Friday, August 05, 2005

Beauties and the Beasts

Without revealing my true identity, I can say I work in a very public place and see all sorts of people daily, or nightly as it were.

One thing really bothers me. I know I shouldn't let it but I guess I just don't understand people today. Younger ones mostly. Now I'm not talking about the 300 pounders who wear spandex, no, that frightening sight isn't my concern here. I don't even mean those females who dress like hookers on a night out.

My ire is raised by louts. Yes, louts. But first let me tell you about their companions.

I see without a doubt some of the most drop dead gorgeous ladies in the world walk through my work area on a constant basis. (Note to Sexy Girl: they are all ugly compared to you) Stunning, absolutely stunning women in absolutely stunning outfits. Nice gowns, sexy little black dresses that show off legs that you just know go on forever. Um, anyway they are not the problem. The problem is the ugly assed guys with them who don't know how to dress!

Can you picture a desirable lady out for a show or dinner wearing a sweet little cocktail dress that shows off her sexy attributes? Yes, I know you can. Then who's with this sweet babe? A guy who thinks the perfect outfit for the evening is a wifebeater and a pair of board shorts! Yes, I actually saw that last night. Disgusting. Not only that, it's a high insult to the lady. Stupid piece of .... Bah! It's not only last night. I see this crap almost every night. Great Googly Woogly! What's this culture coming to?

(goes off grumbling)