Monday, August 08, 2005

Hey! What about me?

The superbait Michelle Malkin posted about Cindy Sheehan today. The same Cindy Sheehan my loyal readers read about on this little site yesterday. In fact I e-mailed her with a suggestion to look into the links Sheehan had on her site.
Imagine my surprise when I read her site tonight and saw that Michelle had a post about her! Yes!! Haha! Now I was preparing for a little spike in visits from Malkin's site. Ah, Shoot! I wasn't even mentioned. An update to Michelle's website doesn't even say a word about me. I guess I shouldn't expect much, it's not like someone else didn't think the same thing. There's plenty of other bloggers mentioned in her post. Maybe it's because the TLLB rankings says I'm just an "insignificant microbe."
I'll just go shuffle off into the corner and pout now.