassman quoted them, "'Because hurricanes form over warm ocean water, it is easy to assume that the recent rise in their number and ferocity is because of global warming. But that is not the case, scientists say. Instead, the severity of hurricane seasons changes with cycles of temperatures of several decades in the Atlantic Ocean. The recent onslaught 'is very much natural,' said William M. Gray, a professor of atmospheric science at Colorado State University who issues forecasts for the hurricane season.'"
See, the environmentaloons can't even get their story straight and they expect us to sign on to the Kyoto protocol, which by the way nearly every signatory will withdraw from in a few years? Nope. Deluded. Or demented. The leftist environmentalists either are very stupid, which they are not, or they are engaging in sinister activity designed to undercut the economic power of the US. They want to leave us to the tender mercies of those who hate us. Sorry Junior, I'll pass.

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

So-called Rev Jackson Services Communist Chavez

Yes, whenever a murderous commie thug needs some lovin', there's Jesse Jackson. The Sinister Minister wasted no time hopping a plane, train or automobile to show his solidarity with the Jimmy Carter Approved socialist Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.
The Rainbow/Putsch Fuehrer made an appearance at a nuremberg rally where "Jackson said every country has a right to self-determination, and touched on subjects from poverty to Martin Luther King Jr.'s role in the civil rights struggle of American blacks. 'Though our histories are burdensome with pain (of carrying briefcases full of money) and often bitter memories (of Nascar cancelling their donations), we must have the strength to get ahead and not just get even (more), Jackson said to a rousing applause from Venezuelan lawmakers." I assume the "lawmakers" applauded when he was finished because they didn't really understand a word he said. Martin Luther King is an enemy of freedom crushers.
"Jackson later met and shook hands with Chavez during the Venezuelan leader's weekly radio and television program." The report didn't indicate whether Chavez' pants were down while Jesse kneeled in front of him. Chavez and Jackson spent some time together discussing such things as how Jesse hijacked Martin Luther King's vision of equality between black and white. "'Reverend Jackson, you can be sure that we will continue fighting for the ideas of Martin Luther King, for Christ the Redeemer's idea of loving one another and building a society of equals through our peaceful and democratic revolution,'' said Chavez.'" Translation: We are in the process of loving our enemies to death and creating a peaceful revolution of the grave for those who don't follow our noble ideas.
Later the pair discussed "the possibility of sending oil at preferential terms to poor communities (Jesse Jackson) in the United States. This oil will be available for resale to those who complete a UN application for a new oil for Jesse program. The funds raised from the sale of the oil will be used to feed babies. All babies fathered by Jesse with his mistress are eligible to receive cash payments. This program will be headed by Mr Kojo Annan, the son of a major player in international affairs.

Dangerous Joe Dunn?

So who is Senator Joe Dunn? He's a Democrat from Orange County. Orange County? I thought the OC was Republican country? Anyway he is a lawyer. Well, strike one.
Here's a little tidbit about him from "Outgoing Calif. Gov. Gray Davis has quietly signed S. 796, a first-of-its-kind bill that authorizes lawyers to file private damage suits over labor code violations. Business leaders 'argue it could have far-reaching financial consequences to employers across the state'...The legislation would allow a worker to sue on behalf of other employees for wage and labor code violations." Hmm, good ole Joe seems to be representing people other than the residents of his district. Private lawsuits? Can you imagine what the costs of such things will be? California Assembly Republicans released a statement that placed the price tag of a relatively minor code violation at $31 million dollars! One guess as to whom most of the money would go.... Oh, and if you answered the state or the plaintiffs, go sit in a corner and tell yourself some other fairy tales.
Here's some more love for Joe from Michael Arnold Glueck writing in the Jewish World Review: "State legislators are presumably elected to benefit the people of their state. Yet, California State Senator Joe Dunn continues to promote legislation that mainly benefits personal injury attorneys who contribute big bucks for colossal returns on their investments." Here's a nice little kicker, and so typical for a Democrat, "Cautions Maryann Maloney, Executive Director of Orange County Citizens Against law Suit Abuse(OC CALA), 'Everything Dunn does is oriented to get himself elected Attorney General in 2006!'" Ah, yes, use his money to get elected, use his job to get kicked upstairs. Presumably once attorney general he would bring a hostile outlook to the state's dealings with California's business community. Good move, keep legislating against business in the golden state and see how fast they leave. Then where would Joe get money for this:
SB 645 Page 1
Date of Hearing: August 17, 2005
Judy Chu, Chair
SB 645 (Dunn) - As Amended: July 12, 2005
Policy Committee: Judiciary Vote:6-3
Urgency: No State Mandated Local Program: No Reimbursable:
This bill provides mechanisms for redressing the forced deportation and emigration of persons of Mexican descent during the Great Depression. Specifically, this bill:
1)Establishes a 12-person commission, with specified membership, to gather facts and conduct a study of the deportation and forced emigration.
2)Requires the commission's recommendations to the Legislature and the governor to include: incorporating said events into the state's public school curriculum; determining responsibility for said events; determining appropriate monetary compensation for eligible recipients and establishing eligibility criteria.
3)Requires the commission to report its recommendations no later than January 1, 2009 and abolishes the commission six months after the report is transmitted.
4)Specifies the commission is not convened until it has been determined sufficient private donations (what? they're going to force people to "donate?") have been made to support the commission through the completion of its work.
5)Establishes a 1930s Reparations Fund and a nine-member board of directors to disburse moneys in the fund upon appropriation by the Legislature.
6)Establishes the duties of the board with respect to disbursement of funds and authorizes the board to use moneys in the fund to cover the board's administrative expenses.
7)Specifies that victims of said events may bring civil actions to recover damages if an action is commenced by July 1, 2011. Makes recovery under civil actions and reparations payments mutually exclusive remedies.
8)Provides that if the author's SB 670 (pending on the Assembly Floor), which offers an apology to victims of the forced repatriation is enacted, it shall not be admissible as evidence of liability, or any other matter, in any civil action under this section.
1)One-time costs in the range of $250,000 to $500,000 to staff and support the commission over 3-1/2 years. The bill specifies that these costs are to be paid only with private funds.
2)Costs for the Attorney General's Office to defend the state against civil actions is unknown, but could be several million dollars.
3)The potential state General Fund cost for civil damages could total tens of millions of dollars.
4)The Reparations Fund would presumably receive moneys via transfers from the General Fund, thus GF costs for reparations could also total tens of millions of dollars.
1)Background and Purpose . The Senate Select Committee on Citizen Participation conducted hearings in 2003 to explore the repatriation programs carried out during the Great Depression. During that time, local, state and national officials were bombarded with demands to curtail the employment of Mexicans, to remove them from the relief rolls, and to send them to Mexico. In response, the federal government initiated the first raids in 1931, abducting persons of Mexican descent from public places without regard to citizenship or legal status. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors embarked on its own repatriation campaign, transporting tens of thousands of people every month by train from Union Station to the El Paso/Mexico border. The bill's findings indicate that, in California, approximately 400,000 American citizens and legal residents of Mexican ancestry were forcibly removed to Mexico. The author states that California's repatriation program was so sophisticated that it served as a model for other states, including Michigan, Texas and Colorado.
The author believes that the time has come for California, the United States government, and those other states and local governments involved in the 1930s repatriation program to acknowledge the wrongful conduct and travesties inflicted upon the Mexican community during the Great Depression and to craft remedies.
In 2003, a class action lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles County against the State of California, et al, on behalf of victims of the Mexican repatriation program alleging, among other things, unlawful race discrimination, conspiracy to deprive plaintiffs of their civil rights, violations of due process, and denial of equal protection rights. Plaintiffs sought compensation and declaratory relief. In 2004, the plaintiffs dismissed the case without prejudice (preserving the right to bring a subsequent suit on the same claim), after legislation that would have extended the statute of limitations failed passage.
2)Prior Legislation . SB 933 (Dunn) of 2003 and SB 37 (Dunn) of 2004, which contained similar provisions to this bill with regard to extending the statute of limitations, were vetoed, by Governor Davis and Governor Schwarzenegger respectively, for fiscal reasons. SB 427 (Dunn) of 2004, which, similar to this bill, established a commission to investigate and make recommendations regarding the said events, was also vetoed.
Analysis Prepared by : Chuck Nicol / APPR. / (916) 319-2081)
It is apparent that this repatriation did happen during the Depression, however, leave it to a Democrat to try to make political hay out of it. And where do you think the money will come from? Why the taxpayer of course. Dunn-ing as it were, people who live in the state now for actions of people who lived in the state over seventy years ago! How many people have immigrated into California since 1944 when the deportations supposedly ended? And this man wants to make them liable? Lawyers always go after the deep pockets. This is a transparent vote buying scheme. Strike two.
Here's strike three. This man is the author of the outrageous bullet serializing bill that would massively increase costs of ammunition in that state for all law abiding citizens. Not only that, it would probably destroy gun and ammo sales throughout California. Oh, he cloaks it in high sounding rhetoric about solving gun crimes. "'With the passage of SB 357, California will bring law enforcement investigative tools into the modern age,' Dunn said. 'This system will be an important new tool to help law enforcement personnel identify and convict violent felons and murderers.'" Except when violent felons and murderers steal or buy bullets from other citizens. Did the Senator think of that? Probably not, because you see violent felons and murderers will only acquire bullets from approved vendors. The gist of the bill is this:
"Requires all handgun ammunition manufactured or sold in California to be marked with a unique identifier. (bullet and casing? what about the box?)
The identifier would then be associated with the purchaser of the handgun ammunition at the point of sale and maintained in an electronic database run by the Department of Justice. (we won't register guns, but we'll mark all the bullets)
Requires all vendors and manufacturers who conduct handgun ammunition sales in the state to register with the DOJ. (what second amendment?)
Assesses vendor and end-user fees to pay for the costs of the program. (you'll comply and pay for the privilege)
Penalizes individuals and corporations who attempt to circumvent the requirements of SB 357." (we will bring our power of life and death over you to make you obey us even though our actions are unconstitutional)
By his own words and actions we see what kind of Senator Joe Dunn is. A very dangerous man who flouts the constitution, hates the military and uses race baiting to buy votes. In other words, he's generally no different from the majority of national leadership position Democrats like Reid, Schumer, Boxer, Feinstein and Byrd. Dangerous to their own states and America at large.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

California State Senator Denigrates National Guard Leadership

Fox News reports that California State Senator Joe Dunn -surprise, a Democrat- accused the California National Guard of spying on citizens at a so-called "Mother's Day Peace Rally." Senator Dunn is apparently afraid that a Guard intelligence unit spied on the America Hating Left and so he launched an investigation into these alleged activities. He "is leading an investigation into whether the nation's largest Guard force resorted to the same type of civilian monitoring that characterized Vietnam War-era protests. During the 1960s and 1970s, the military collected information on more than 100,000 Americans." Yup, it's VietNam all over again. The halcyon days of America Haters Inc.

According to the Guard and the state's attorney general's office the unit regularly "tries to assess threats to bridges, buildings and other structures and does no spying." A secret Army report investigated the spying charges and decided that the charges were baseless. Somehow Senator Dunn reviewed this secret Army report and declared it a whitewash. He alleged that the Guard commander in chief lied about the conclusions of the report and hoped that no one would be able to see it and contradict him. "'Once again, the highest ranks of the Guard have shown that they are incapable of being open and honest with the people of California,' Dunn said in his letter. He requested that the report be made public to clear up the conflicting interpretations." Standard Operating Procedure of the anti-American Left. Denigrate the honesty of the military, insinuate they are jackbooted thugs surveilling honest, law abiding protesters and calling them liars. But they support the troops.

It is correct that military forces should not be used to spy on civilians. That's what the FBI is for. People like Senator Dunn apparently believe that these "protesters" are "speaking truth to power" or other blather. Truth is, they are the power, and they speak lies. It's always a Democrat who spends time and money worrying about what the military or government agency does to protect us instead of worrying what our enemies are doing. Why do we have to say it again and again? There are people who have declared war on us and our way of life, we have been attacked by evildoers. We are constantly bombarded by sympathetic views of vicious killers and our heroes are spat upon and insulted at every turn by fifth columnists in the press and inside and outside of government. It needs to stop and now. By all means, let us not break laws to protect ourselves. We can do what we need with the laws and procedures we now have, let's just use these powers. We must have oversight but let's see who watches the watchers.

Tomorrow: Who is Senator Dunn?

What a pathetic man. Ok, it's not like supporting insurgents in Iraq, or certifying a rigged election in Venezuela, but this guy just can't seem to support his own side. The Fox Grapevine reported that Former (whew!) President Carter lobbied the Base Realignment Committee to keep the Groton sub base open and not send the facility to his own state of Georgia.
"Republican Representative Jack Kingston says Carter went 'against the home team' and Republican Governor Sonny Perdue asks, 'What was he thinking?'" Come on guys, he's just too used to stabbing his own in the back. You should know him well enough by now.
Former (whew!) President Carter went on to say that he thought that moving the base would be "militarily deleterious...." Well Bub, I guess you would know as everything you did while CinC was militarily deleterious. He also said they didn't make their decision based on his political influence. That's for sure. Do you even have any?

Ok Readers, What Do You Think?

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Take This Art Test....

Do you ever wish you could draw? Do you ever wish you could draw a comic strip? Well, now you don't have to worry about it. Jimmyb the Conservative UAW Guy found a site where you can generate your own. Take a look.
Make your own strip and post it own your website. If I could think of something funny, I'd try it myself....

Philippine Government Can't Control Borders Terrorist Funding Either

The Arroyo government admits that it's unable to control terrorist funding activity within its own borders. It appears that terrorists can easily slip in and out of the country while bringing in large sums of money. "National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales said the money could be going to Jemaah Islamiyah, an Indonesia-based terror group linked to Al Qaeda that is accused of training terrorists in the Philippines."

This is a serious problem. I assume that they have no crack airport security squad like our own TSA heroes. Perhaps Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta can head on over there and teach them how to secure their own ports of entry.

The Philippine government was warned by Indonesia that suicide bombers have traveled to the country and have brought money to fund more terrorist activity there. "'We have not yet captured the suicide bombers, and money continues to flow in that we cannot stop,' he (Gonzalez) said. 'I cannot say how we are able to find out, but I can say that money is coming in and (bombing) materials are being purchased.' He declined to give details but indicated couriers take advantage of the busy traffic between the Philippines and the Middle East, where hundreds of thousands of Filipinos work." I suppose it would be bad form to ask whether these travelers are thoroughly searched when they return from The Mideast? Perhaps I would be considered a bigot if I asked if all Filipino Muslims were searched when returning from work there? Does the government have a do not fly list? You see, this underlines the fact that the terrorist network is a worldwide problem. Despite what crackpots say, Iraq is not unconnected to this ongoing problem. Pulling out of Iraq will not stop islamist terror.

These activities affect everyone who does not bow to their will. It appears that it even affects communists. The National Democratic (Ha!) Front has proposed a peace plan to the Arroyo administration. I assume they are also being pressed by the fanatics. Of course their "offer" is laughable. It "calls for forming 'a clean and honest coalition government'(impossible with communists in it) with 'significant representation' (what? by you?) of workers and peasants; canceling foreign debts; (sorry pal, you ain't getting that) cutting military spending to provide funds for economic development; (riiight, disarm and all your attacks will cease) and trying government officials for corruption, treason and human rights violations." (step right up yourselves for punishment first) This offer was of course rejected. Although perhaps these communists have learned something. If only our own hate filled leftists would see the light too.

New Mexico, Chihuahua Governors Try To Stop Illegal Immigration?

Here's an interesting story from Fox News. It appears that aspiring presidential candidate Gov Bill Richardson of New Mexico has come to an agreement with Gov Jose Reyes Baeza of the Mexican state of Chihuahua to demolish abandoned buildings in the Mexican village of Las Chepas. This village is a staging area for illegal aliens and drug smuggling.

A stream of buses make the trek to this area on a daily basis to drop off loads of Mexican citizens who then attempt to illegally cross the border into the US. "Reyes Baeza said he would instruct law officers on his side of the border to fine unlicensed bus operators who ferry would-be immigrants 15 miles on a dusty washboard road along the border to Las Chepas."

That sounds like a good start, However part of this new cooperation includes "sharing intelligence." What type of intelligence would we be sharing with them? We need some information from them, such as any drug gang activity in the area and whether large groups of people are converging on the area to cross the border. What do they need from us? Where our border patrol agents are concentrated? Why? To help people to cross? We've already heard about a Mexican government pamphlet instructing people how to get across the border. How many of the so-called immigrant activists will signal when and where it's safe to cross? Will we share information on possible Minutemen activity? Considering Gov Richardson is a Democrat, who could put it past him?

People are increasingly concerned about illegal aliens, and it's time something was done about it. Things like this might work, but the best thing to do would be for the citizens of Mexico to clean up their corrupt government and free themselves from a socialist tyranny. It will benefit them and us.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Carnival of Cordite #28!

Resistance is Futile has the Carnival this week. And guess who's the top post!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

"Impartial" Red Cross Secretly Aids Enemy

Enemy Press outlet CNN ran a story today concerning actions of the Italian Red Cross in aiding the murderous thug operatives in Iraq. "The Italian Red Cross has said it treated four 'presumed Iraqi terrorists' at its Baghdad hospital to secure the release of two kidnapped Italian aid workers, according to a media report."

I thought the Italians denied there were any deals to trade hostages? Apparently not. Yet that's not all they did. Maurizio Scelli of the Italian Red Cross reportedly said that the deal to release two Italian hostages included medical treatment for four terrorists and their children. Medical treatment, Ok, hard to swallow, but here's the gall: "'The mediators asked us to treat and save the lives of four presumed terrorists sought by the Americans, wounded in combat. We hid them and brought them to the doctors with the Red Cross, who operated on them,' Scelli told La Stampa daily in an interview published Thursday." Did you read that? 'WE HID THEM', yes, they shielded evildoers from us. They kept their actions secret. Why? To hide the fact they were indeed trading something for hostage releases. While these "impartial" Red Cross doctors tenderly treated murderers, did they also give any information they may have had about coalition forces and deployments? Can we ever know?

This isn't just hearsay. "Red Cross spokesman Fabrizio Centofanti later confirmed to CNN that the organization had treated the Iraqis." Of course they then immediately cloaked themselves in respectable garb. "'It did help presumed Iraqi terrorists, but it did so in the spirit of the Red Cross to help out everyone in need.'" Fine, treat the bastards then turn them in to the coalition. They did not do this. This is not impartiality, this is collusion with the enemy.

Did the Italian government have anything to do with this? There is no proof, however, both the Italian government and the Italian Red Cross have made statements about the non-control the state has over the actions of the Red Cross. Yes, convenient isn't it? Plausible deniability. If they had no control over the actions of the Red Cross, how did they even know what was going on? How indeed? In fact Scelli goes on to say that "the decision to hide details about the operation from U.S. officials was approved by Gianni Letta, Berlusconi's right-hand man." What? How did this man "approve" anything if the government has no control over the Red Cross? This leads any rational person to believe that indeed the Italian government did have a hand in this activity, and had the final say over conduct of the operation. Note well this statement: "'Keeping the Americans in the dark about our efforts to free the hostages was a non-negotiable condition to guarantee the safety of the hostages and ourselves,' he said, according to Reuters."

It seems that Signore Scelli was very busy in Baghdad. The story also reports that "Scelli said he held talks with Italian agent Nicola Calipari, who was shot dead in March this year by U.S. troops at a Baghdad checkpoint during a subsequent rescue operation for another Italian hostage." Oh, another Italian hostage? Funny that the enemy press seems to have forgotten who that "hostage" was. Let's refresh their memory shall we? This subsequent hostage was none other than Giulia "handfulls" Sgrena, known communist and a terrorist sympathizer. Recall above how Scelli said he needed to keep the Americans in the dark? Do you also recall how everyone claimed just after the incident that the Americans knew Sgrena was in the car and shot at her on purpose? Of course you do. One small problem. You can't be in the dark and informed at the same time!!!

Unfortunately there is only one sad conclusion that a sane person can draw from this information. The Italian government and the Italian Red Cross actively aided and abetted terrorist activity in Iraq. They shielded terrorists from the coalition forces. They lied when they insisted they did not negotiate with the terrorists. They lied when they claimed American forces knowingly fired upon the car with Sgrena and Calipari. This is all shameful. We thought you stood with us. We were fooled. Please remember we are in a fight to maintain our way of life, stop aiding those who would harm us. "Impartiality" must not be used a cloak to hide sympathy with those who hate us and want us to be destroyed. We must fight and fight until victory, anything less, ends in defeat.

"'60s Pop Star Makes Shocking Confession"

Oh, yeah, you could tell just by reading this headline. This "star" is gay. Alright nobody cares much about Lesley Gore, but you see she has an album out.... So why not make it a twofer, she and the album both come out. Do we really care in this day and age? Sure, but people who would care don't matter to the music industry or those who participate in the pop culture. Which is filth by the way. John Derbyshire says so. Anyway, why bother doing this now, you've lived so long without making it public knowledge? Guess she needs the publicity for the CD sales. She may have alienated part of her potential audience by announcing her private inclinations, why do that? Or is there a large audience of lesbian folk jazz listeners that we don't know about. Either way I don't care, I just find it funny that people in Hollywood and the entertainment industry keep thinking they have to "shock" us to get us interested in their products. Clue to you all in showbiz, most Americans think you're all gay anyway.
Who's next, Carlos Santana?

We Eat Ham And Jam And Spam Alot

Well I received three spam comments on my Headstone post below. I deleted them. Unfortunately I can't edit them instead of just delete, that would be so much fun. I wonder if the spam was posted by a person or a robot? Perhaps my sitemeter referral logs can answer the question?

Guy, JimmyB, Mauser*Girl have you had the same problems? If it starts becoming a problem, perhaps I will go to registered comments.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Enemy Press: Pentagon Slogans On Troops' Gravestones!

The Enemy Press Washington Post headlines a story thusly: "Troops' Gravestones Have Pentagon Slogans." (reg req)
Ok, what slogans would those be? "Rumsfeld Rules, McNamara Drools?" or maybe "The Inner Ring is Number One?" or perhaps "My Joint Chief Is Better Than Your Joint Chief?" That's a slogan. But no, these Fifth Columnists don't mean slogan, they're just saying it this way to denigrate the Pentagon, and by extension, the President.
The uproar -teapot tempest really- is about the words on the gravestones. You've probably seen pictures of Arlington Cemetary with its rows of white marble headstones in crisp military order. You may have a relative with this type of headstone in your local cemetary. You see, the Enemy Press doesn't want you to support the operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. To that end they use their stories to cast aspersions on all that emanates from the White House or any government department.
Here's the lede: "ARLINGTON, Va. -- Unlike earlier wars, nearly all Arlington National Cemetery gravestones for troops killed in Iraq or Afghanistan are inscribed with the slogan-like operation names the Pentagon selected to promote public support for the conflicts." Yeah, well as seen above on the sample headstones, we saw what conflict the interred participated in. It was engraved on the stone. What is different in this case is that the naming style has changed, nothing more. WWII could have been called Operation Free Europe, but it wasn't. Why get in a tizzy over the way something is named? Because they hate the President and all he does.

Witness the reactions from the typical quarters: First the family of a slain soldier who apparently do not support the war. "Nadia and Robert McCaffrey, whose son Patrick was killed in Iraq in June 2004, said 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' ended up on his government-supplied headstone in Oceanside, Calif., without family approval. 'I was a little taken aback,' Robert McCaffrey said, describing his reaction when he first saw the operation name on Patrick's tombstone. 'They certainly didn't ask my wife; they didn't ask me.' He said Patrick's widow told him she had not been asked either. 'In one way, I feel it's taking advantage to a small degree,' McCaffrey said. 'Patrick did not want to be there, that is a definite fact.'" Ok, because Maureen Dowd of the Enemy Press New York Times declared that families of dead soldiers have an absolute moral right to speak, then I guess I'll have to trust them. Ah, but as President Reagan once said, "Trust, but verify." Let's see a letter from Patrick saying he didn't believe in the war, not a letter saying he wanted to come home, every soldier wants to go home. No, nothing less than a bold statement opposing the liberation of Iraq will do. Sorry to sound harsh, but those who oppose freedom will use any tactic they think will work to destroy the will of the soldiers and the public to continue the fight.
Second is the reaction from a headstone provider. "The owner of the company that has been making gravestones for Arlington and other national cemeteries for nearly two decades is uncomfortable, too. 'It just seems a little brazen that that's put on stones,' said Jeff Martell, owner of Granite Industries of Vermont. 'It seems like it might be connected to politics.'" If you don't like it, why not give up your contract to supply headstones?
Again, there is no difference between listing WWII or Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Department of Veterans Affairs agrees. "'The headstone is not a PR purpose. It is to let the country know and the people that visit the cemetery know who served this country and made the country free for us,' VA official Steve Muro said." Exactly right.
Let's not leave without hearing from a politician. A politician who tried to run on his military career but fell short at election time. "Former Sen. Max Cleland, D-Ga., who lost both legs and an arm in Vietnam (by accident) and headed the Veterans Administration under President Carter, called the practice 'a little bit of glorified advertising. I think it's a little bit of gilding the lily,' Cleland said, while insisting that he's not criticizing families who want that information included." Oh, yes you're not criticizing the families who want that. Don't want to be misunderstood do you? You might have to make an "apology."
"'Most of the headstones out there at Arlington and around the nation just say World War II or Korea or Vietnam, one simple statement,' he said. 'It's not, shall we say, a designated theme or a designated operation by somebody in the Pentagon. It is what it is. And I think there's power in simplicity.'" What is it about words these people don't understand? Well, actually they do understand. But they believe the more they lie, the more people will think their lies are the truth. There is no difference between engraving WWII or Operation Iraqi Freedom on the headstone. The style is different not what it represents!
Not all people oppose the change. "American Legion spokesman Donald Mooney said the organization hasn't heard any complaints from its members."
"'I'm concerned that we do what the families want,' said Bob Wallace, executive director of Veterans of Foreign Wars. 'I don't think there's any critical motivation behind this.'" Absolutely correct! Do you hear that "anti-war Americans?" No complaints from the people that matter.

French Say Armstrong Cheated In First Tour Win

One day after being beaten by Lance Armstrong for the seventh straight time, some French crybabies thought and thought. "Sacre Bleu! Zat Americain Lance Armstrong beet us at our own game again! How, oh how can we undo zis? Ah, we can use really old urine samples to say he cheated!" And that's what they did....
French officials of the Tour De Lance, er France claimed that they have evidence that Lance Armstrong used illegal performance enhancing drugs during his first Tour win.
"Tour director Jean-Marie Leblanc's comments appeared in the French sports daily L'Equipe on Wednesday, a day after the newspaper reported that six urine samples provided by Armstrong during the '99 Tour tested positive for the red blood cell-booster EPO. 'For the first time -- and these are no longer rumors, or insinuations, these are proven scientific facts -- someone has shown me that in 1999, Armstrong had a banned substance called EPO in his body,' Leblanc told L'Equipe."
Someone? Who's this someone, and how can he or she be sure these samples are from Armstrong? Well we see in the story that the French national anti-doping laboratory did the testing. The samples were provided from various riders and were to be kept anonymous. In fact the lab denied they could even match the riders with the samples. That didn't stop our intrepid L'Equipe from publishing "on one side of a page what it claimed were the results of EPO tests from anonymous riders used for lab research. On the other, it showed Armstrong's medical certificates, signed by doctors and riders after doping tests -- and bearing the same identifying number printed on the results."
Ok, because I've had blood and urine tests myself, I can verify that there are two matching sets of numbers, one on the control paperwork left at the provider's office and a numbered label sent to the lab along with the sample. So if the numbers really matched Armstrong's testing papers it could be seen as circumstantial evidence he used the drugs. However, Jean-Francois Lamour, the French Sports Minister said "he had doubts about L'Equipe's report because he had not seen the originals of some of the documents that appeared in the paper." Hm, something's Rather-gate strange about those papers, there are no originals. Mais oui! Those papers do exist! Trust us, we know, we got them from a Kinko's in Texas! And they were typed on an IBM Selectric typewriter!
Until we can see the originals I would withhold judgment on the test results. If the results are real, it certainly tarnishes Lance Armstrong and his achievements. The story said six samples tested positive, how many samples were there? Will L'Equipe produce these originals? We don't know. Perhaps Sandy Berger can smuggle them out of France for us to examine. One thing we do know is that "L'Equipe is owned by the Amaury Group whose subsidiary, Amaury Sport Organization, organizes the Tour de France and other sporting events. The paper often questioned Armstrong's clean record and frequently took jabs at him -- portraying him as too arrogant, too corporate and too good to be real. 'Never to such an extent, probably, has the departure of a champion been welcomed with such widespread relief,' the paper griped the day after Armstrong won his seventh straight Tour win and retired from cycling."
Yes, I hope the results are false, just because the French envy him, however even the French could be right once in a while.

Dear Palestinian Bomber...

Brit Hume's Grapevine on reports a certain Sami Habbas received a solicitation from JP Morgan Chase for a credit card. Usually people just throw them away, but Mr Habbas felt he had to contact Morgan Chase to complain about his offer. You see Mr Habbas, who is of Palestinian descent, didn't care for the way his name was spelled. "Habbas says he is 'very upset ... scared and humiliated.'" Why? Because the card offer was mailed to Dear Palestinian Bomber!
He was even more humiliated when the customer service rep addressed him as Mr Palestinian Bomber. "JP Morgan Chase says it's sorry and 'embarrassed,' insisting the name came from a third-party vendor's mailing list...." Aha! The Mossad strikes again!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Iuppiter! Not Another Roman Revision!

HBO has filmed their own version of Rome. Every time someone does a "version" of the Roman world my hackles are raised. Invariably the names are semi-correct and the costumes are Greek. Well HBO says, "There was considerable re-shooting on the first three episodes to incorporate all the detail and historical accuracy HBO felt necessary. More than 4,000 costumes were made using materials authentic to the period." Ok, maybe they'll get the clothes right.
That's not really what bothers me. The fact that all these new versions claim they will be plain, unvarnished looks at Roman society. And that society was more open and tolerant than prudish America. "'Romans didn't have our body shame and fear of sexuality,' he says. 'I think that is part of the modern fascination with that world ... there was a lack of shame about those things, that we had to portray with a lack of shame in order to make it work.'"
Really? No body shame? What exactly do they mean by this? Have you seen the complexity of the toga virilis? The body is nearly completely covered. Do you know why the left hand is always hidden? It was the toilet hand. If there was no shame, why was the left hand hidden? Of course what they really mean is on uncensored HBO they plan on showing a little Roman T et A. This fear of sexuality that Americans have wasn't present in Rome they say. Wrong again. Do they plan on showing people dancing naked in the streets? Sorry, Sophocles danced naked in the public square, but he was Greek and it was a religious ceremony. Roman women convicted of adultery were forced to wear the men's toga, it was an insult because the only Roman women who wore togas were prostitutes. Why would you do that if sexuality wasn't censored? The tribune Clodius was well known for debauching women, and he made enemies because of it. Cicero made jokes about his sister being his wife. If sexuality wasn't shameful, why were these things looked down upon?
No, this new production won't be so outrageously wrong in respect to some things, I just think it's going to be an excuse for sex scenes. Real Romans wouldn't have been so open as the producers want you to think.

WTC Memorial And Its Foreign "Helpers"

Here's an update to this post. The International Freedom Center plans seem even more outrageous with this new information. The idea that foreign "museums of conscience" have any right or standing to tell America what type of displays should be allowed at Ground Zero is incredibly arrogant and insulting. However, we must remember that audacity is something they have in abundance.
"'I can't think of a greater insult than to invite museums from other countries of the world to come and exploit what should be America's memorial,' said Jack Lynch, who helped carry the body of his firefighter son Michael, 30, out of the rubble."

So of course that means the IFC comes out with some boilerplate platitudes to try to deflect criticism. They "said on its Web site and newsletter that it had 'drawn inspiration' and received 'important practical advice' from the International Coalition of Historic Site Museums of Conscience." "'We have many, many advisers who have given us lots of advice,' Richard Tofel, Freedom Center president, said last week. 'Some of it we've taken and some of it we haven't - that's the nature of advice.'"He said the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia and the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington had most inspired the IFC's vision, and that the new Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Illinois was also offering extensive advice.

Yeah, right, you really plan on following the example of American museums instead of your soul-mate foreign "museums." Sorry, that won't wash. We've seen below that one of your group cut and run because they've been exposed as America haters and could no longer cover it up.
Listen to what the leader of these foreign "museums" has to say about the memorial: "'No one in the civilized world would ever defend what happened on 9/11,' said Sarwar Ali, the coalition's chairman and a trustee of the Liberation War Museum in Bangladesh. 'But (we knew that word would make an appearance) what happened after 9/11 - with restrictions placed on human rights (where? examples please) and the cycle of revenge (no, the just punishment of the perpetrators and those who aid and support them) and the allegations of human rights abuses in prisons (overblown, wrong, but overblown) - must also be explored,'(not at Ground Zero, punk) Ali said in a call from London."

That being said, our enlightened "museum" friends suggest things like:

"Help distinguish between American people and the U.S. government in exhibits ..." (sorry, we are the government)

"Use reports from human rights organizations to examine contemporary abuse of rights." (again, not at Ground Zero)

"Involve the United Nations, UNESCO and other international bodies." (Hell no!)

"Use the museum as a venue for international meetings, where all views are welcomed and considered." (what? invite thugs and murderers to give speeches supporting their criminal actions? Oh, Hell no!)

No matter what they say, the far left IFC must be booted from the WTC Memorial site. They have no place at Ground Zero. Listen to what they say about the exhibits. "Tofel said preliminary plans call for an exchange of exhibits with some coalition museums. 'It is hoped and expected that temporary exhibits at the IFC will originate at, or travel to, some of the Historic Site Museums of Conscience - and perhaps vice versa,' he said in an E-mail." Why on earth do we need or want to do this? What do these "museums" have to do with 911? Oh, wait, nothing! Maybe they have a good purpose, maybe not. Let's not pollute Ground Zero with off topic exhibits and anti-American propaganda. We should demand no less.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Gun Questions Update

Thanks for all your views.

I stopped by one of our local pawnshops that had a large firearms sign outside. I went inside and saw none. I looked around, still nothing. The guy at the counter asked me what I wanted and I told him. "Oh, we don't sell guns here, in fact no pawn shop here does." Then WTHeck do they have that large sign for?! So pawn shop purchases are out. I'll just have to buy used or new.

I'm leaning towards buying a bore snake and a cleaning kit. I'll take the snake out shooting and leave the kit for thorough cleaning at home. I've read that many country raised people used boiling water to clean their rifles during WWI and II, that's why I wondered if it worked. I've also read that many shooters do use their dishwasher... only if the wife's not home.
Here's my dilemma, buy a 22 just to plink and to shoot now and cheaply or get something I might really prefer, such as a Lee-Enfield. I can either buy a 22 and have cheap ammo but small bang, or get the harder to find, more expensive 303 British with the bigger bang. Heh, I can actually get the Enfield cheaper than a 22 it seems. How long before my ammo costs negate the savings cost of the Enfield? There's something about these old warhorses that are attractive to me.
Thanks again for my reader's responses.

Menage A Trois Gets Movie NC 17 Rating

Will Hollywood ever learn? A new film starring Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth titled "Where The Truth Lies", after a book by Rupert Holmes, has run into a potential roadblock on its path to the silver screen.
"The film includes a menage a trois sex scene involving Bacon, Firth and actress Rachel Blanchard that many observers expect will result in an NC-17, which would make the movie off limits for viewers younger than 18." Ok, you aspiring filmmakers, get this straight. American audiences do not want to see a sex scene between three people...if that scene is two men and one woman! You dolts get it right next time. We want two women and one man. Dig it?
If the film "cannot be cut without compromising the central scene of the narrative and thus rendering the mystery of the film incomprehensible,"then at least save that version for Europe, I hear they're more comfortable with two guys and one girl anyway... as long as she only watches.

Gun Stories

Here's a couple of interesting items from the Civilian Gun Defense Blog:
File this under Stupidity of Criminals:
"An 83-year-old resident of Rod and Gun Road fired several shots at two men he thought were burglarizing his Millcreek Twp. house, but the men escaped in a truck." Look you stupid don't try to break into a house on Rod and Gun Road! What were you two half wits thinking? A homeowner on that road is guaranteed to have some type of weapon armed and ready. Goodness Sakes you clowns, you're supposed to burglarize houses on Unarmed Liberal Street because you just know besides a firearm free target, you' probably find a stash of good drugs and nekkid people pictures.
File this under What's In A Name?:
"Jaime Matthew Evilsizer, 19, of Brookside Trailer Court was taken to St. Mary's Good Samaritan Hospital for treatment of wounds to his abdomen and thigh, police said." The story lists his rampage throughout the town. He started off at an elderly gentleman's house where he got shot, but that didn't stop the Evilsizer. "They said Evilsizer left the property and went to the 600 block of Wabash Avenue, where he allegedly struck an unidentified male with a board." Then "they said the officer caught up with Evilsizer again, and the suspect swung at the squad car, hitting and damaging a spotlight. When the officer opened the door, Evilsizer allegedly grabbed it, damaging the door before he fell to the ground. He then reportedly got up and went down an alley." Wow! What strength, what stamina! The hospital reported that "he had traces of methamphetamine and cannabis in his system, as well as a blood alcohol level of .195, which is about three times the limit at which a person is considered to be legally intoxicated, according to police." Drugs? No Way. It was the Evilsizer. Twenty minutes a day three times a week will give you unequalled ability to evade police and survive bullet wounds. I think it's available on a Tony Snow infomercial.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Help Build America's Largest Shooting Range

Clark County Nevada is planning the largest shooting range in the country. Larger than the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix Arizona. Planning is underway for the Clark County Sport Shooting Park.
The Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act was passed in 1998 which allowed the Bureau of Land Management to sell public lands in Nevada and use 85% of the sale proceeds to fund various projects such as the purchase of land for endangered species habitats and to develop new parks and recreation venues in Clark County.
One of these possible projects is the Clark County Sport Shooting Park. Don Taylor, formerly the Director of the Ben Avery facility in Phoenix is now the Shooting Park Administrator of the Clark County facility. I contacted Mr Taylor by e-mail and asked him what could be done to help this project reach completion. As a new shooter I am certainly interested in the development of a shooting range in the area. I don't really know where to go to shoot in the surrounding desert and so would appreciate a nice family oriented site. Just in case my wife wants to learn to shoot, and also I will have a nice clean, well lighted place to teach my children.
Here's what I sent:
Mr Turner,

I'm new to shooting and I first heard about the park a few months ago. I'm distressed to learn that it seems that no progress is being made on funding or construction. Is this the case? Where can we send letters to move this project past the talking stage and get to the construction phase? Are people from outside Nevada who come to visit here welcome to send letters of support?

I'd love to have a large, safe place to acquire better shooting skills and I'd like to see this range become a reality in the next year or so.

What can I do to help?
Here's his reply:
Hi Scott,
Thanks for the email. I've taken the liberty to add you to our notification list. Attached is our newest release that explains the funding issues that you mentioned. What we need at this time (before Sept 28), are letters from citizens who support the park, to request full funding of our round 6 application. When you visit our web page, the conceptual master plan map, operational, business, financial and marketing plans are all available. We are currently involved in funding, design, permitting. As soon as permitting and design of Phase I is accomplished, we will begin construction. Things seem to move slower than preferred though. This is a great project, and we really appreciate your support and interest.

Don Turner
Shooting Park Manager
Clark County Shooting Park
Clark County Parks & Recreation Department
2601 E Sunset Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89120-3515
Here is a link to the shooting park website.
You can sign up for the ebulletin there and keep up with the progress of this great looking facility. The best thing about this is the number of community leaders on the advisory board, and some of them are Democrats! Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's son is even on it!
Could you imagine any liberal area supporting the development of such a project? You'd never seen Feinstein, Boxer, Schumer, or Kennedy behind a facility like this. It's time for the nation's shooters to get down to business and send letters of support to the BLM office in Las Vegas. According to Mr Taylor, "as this is national money, anyone can send in letters."
Our duty is clear. We must all send in letters of support to show the BLM that the people want a top notch facility for shooting sports. The public comment period is until September 28, 2005. Please send your letters to:
Merv Boyd
Assistant Field Manager
Bureau of Land Management
4701 N. Torrey Pines
Las Vegas, NV 89130
Let's spread the word. Tell your shooting friends about this. Feel free to link to this site as I will publish updates as often as developments warrant.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Gun Questions

Here's a couple of questions: Would you buy a gun from a pawn shop? Do you feel it's safe or do you avoid buying from one? Has anyone attended gun safety and cleaning workshops at Bass Pro Shops? Are they informative and useful or just covering the basics without any hands on demos? Are Bore Snakes just as good as cleaning rods? Why or why not? Have you ever used boiling water to clean a bore? Oil or grease to lubricate? Start with a 22 or is a bigger caliber ok?
Light posting for the next three days, work related training and other business will take up a lot of time. Maybe one or two posts a day probably in the afternoons.

Hitting The Century Mark!

This is the one hundredth post of Ah, Shoot! Cake and Ice Cream at Blogspots house.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Firefighters Union Backs Propaganda Free WTC Memorial

This is good news. The Uniformed Firefighters Association in New York withdrew its support for the WTC plans of the far left group International Freedom Center and Drawing Center. These groups planned to install large areas with exhibits that in effect, blame America for the September 11 attacks.
Steve Cassidy, president of the Association said, his "'...membership and our 9/11 families believe that the memorial design will take away from the memory and sacrifice of the firefighters who bravely gave their lives during the most horrific terrorist attacks our country has had to face.'" Because of the objections to the America haters plans, "John Whitehead -- chairman of the LMDC's (Lower Manhattan Development Corp) board of directors and a foundation board member -- gave the International Freedom Center until September 23 to work with family members and produce more specific plans and warned if the plans do not satisfy the rebuilding agency, 'we will find another use or tenant consistent with our objectives for that space.'"
Fantastic. Members of the public are standing up to the America haters who would blame this country for the murderous actions of islamists. The Drawing Center has already turned tail and run according to Enemy Press CNN.
Predictably the whining from those groups have begun. "A spokeswoman said the foundation was 'deeply saddened' by the union's decision. 'We hope that the LMDC will work with the cultural institutions and the family members to resolve the concerns at the site,' Lynn Rasic said. The chairman and the vice chair of the International Freedom Center, Tom Bernstein and Paula Berry, said Tuesday they looked forward to meeting with the union officials to share their plans. They said they were creating a family advisory council to ensure that everything at the International Freedom Center 'is done with the greatest sensitivity and respect for the sacrifice so many heroes, both in and out of uniform, made that day.'" Buzzzzt! Sorry, you're lying. These plans are well known and none of them had any sensitivity towards the sacrifice, they focused on other issues, other agendas when 911 is all it should be focused on.
One group has left, now all we have to do is hope that the IFC leaves as well. Sign a petition to take back the memorial here.

Sheehan Circus Moves Camp

Enemy Press CNN reports that a neighbor of President Bush has offered land closer to the Crawford White House for use by the fake anti-war protest carried out by extreme anti-Americans who support Cindy Sheehan and her media circus.
They are now about a mile away from the Bush compound.
Just a little closer please, the stench isn't noticeable yet.

Taft Charged With Graft

Well not really but it rhymed. Governor Bob Taft of Ohio was charged with multiple counts of failing to report gifts he received as governor. Any gift over $75 must be reported. He will apparently face misdemeanor charges from these gifts.
Governor Taft is a Republican, (but not really.) So of course the Democrat party will try to have a field day over these charges. I guess they think that if they can oust the R's from control of Ohio, then maybe they can take over and make it a state that will vote D in the next election cycle. What? Do they think that Diebold will just start cheating for them? Really, it defies belief that removing one person from office will make the voters suddenly change their minds on who they support at election time. Now that doesn't mean that people won't get fed up with the so-called Republican party that runs Ohio and replace them with Democrats. But that's all local and statewide races. If the Dems really think that there will be a shift in attitudes for presidential elections then they are still stuck in a fantasy land.
Just because Taft accepted some gifts, a few worth as little as $100, that doesn't mean that all Ohio voters will suddenly go wild for the next out of touch America hating extreme leftist that the Democrats will nominate for president. Unless of course they nominate someone like Zell Miller. Yeah, that'll happen with such hate-filled leaders like Reid, Pelosi, Schumer and Kennedy in charge of the party. No, I think Taft's in trouble, but I don't see that a Democrat takeover is in the offing. I see them becoming more extreme, thinking the MoveOn and anti-war groups are their key to returning to the White House. Keep trying is all I say.

Bond, UnPierced

I liked him in the role. But it's the role, not the actor. We've seen more than one good actor play the role. Roger Moore is the James Bond I started with. Of course the weakest one was George Lazenby, but he had no chance to do anything. I can't remember if he decided not to do it again or the producers said no thanks.
Anyway, the article said "Brosnan says he's grateful to have had the role, but adds: 'It never felt real to me. I never felt I had complete ownership over Bond. Because you'd have these stupid one-liners - which I loathed - and I always felt phony doing them.'" That's a bit of revisionist history there. He was supposedly angry that he couldn't get the role. Timothy Dalton took the role after Roger Moore. He wanted that role and had to wait for it because of his contract with NBC for Remington Steele was still in force.
Needless to say he did very well in the role.
Ok, readers, who's your favorite Bond and why?

Madonna Rides A Horse

Looks like Madonna had a little equestrain accident.
OK, Who was riding Whom?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New London To Kelo: Get Out, And Pay Rent!!

I found this post from KBarrett on Kim's site. What a vicious example of government thuggery. First these pocketed pols use the force of the government to take without just compensation. Then after they win an unjust ruling from the black robed masters, they confirmed their thuggish actions by demanding back rent from those whom they despoiled.
What audacity. Typical though of people of that ilk. You see, because these peons didn't just bow down and turn over their property, the ruling class feels like they have been challenged and they can't permit that. To save face, they must do something to punish the lower class who dared challenge their right to rule. Now, things like this make me angry. What purpose does it serve to bill the owners for rent? None except vindictiveness.
We need to get people like this out of office. You know, if people were more active in their communities psychopathic people like the New London officials wouldn't be in any position to wreak havoc on people's lives. Let this be a lesson to us all. We must watch our elected officials at all times and be prepared to remove them from office. They are our servants not our masters. They must be reminded of this on a constant basis.

Harvard Study: Half Of Americans Mentally Ill

Well, yeah! Kerry did get 48% of the vote.

No Sex In Hollywood?

Yeah, right. This little story indicates a new wave of purity and virtue is washing upon the polluted shores of Hollywood. Except that everyone who claims it is probably doing so as a publicity stunt. Or they are extremely ugly.
You know I must admit I was surprised that a star of the caliber of Gary Coleman, yes, Gary Coleman, a few years ago indicated that he still was pure. See above. You know, if he really wanted to get some, all he would have to do is stand up on a little pedestal, like a Greek Herm. I couldn't say what type of getting he'd get, especially in Hollyweird, but surely someone would come by- did I say that?- and problem solved.
OK, I think these people are just trying to look good, "see, I'm pure, please watch my movie." It's all a gimmick. The culture has turned a bit more conservative since 911 and these dopes in the entertainment biz see that their days of open promiscuity might have an effect on their incomes. Nobody wants to lose money, they need to continue bringing in the cash. The studios can't afford it. The agents can't afford it, and it appears that many of the actors and actresses see that they can't afford it. Is it something they really care about? Who knows, but I tend not to believe anything out of Hollywood.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Faked Out?

Thanks to Conservative UAW Guy and Mauser*Girl. I'm surprised that the bayonet is possibly fake. I know that people want to collect Nazi era items, but it seems funny that someone would fake one and put no Nazi markings on it. I always thought that this was something my dad kept when he was discharged from the army in the fifties. Maybe it was for a Garand or 03 Springfield.

Well, the search goes on. I cleaned the bayo up as much as I could and still found no serial numbers. Guess there's no way to really know if it's real or fake. Can't check against serial number lists. Oh, well.

Cindy Sheehan Redux

It seems that people are getting all worked up over the doings in Crawford. Well, I posted about it once, and dare I say before anyone else looked into her group's background. Or posted anything about it anyway. Never got a link from anyone either. That's OK, in fact I don't want anyone to link to this post about the woman either. It's not really supposed to be a screed, but let's see how it turns out.
Blogger La Shawn Barber posts that she wishes that conservative bloggers would stop piling on Ms Sheehan. La Shawn is a black conservative female blogger, and that's definitely a hard job. I've read her a few times and been impressed with her. Unfortunately this time I have to disagree with her to a point. I don't want to "demonize" this woman, her personal grief is unknown to me, all I can do is go by what she says and does. She has said she wants to meet the president so he can explain the rationale for the Iraq war. She's also said she doesn't want to meet with him. This from the buffoon Keith Olbermann: "OLBERMANN: Last question. It's pure politics. The nature of the media coverage you're getting now, the response from other families of soldiers killed in Iraq, all of that, from the perspective of your protest there, in a way, isn't it really better if President Bush doesn't meet with you?
SHEEHAN: I would think so, yes. I think it's great. And if he would come out right now, it would really defuse the momentum, and I don't want to give them any hints. And I think that's something they've probably already thought about."
That's right, she doesn't want to talk to him after all. They keep harping on "what's the noble cause." Well it's been spelled out now for months. The fact is that they don't want to hear. They accept no justification for any of President Bush's actions. They hate him and although they have ears, they hear not. They are so consumed with a, dare I say it, a Satanic hatred for the man that they lose all self control. Now I don't trust Bill Clinton and I opposed nearly everything he did, I still didn't rave like the Bush haters do.
As I said below, I will not criticize her for her cries of grief. I will criticize her for her associations and her words. She has allied herself with the most vile group of people among the so called "anti-war" crowd. Many of them by their own actions are not anti-war, they are just on the other side. Anyone who stands with the "insurgents" is not against war, they are siding with the enemy.
So La Shawn, I'll not blog about this woman again, unless she continues to spew invective once she leaves her "protest." If she continues to be political and not trying to assuage her personal grief, she will continue, and rightly so, to be a target.

Bayonet Needs A Home

Here's some pictures of a bayonet I own. From what I could tell it seems to resemble a circa 1939 parade dress German bayonet. It has what I suppose is a trade mark cartouche on it of a squirrel holding a sword pointed down to the ground. It says "original" above the squirrel and "Carl Eickhorn Solingen" below it. It is a nickel or chromed blade and has wear points on it. I've examined this and have found no other marks or writing on it, not even a serial number. Any ideas of provenance and what type of gun would it go with? A K98 Mauser?
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Talk About A Double Tap!

A Georgia man had a little run in with the law. I guess he liked it because he returned to the scene to get a little more. I guess it's true what they say, criminals are some of the dumbest people on the face of the earth.

US Ships Guns To Haiti? What About Us?

The Enemy Press AP reports that the US government will send to Haiti a "$1.9 million shipment (of weapons), which officials said will include some 3,000 handguns, several hundred rifles and tear gas." This is to help beef up the police forces of the island nation prior to elections in the fall.
What the Heck? Look Mr President, I'm all for helping that country become a stable free nation, but I thought you said this country was at war? Where are my free firearms? I'm not greedy Mr Bush. Just send me a few surplus Garands, a few '03 Springfields a spare 1911 or two plus a few thousand rounds of ammo and we'll call it even.
Yeah, I expect some Chickenshit to call me a Chickenhawk and repeat the leftist mantra, "why don't you just join the army." I'm too old, and too fat to enlist, but I'm not too old for the unorganized militia. You know, the one the Constitution means when it states my right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
If we are truly at war, and I believe we are, then I want- no I demand to be armed and trained for any eventuality. Come on Mr President, you know it's the right thing to do. Please send my order to ScottG c/o Ah, Shoot Blogspot. And thank you.

Haiti Gang Leader TouTou: I Will Surrender If UN Guarantees My Safety....

um...snicker...snort...guffaw...haw haw haw haw...this guy's a comedian! Oh, sure guy, they'll "protect" you, just like they did the people in the Congo. Our blue helmeted heroes did an admirable job helping during the Somali conflict and Rwandan massacres.
I wonder what his game is? Does he think the UN people are willing to accept bribes or something? Maybe he thinks he has something to trade for an acquittal in any type of UN led tribunal he might face. Perhaps he thinks nothing will ever happen to him. With the turbulent goings on in Haiti, he might be president next month! It really doesn't make any sense for him to surrender if he would truly face some type of trial.
Ah, I see now. It appears that another warlord type has just been released from jail in Haiti. Could be that he believes he could get off too and so be free to take up his old job. Perhaps a few months in jail then a verdict reversal would be worth it to have a clean record. I don't know, just have to wait and see.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Which .22?

I'm considering purchasing a .22 handgun. For plinking and just because they're cheap to shoot. The Contenders are:

What's more important, price or reliability? I'm not sure, I like all these for particular reasons. The Rough Rider because of the price. I can shoot sooner if I buy this one. The Ruger because of the perceived higher quality than the Rough Rider. The Buck Mark because of the feel in my hand. Decisions, decisions.

Schroeder Killed My German Heritage

I no longer have any German heritage. Although my maternal grandmother was born in a little German village in Hungary, spoke German and was effectively German, that has all boiled away with the idiotic and indeed dangerous words of German lame duck Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.
What purpose does it serve to tell evil people you won't use force to deter them? Well none really unless you are afraid of them. Considering the large number of middle eastern immigrants in Germany, I suppose they're more afraid of what some radicals might do to them than what Iran might do towards their enemy: Israel. Oh, well it's just a few Jews right? Not like Iran wants to exterminate them completely, just move them out of Palestine. Why risk German society over silly little tiffs?
The question is, why this stand by Schroeder? It didn't work before and it won't work this time. He will not be able to stop any military action against Iranian nuclear facilities. Perhaps he believes that the voters will return him to office like they did the last time when he opposed the deposition of Saddam. That's probably the reason. "Mr Schroeder is lagging well behind his conservative rivals in the German election campaign, but has been narrowing the gap in recent days. In the 2002 poll, he came from behind to snatch victory after anti-Iraq war feeling - and an outbreak of serious flooding in Germany - helped him attract last-minute support." He'll use anything he can to hold onto power. Hey Gerry, why not just call for a plebiscite giving you full powers over the state? After all, these are dangerous times, you need to protect the Bund.
Honestly, I don't know if he's just trying this tack to attract votes, or does this man actually believe that mere talking and cajoling and stern warnings from the UN and EU will stop the regime in Tehran from doing what it says it is doing? How many times have they said that once they develop an "islamic bomb" Israel will be attacked. Are these people so stupid as to believe it's only a bluff? Don't they think that Iran says what they mean. If he believes that the nuclear program is only to generate power he is a bigger fool than he appears. Why do they constantly disbelieve what they hear? Are they so blinded by their own "sophisticated" and "nuanced" ways that they don't understand unvarnished truth? That must be it. The alternative is that they hate President Bush and America so much that they would give up everything just to see him humiliated. They hold themselves up as the best and brightest hope for the world, yet who has liberated Afghanistan? Who liberated Iraq? And who stood by while ethnic cleansing took place in the Balkans? Yes, the believe they are the only good in the world, yet when they stare at themselves in the mirror, they only can see a disfigured face. A face that looks at suffering and says all is well, we don't need to go into Darfur. A face that looks at Saddam and says this is a man we can do business with. A face that looks at the liberation of Iraq and says it's an illegal and immoral war. What they see in the mirror is the Totenkopf.

Carnival of Cordite

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Belafonte: No Fool Like An Old Fool....

So another hate filled celebrity spews foolish crap from his mouth and gets caught in lies. Yes old Harry Malafonte said Blacks in the Bush Administration are just like the Jews who helped Hitler exterminate other Jews. By golly, that'll show those evil Republicans! Trouble is old Hater Harry ( not to be confused with Hate-Filled Harry Reid) is a hater from way back. In fact he's spent plenty of time on giving some love to people just like Hitler.
Well, anyway, he came out with another patented liberal non-apology apology. "Now, Belafonte says he 'regret[s] the sentence was not structured more accurately,' noting that in fact 'Jews weren't 'high up.' But, he told the Jerusalem Post, that '[some] did have a role ... in the demise and brutal treatment of the Jewish people,' adding that current White House policies are — 'very much similar to things that were done when Hitler was on the rise."
OK, no more making fun of the doddering old commie lover. No more jokes about his stupidity. No more laughter at another leftist non-apology apology, just this: Prove every assertion you made in this statement from multiple agreed sources on both sides. Prove it you vile bastard. But you can't because it's a lie. Nothing you haters say is the truth. The truth is you are the enemy. Lie all you want, you words are there to check. Now do what you are told, hired singer, sing then shut up.

Friday, August 12, 2005

You know Cal? Yahoo!

The Chinese National Offshore Oil Corp recently tried to acquire Unocal. The deal fell through because of political pressure. "The decision ended a hotly contested battle between Unocal and Chevron, the second-largest U.S. oil company, which were both vying to acquire Unocal's valuable oil and natural gas assets, most of which are based in the United States and Asia."
Yeah, poor China, can't buy our oil, now they'll try to steal it no doubt. -Paging Mr Clinton, paging Mr Clinton.- That's good that some people in Washington see that China is not a strategic partner but a competitor. Of course China is more than a competitor. "'The way the U.S. government has treated Cnooc and politicized the deal will largely frustrate Chinese companies,' said Han Xiaoping, the chief information officer at Falcon Power, an energy consulting firm that is based in Beijing." How have they treated it? I dunno, maybe like a front for the Communist government? Really?
Here's what they think of us "Cnooc has been one of China's most aggressive companies in that regard. It has been on an acquisition hunt for the past few years. Its bid for Unocal - the most ambitious yet - was dubbed 'Operation Treasure Ship,' ...."
Oh a treasure ship alright. A foothold in our markets, a US company to control and use to lobby the government, a grip on resources in Asia, a priceless treasure ship indeed. Listen to this extra tidbit "...and it came with tremendous financial support from Wall Street's leading banks...." What the Hell? Selling them the rope they want to hang us with I see.
"Cnooc officials pleaded with officials in Washington and at Unocal, saying that they were simply attempting a 'friendly' takeover of Unocal...." Ah, yes a friendly takeover, you know like the friendly hike into the Saarland, the friendly handover of the Sudetenland and the love-fest Anchluss. So friendly these people! Who wouldn't want to be friendly with them? Better to spend treasure than blood to achieve goals right?
At least this deal fell through. You just know they'll try again, or maybe try the backdoor.
Yahoo announced recently that it had purchased a 40% share in Alibaba, a Chinese online company. The usual blather follows but then this little nugget shows up: "Yahoo will have 35 percent voting rights. The new entity will have a four-member board led by (Jack) Ma (founder of Alibaba) as chairman, with a second seat held by Alibaba and the others held by Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang and a representative of Softbank Corp., the Japanese firm that is a big Yahoo shareholder.
(Hoefer and Arnett analyst Martin) Pykkonnen called that a departure for Yahoo and CEO Terry Semel, because the company usually takes control of a partner's operations when it spends this kind of money. The arrangement could lead to some friction, he predicted."
So Yahoo pays $1 billion dollars to buy a share of a company that is of course controlled by the Chinese government, and doesn't even get to call the shots! That smells, that stinks. Think of all the stuff you do on yahoo, all the info you might have on their servers, all the cookies on your computer from Yahoo. And now the communists will have access to it!!
What is it with these people and their mega deals with an illegal, immoral thug junta ruling China?! Are these people commies too? Are they just greedy, just don't care about the country, or only want the rush of the deal?'s the women, isn't it?