Monday, August 01, 2005

I'm proud to be an Okie from Muskogee...

Well, I'm not, but my mom is, sort of, she's from Claremore.
Enemy Press ABC has decided to show a two hour program consisting of performances at this year's Country Music Association show.
I will start out by saying I really don't care much about music. I can take it or leave it. However, I think it's very important that programs like this see air time. Why? To try to expose more people to other types of music than the ghetto crap that this culture has apparently embraced. I am sick to death of having a "hip hop version of...." I do not like that type of music, I do not like that type of clothing, I do not like that type of attitude. This "culture" doesn't help or uplift anyone. It is borne of hatefulness and hopelessness. I can understand why people who actually live in an inner city would participate, but I wish the non ghetto dwelling population would stop emulating it. Why on earth do you want to act like you are an illiterate criminal? Every time I see some wannabe white boy blasting rap music out of his car I wish I had some big-ass speakers myself and I'd start blasting some Hank Williams at him. Take that, punk.
Look, America has a rich musical culture that has nothing to do with this garbage. Jazz, Country, Funk, Classical, Big Band, Swing, Bluegrass, Ragtime, Souza marches and more. I grind my teeth everytime I hear some "sampling" - theft - really, in some new ghetto CD I'm forced to listen to. Rap music is a lazy "art" form. Can't you even make up something yourself?
This worship of ghetto culture has cheapened so many things in this country. How many times did you get into a fist fight at school when you were a kid? That won't happen now will it? You can't be sure someone won't try to shoot you. "You disrespectin' me?" Yeah you piece of garbage, I'm disrepectin you. You're ignorant, illiterate, a hoodlum, dirty, stupid, mean, and you smell bad, of course I don't respect you. Because you are that way? No! Because you refuse to do anything about being that way!
How many decently dressed people do you see on the streets these days? Most kids wear stupid looking outfits. Do decent parents allow their daughters to dress like whores in public?! Take that parka off, punk! It's 90 degrees outside! Good God! Someone please bring back the preppie look!
I just wish sometimes that someone, anyone among the cultural leadership would turn against this debased culture. Some hopes, huh? I guess the culture died with the passing of Elvis. You know what's really sad? The fact that I bemoan the loss of the culture we used to have when I was a kid... and I'm only 43!


GUYK said...

Hey Scott. Yeah, I also miss the values of the fifties but what the hell-not much I can do about it except bitch,which I do.But from a historical perspective, society's values change from generation to generation and swing from conservative to liberal and back to conservative and so on. A lot of it has to do with the economy, world tension over war, etc, and the lack of a goodhearted two dollar whores.

I'm proud to be an OKIE with some of the traditions of original Okie homesteaders ingrained in my Psyche such as distrust of banks, government, and lawyers. I also have learned that anyone who tries to force me to do something for my own good actually has their own interests in mind! And there is something about the code of the west that creates a polite society, manely: Smile when you call me that, pilgrim!