Tuesday, August 09, 2005

4 Star Relieved

Enemy Press CNN reports that the four star general in charge of the US Army Training and Doctrine Command, General Kevin P Byrnes has been relieved of his command.
"A spokesman for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Bryan Whitman, said the investigation involved 'matters of personal conduct,' but he would not say more."
I have no idea what to make of this. Gen. Byrnes "oversaw all Army training programs and the development of war-fighting guidelines." Does this mean he didn't like what tactics were being used and he said so? Was the administration unhappy with the current conduct of the war in Iraq? Or was this just a personal conduct thing? Maybe he fraternized with a junior officer or enlisted soldier. Was he too outspoken in his criticism of the CINC?
Unless he gets charged with something and faces a court martial I'm afraid we'll never know. Funny thing though, "In April the Pentagon announced that Lt. Gen. William Wallace had been nominated for a fourth star and assignment as commander of Training and Doctrine Command to succeed Byrnes...." Why the delay? Why wasn't Gen Byrnes relieved four months ago. I wish I knew. In a time of war, the Army doesn't need scandals.


GUYK said...

Although a four star and in an importantpost the general wasn't directlt envolved with combat ops. I suspect that he screwed the pooch pretty bad. I don't think there will be an anti-administration general appointed mainly because the prez has to approve the appointments. Congress approved the promotions at the recommendation of the prez-and generals are for the most part conservatives. Most of them I have met I have liked although there have been a couple of screwballs.