Thursday, August 25, 2005

"'60s Pop Star Makes Shocking Confession"

Oh, yeah, you could tell just by reading this headline. This "star" is gay. Alright nobody cares much about Lesley Gore, but you see she has an album out.... So why not make it a twofer, she and the album both come out. Do we really care in this day and age? Sure, but people who would care don't matter to the music industry or those who participate in the pop culture. Which is filth by the way. John Derbyshire says so. Anyway, why bother doing this now, you've lived so long without making it public knowledge? Guess she needs the publicity for the CD sales. She may have alienated part of her potential audience by announcing her private inclinations, why do that? Or is there a large audience of lesbian folk jazz listeners that we don't know about. Either way I don't care, I just find it funny that people in Hollywood and the entertainment industry keep thinking they have to "shock" us to get us interested in their products. Clue to you all in showbiz, most Americans think you're all gay anyway.
Who's next, Carlos Santana?


GUYK said...

Never heard of her.