Friday, August 05, 2005

Britain stands up

To Tell The Truth, I'm getting a little dizzy with these up and down happenings in Britain. First they back down, then they stand up.
The UK is finally taking some action against radical islamists. They will introduce new restrictions on immigration and make it easier to deport those who incite hatred. "'We are angry. We are angry about extremism and about what they are doing to our country, angry about their abuse of our good nature,' Blair said. 'We welcome people here who share our values and our way of life. But don't meddle in extremism because if you meddle in it ... you are going back out again.'"
Great, but why are you just doing this now? Why didn't you start this on 911? Come to think of it, have we done anything like this yet? Why not? These people have made it clear what they intend to do, for goodness sakes, what are we going to do?
I now declare that this is what I will do. I'll sit back, wait a day or two, check the Enemy Press and read that Britain has decided to create a monument to the subway bombers...just kidding...I hope.


GUYK said...

Brittian has a stronger tradition than that of the USA of allowing free speech. Their libel laws must not as tough as ours, maybe, I don't know. one of the problems with free speech is that it does permit assholes to advocate overthowing the very countries that allow their dribble! Blair is doing the best he can and with the rsh of bombings he may be able to round up the mullahs and kick them out of Brittian-I hope so. For our sake and Brittian's--

ScottG said...

There's the rub Guy. He may be able to round them up. I fully expect the islamists to scream and their friends in the enemy press to do the same. Then Blair will back down. I hope not, but I expect that to happen,