Saturday, August 13, 2005

Belafonte: No Fool Like An Old Fool....

So another hate filled celebrity spews foolish crap from his mouth and gets caught in lies. Yes old Harry Malafonte said Blacks in the Bush Administration are just like the Jews who helped Hitler exterminate other Jews. By golly, that'll show those evil Republicans! Trouble is old Hater Harry ( not to be confused with Hate-Filled Harry Reid) is a hater from way back. In fact he's spent plenty of time on giving some love to people just like Hitler.
Well, anyway, he came out with another patented liberal non-apology apology. "Now, Belafonte says he 'regret[s] the sentence was not structured more accurately,' noting that in fact 'Jews weren't 'high up.' But, he told the Jerusalem Post, that '[some] did have a role ... in the demise and brutal treatment of the Jewish people,' adding that current White House policies are — 'very much similar to things that were done when Hitler was on the rise."
OK, no more making fun of the doddering old commie lover. No more jokes about his stupidity. No more laughter at another leftist non-apology apology, just this: Prove every assertion you made in this statement from multiple agreed sources on both sides. Prove it you vile bastard. But you can't because it's a lie. Nothing you haters say is the truth. The truth is you are the enemy. Lie all you want, you words are there to check. Now do what you are told, hired singer, sing then shut up.