Thursday, August 25, 2005

"Impartial" Red Cross Secretly Aids Enemy

Enemy Press outlet CNN ran a story today concerning actions of the Italian Red Cross in aiding the murderous thug operatives in Iraq. "The Italian Red Cross has said it treated four 'presumed Iraqi terrorists' at its Baghdad hospital to secure the release of two kidnapped Italian aid workers, according to a media report."

I thought the Italians denied there were any deals to trade hostages? Apparently not. Yet that's not all they did. Maurizio Scelli of the Italian Red Cross reportedly said that the deal to release two Italian hostages included medical treatment for four terrorists and their children. Medical treatment, Ok, hard to swallow, but here's the gall: "'The mediators asked us to treat and save the lives of four presumed terrorists sought by the Americans, wounded in combat. We hid them and brought them to the doctors with the Red Cross, who operated on them,' Scelli told La Stampa daily in an interview published Thursday." Did you read that? 'WE HID THEM', yes, they shielded evildoers from us. They kept their actions secret. Why? To hide the fact they were indeed trading something for hostage releases. While these "impartial" Red Cross doctors tenderly treated murderers, did they also give any information they may have had about coalition forces and deployments? Can we ever know?

This isn't just hearsay. "Red Cross spokesman Fabrizio Centofanti later confirmed to CNN that the organization had treated the Iraqis." Of course they then immediately cloaked themselves in respectable garb. "'It did help presumed Iraqi terrorists, but it did so in the spirit of the Red Cross to help out everyone in need.'" Fine, treat the bastards then turn them in to the coalition. They did not do this. This is not impartiality, this is collusion with the enemy.

Did the Italian government have anything to do with this? There is no proof, however, both the Italian government and the Italian Red Cross have made statements about the non-control the state has over the actions of the Red Cross. Yes, convenient isn't it? Plausible deniability. If they had no control over the actions of the Red Cross, how did they even know what was going on? How indeed? In fact Scelli goes on to say that "the decision to hide details about the operation from U.S. officials was approved by Gianni Letta, Berlusconi's right-hand man." What? How did this man "approve" anything if the government has no control over the Red Cross? This leads any rational person to believe that indeed the Italian government did have a hand in this activity, and had the final say over conduct of the operation. Note well this statement: "'Keeping the Americans in the dark about our efforts to free the hostages was a non-negotiable condition to guarantee the safety of the hostages and ourselves,' he said, according to Reuters."

It seems that Signore Scelli was very busy in Baghdad. The story also reports that "Scelli said he held talks with Italian agent Nicola Calipari, who was shot dead in March this year by U.S. troops at a Baghdad checkpoint during a subsequent rescue operation for another Italian hostage." Oh, another Italian hostage? Funny that the enemy press seems to have forgotten who that "hostage" was. Let's refresh their memory shall we? This subsequent hostage was none other than Giulia "handfulls" Sgrena, known communist and a terrorist sympathizer. Recall above how Scelli said he needed to keep the Americans in the dark? Do you also recall how everyone claimed just after the incident that the Americans knew Sgrena was in the car and shot at her on purpose? Of course you do. One small problem. You can't be in the dark and informed at the same time!!!

Unfortunately there is only one sad conclusion that a sane person can draw from this information. The Italian government and the Italian Red Cross actively aided and abetted terrorist activity in Iraq. They shielded terrorists from the coalition forces. They lied when they insisted they did not negotiate with the terrorists. They lied when they claimed American forces knowingly fired upon the car with Sgrena and Calipari. This is all shameful. We thought you stood with us. We were fooled. Please remember we are in a fight to maintain our way of life, stop aiding those who would harm us. "Impartiality" must not be used a cloak to hide sympathy with those who hate us and want us to be destroyed. We must fight and fight until victory, anything less, ends in defeat.


GUYK said...

I've never had much use for the Red Cross be it the international Red Cross that is in Iraq or the American Red Cross that used tosell us the donated cookies and stale coffee.