Sunday, August 28, 2005

Dangerous Joe Dunn?

So who is Senator Joe Dunn? He's a Democrat from Orange County. Orange County? I thought the OC was Republican country? Anyway he is a lawyer. Well, strike one.
Here's a little tidbit about him from "Outgoing Calif. Gov. Gray Davis has quietly signed S. 796, a first-of-its-kind bill that authorizes lawyers to file private damage suits over labor code violations. Business leaders 'argue it could have far-reaching financial consequences to employers across the state'...The legislation would allow a worker to sue on behalf of other employees for wage and labor code violations." Hmm, good ole Joe seems to be representing people other than the residents of his district. Private lawsuits? Can you imagine what the costs of such things will be? California Assembly Republicans released a statement that placed the price tag of a relatively minor code violation at $31 million dollars! One guess as to whom most of the money would go.... Oh, and if you answered the state or the plaintiffs, go sit in a corner and tell yourself some other fairy tales.
Here's some more love for Joe from Michael Arnold Glueck writing in the Jewish World Review: "State legislators are presumably elected to benefit the people of their state. Yet, California State Senator Joe Dunn continues to promote legislation that mainly benefits personal injury attorneys who contribute big bucks for colossal returns on their investments." Here's a nice little kicker, and so typical for a Democrat, "Cautions Maryann Maloney, Executive Director of Orange County Citizens Against law Suit Abuse(OC CALA), 'Everything Dunn does is oriented to get himself elected Attorney General in 2006!'" Ah, yes, use his money to get elected, use his job to get kicked upstairs. Presumably once attorney general he would bring a hostile outlook to the state's dealings with California's business community. Good move, keep legislating against business in the golden state and see how fast they leave. Then where would Joe get money for this:
SB 645 Page 1
Date of Hearing: August 17, 2005
Judy Chu, Chair
SB 645 (Dunn) - As Amended: July 12, 2005
Policy Committee: Judiciary Vote:6-3
Urgency: No State Mandated Local Program: No Reimbursable:
This bill provides mechanisms for redressing the forced deportation and emigration of persons of Mexican descent during the Great Depression. Specifically, this bill:
1)Establishes a 12-person commission, with specified membership, to gather facts and conduct a study of the deportation and forced emigration.
2)Requires the commission's recommendations to the Legislature and the governor to include: incorporating said events into the state's public school curriculum; determining responsibility for said events; determining appropriate monetary compensation for eligible recipients and establishing eligibility criteria.
3)Requires the commission to report its recommendations no later than January 1, 2009 and abolishes the commission six months after the report is transmitted.
4)Specifies the commission is not convened until it has been determined sufficient private donations (what? they're going to force people to "donate?") have been made to support the commission through the completion of its work.
5)Establishes a 1930s Reparations Fund and a nine-member board of directors to disburse moneys in the fund upon appropriation by the Legislature.
6)Establishes the duties of the board with respect to disbursement of funds and authorizes the board to use moneys in the fund to cover the board's administrative expenses.
7)Specifies that victims of said events may bring civil actions to recover damages if an action is commenced by July 1, 2011. Makes recovery under civil actions and reparations payments mutually exclusive remedies.
8)Provides that if the author's SB 670 (pending on the Assembly Floor), which offers an apology to victims of the forced repatriation is enacted, it shall not be admissible as evidence of liability, or any other matter, in any civil action under this section.
1)One-time costs in the range of $250,000 to $500,000 to staff and support the commission over 3-1/2 years. The bill specifies that these costs are to be paid only with private funds.
2)Costs for the Attorney General's Office to defend the state against civil actions is unknown, but could be several million dollars.
3)The potential state General Fund cost for civil damages could total tens of millions of dollars.
4)The Reparations Fund would presumably receive moneys via transfers from the General Fund, thus GF costs for reparations could also total tens of millions of dollars.
1)Background and Purpose . The Senate Select Committee on Citizen Participation conducted hearings in 2003 to explore the repatriation programs carried out during the Great Depression. During that time, local, state and national officials were bombarded with demands to curtail the employment of Mexicans, to remove them from the relief rolls, and to send them to Mexico. In response, the federal government initiated the first raids in 1931, abducting persons of Mexican descent from public places without regard to citizenship or legal status. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors embarked on its own repatriation campaign, transporting tens of thousands of people every month by train from Union Station to the El Paso/Mexico border. The bill's findings indicate that, in California, approximately 400,000 American citizens and legal residents of Mexican ancestry were forcibly removed to Mexico. The author states that California's repatriation program was so sophisticated that it served as a model for other states, including Michigan, Texas and Colorado.
The author believes that the time has come for California, the United States government, and those other states and local governments involved in the 1930s repatriation program to acknowledge the wrongful conduct and travesties inflicted upon the Mexican community during the Great Depression and to craft remedies.
In 2003, a class action lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles County against the State of California, et al, on behalf of victims of the Mexican repatriation program alleging, among other things, unlawful race discrimination, conspiracy to deprive plaintiffs of their civil rights, violations of due process, and denial of equal protection rights. Plaintiffs sought compensation and declaratory relief. In 2004, the plaintiffs dismissed the case without prejudice (preserving the right to bring a subsequent suit on the same claim), after legislation that would have extended the statute of limitations failed passage.
2)Prior Legislation . SB 933 (Dunn) of 2003 and SB 37 (Dunn) of 2004, which contained similar provisions to this bill with regard to extending the statute of limitations, were vetoed, by Governor Davis and Governor Schwarzenegger respectively, for fiscal reasons. SB 427 (Dunn) of 2004, which, similar to this bill, established a commission to investigate and make recommendations regarding the said events, was also vetoed.
Analysis Prepared by : Chuck Nicol / APPR. / (916) 319-2081)
It is apparent that this repatriation did happen during the Depression, however, leave it to a Democrat to try to make political hay out of it. And where do you think the money will come from? Why the taxpayer of course. Dunn-ing as it were, people who live in the state now for actions of people who lived in the state over seventy years ago! How many people have immigrated into California since 1944 when the deportations supposedly ended? And this man wants to make them liable? Lawyers always go after the deep pockets. This is a transparent vote buying scheme. Strike two.
Here's strike three. This man is the author of the outrageous bullet serializing bill that would massively increase costs of ammunition in that state for all law abiding citizens. Not only that, it would probably destroy gun and ammo sales throughout California. Oh, he cloaks it in high sounding rhetoric about solving gun crimes. "'With the passage of SB 357, California will bring law enforcement investigative tools into the modern age,' Dunn said. 'This system will be an important new tool to help law enforcement personnel identify and convict violent felons and murderers.'" Except when violent felons and murderers steal or buy bullets from other citizens. Did the Senator think of that? Probably not, because you see violent felons and murderers will only acquire bullets from approved vendors. The gist of the bill is this:
"Requires all handgun ammunition manufactured or sold in California to be marked with a unique identifier. (bullet and casing? what about the box?)
The identifier would then be associated with the purchaser of the handgun ammunition at the point of sale and maintained in an electronic database run by the Department of Justice. (we won't register guns, but we'll mark all the bullets)
Requires all vendors and manufacturers who conduct handgun ammunition sales in the state to register with the DOJ. (what second amendment?)
Assesses vendor and end-user fees to pay for the costs of the program. (you'll comply and pay for the privilege)
Penalizes individuals and corporations who attempt to circumvent the requirements of SB 357." (we will bring our power of life and death over you to make you obey us even though our actions are unconstitutional)
By his own words and actions we see what kind of Senator Joe Dunn is. A very dangerous man who flouts the constitution, hates the military and uses race baiting to buy votes. In other words, he's generally no different from the majority of national leadership position Democrats like Reid, Schumer, Boxer, Feinstein and Byrd. Dangerous to their own states and America at large.


GUYK said...

What else could you expect from the land of fruits and nuts? I think the whole sate should be fenced of and quarantined to keep the political pollution from infecting the rest of the country. After its gross national product falls to about that of Haiti we can go back in and elect a self respecting republican Mexican as governor-Mexicans like guns.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm gay. I'm anonymous and gay! And I'm afraid of guns! Guns are big, bad and remind my of my father's dick....