Thursday, August 04, 2005

Can we try this at home?

A few days ago, the Enemy Press ABC Network aired a controversial program in which the mastermind of the Beslan Massacre gave an interview to a Russian newsman accused of having terrorist ties.

"In the interview broadcast on Friday, (Shamil) Basayev admitted that he was a terrorist and promised to make every Russian feel the impact of the war in Chechnya. He said he is plotting more deadly attacks on civilians." Ah, yes another coup for the Enemy Press in their never ending quest to defeat the forces of freedom. Give 'em a soapbox, let them say what they want, but (insert deity of choice here) forbid we tell any good news about what's happening in the struggle against evil. SOP for these vile bastards.
So all's well that ends bloody, right? HA! HA I SAY! Wrong! These pathetic bottoms looking for any terrorist top found themselves banned! Yes! Banned by the Russian Defense Ministry from any and all press briefings and Q & As. ABC is "persona non grata for the ministry, no interview will be granted to it ever."
I love it! Considering all the morale sapping stories and all the hatred directed towards the Administration vomited out by the hoodlums at the network, I say we give it a try here.
Imagine the faces of Koppel and others as they get turned away from the White House door before a press conference. Imagine how they will cry and moan censorship when the President ignores their questions when he's out and about. Imagine Rumsfeld laughing at them as they attempt to smear the military. Oh baby! Just imagine Condi in those boots walking all over them!
Please, someone in authority somewhere call these venomous snakes what they are and ban them from all official contact.
Acta Diurna Hostis Delenda Est