Thursday, August 04, 2005

Almost President, but now lower than an ugly old cow

If these figures are true, JFWannabe is in serious trouble. I know he lost, but you can tell by his repeated pronouncements released to the media that this fellow thinks he'll try again. After his loss, yes, his loss, in the last election, you figure he'd head out to pasture. This guy must think he's the new William Jennings Bryan. Obviously his success has gone to his head. Maybe the guy does think he actually won the election and Ohio was stolen from him. That would give him some kind of incentive to try again.
Sorry old son, your simulacrum Willie J lost every time. He's the Minnesota Vikings of presidential elections. You'd do yourself a favor by remembering that. Don't want you to embarrass yourself, or us again. So go away to your wife and houses and boats and mansions and France and Europe and Martha's Vineyard and stay in your little sinecure until the day they wheel you out gibbering. Hm, on second thought, that might be today!


GUYK said...

The donks learned a valuable experience back in thefifties when Adali Stevenson lost twice in a row. Adali had the recognition and was a highly respected man but he didn't stand a chance against Ike.

I don't think Hilary will run. It might be the best thing for the GOP if she did-provided they could get there shit together and nominate a strong candidate. Frisk is making noises like he is interested-holding my nose from the stink! I am not a McCain fan but I do like him better than Hilary Clinton-hell I like just about anybody better than Hilary-even Frisk. I would like to see Gulino ( can't spell ) run but I have my doubts the religious right wing will support him after the divorce scandal.