Friday, August 05, 2005

Britain backs down

OK, I didn't post anything about this when I first read about the new guidelines for raiding muslim houses. I thought it would probably turn out to be a joke.
Every time Britain steps up, they step back.
Don't go in quickly? Recipe for disaster. Hey, let's go in slowly as to not disturb them. What do you mean they might destroy evidence? They wouldn't do that would they?
Don't look at the women. Yeah, don't want to be turned to stone after all. Besides, how can we look at them if they're all trussed up in a bag?
Don't disrupt a prayer. Yeah, that'll work, Hey Policeman! I'm praying, go away. Yes, part of my prayer ritual is mixing up deadly chemicals. Leave now or I'll sue!
More idiocy abounds. Look Blighty, just pass a law that all muslims are exempt from any criminal or terror related prosecutions and all will be well. For them.
Britain you try my patience.