Sunday, August 14, 2005

Haiti Gang Leader TouTou: I Will Surrender If UN Guarantees My Safety....

um...snicker...snort...guffaw...haw haw haw haw...this guy's a comedian! Oh, sure guy, they'll "protect" you, just like they did the people in the Congo. Our blue helmeted heroes did an admirable job helping during the Somali conflict and Rwandan massacres.
I wonder what his game is? Does he think the UN people are willing to accept bribes or something? Maybe he thinks he has something to trade for an acquittal in any type of UN led tribunal he might face. Perhaps he thinks nothing will ever happen to him. With the turbulent goings on in Haiti, he might be president next month! It really doesn't make any sense for him to surrender if he would truly face some type of trial.
Ah, I see now. It appears that another warlord type has just been released from jail in Haiti. Could be that he believes he could get off too and so be free to take up his old job. Perhaps a few months in jail then a verdict reversal would be worth it to have a clean record. I don't know, just have to wait and see.