Saturday, August 27, 2005

California State Senator Denigrates National Guard Leadership

Fox News reports that California State Senator Joe Dunn -surprise, a Democrat- accused the California National Guard of spying on citizens at a so-called "Mother's Day Peace Rally." Senator Dunn is apparently afraid that a Guard intelligence unit spied on the America Hating Left and so he launched an investigation into these alleged activities. He "is leading an investigation into whether the nation's largest Guard force resorted to the same type of civilian monitoring that characterized Vietnam War-era protests. During the 1960s and 1970s, the military collected information on more than 100,000 Americans." Yup, it's VietNam all over again. The halcyon days of America Haters Inc.

According to the Guard and the state's attorney general's office the unit regularly "tries to assess threats to bridges, buildings and other structures and does no spying." A secret Army report investigated the spying charges and decided that the charges were baseless. Somehow Senator Dunn reviewed this secret Army report and declared it a whitewash. He alleged that the Guard commander in chief lied about the conclusions of the report and hoped that no one would be able to see it and contradict him. "'Once again, the highest ranks of the Guard have shown that they are incapable of being open and honest with the people of California,' Dunn said in his letter. He requested that the report be made public to clear up the conflicting interpretations." Standard Operating Procedure of the anti-American Left. Denigrate the honesty of the military, insinuate they are jackbooted thugs surveilling honest, law abiding protesters and calling them liars. But they support the troops.

It is correct that military forces should not be used to spy on civilians. That's what the FBI is for. People like Senator Dunn apparently believe that these "protesters" are "speaking truth to power" or other blather. Truth is, they are the power, and they speak lies. It's always a Democrat who spends time and money worrying about what the military or government agency does to protect us instead of worrying what our enemies are doing. Why do we have to say it again and again? There are people who have declared war on us and our way of life, we have been attacked by evildoers. We are constantly bombarded by sympathetic views of vicious killers and our heroes are spat upon and insulted at every turn by fifth columnists in the press and inside and outside of government. It needs to stop and now. By all means, let us not break laws to protect ourselves. We can do what we need with the laws and procedures we now have, let's just use these powers. We must have oversight but let's see who watches the watchers.

Tomorrow: Who is Senator Dunn?