Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bond, UnPierced

I liked him in the role. But it's the role, not the actor. We've seen more than one good actor play the role. Roger Moore is the James Bond I started with. Of course the weakest one was George Lazenby, but he had no chance to do anything. I can't remember if he decided not to do it again or the producers said no thanks.
Anyway, the article said "Brosnan says he's grateful to have had the role, but adds: 'It never felt real to me. I never felt I had complete ownership over Bond. Because you'd have these stupid one-liners - which I loathed - and I always felt phony doing them.'" That's a bit of revisionist history there. He was supposedly angry that he couldn't get the role. Timothy Dalton took the role after Roger Moore. He wanted that role and had to wait for it because of his contract with NBC for Remington Steele was still in force.
Needless to say he did very well in the role.
Ok, readers, who's your favorite Bond and why?


GUYK said...

The first one, who was it Sean Connery? I think. After GoldFinger I didn't see any that I particularly liked-just another flick. But, not much can compere with movies such as the epics-my all time favorite "Lonesome Dove" and second is Mitchner's Epic of Colorado, Centennial But then again I don't go to movies. I am a redneck and I wait until they are on HBO. Rather read a good book anyway.