Monday, August 01, 2005

The Horror, the Horror....

I (gulp) am thinking about selling one of my guns. I don't want to do it, but sometimes it's necessary, guns or butter they say.


GUYK said...

Been there and done that. If I had every weapon I have ver owned I would have a arsenal. Kind of like pulling a tooth to sell one but at least guns usually appreciate instead of depreciate. My fishing tackle cost has cost me thousands over the years and I still have most of it. I would be fortunate to get a fraction of my money back out of it-and if the Chinese ever are allowed to export weapons to us we may have the same problems with our guns! Good luck and I hope you get your asking price if you are forced to sell it. But, as you say it is a matter of priorities! GUYK

ScottG said...

Heh, Guy I must admit that this particular rifle I considering selling just fell into my lap two months ago. I don't really have much desire to have this type of gun, but the price was very cheap.

Probably why I would sell it. If it was a Garand or a 03 Springfield, it'd never leave my arms.