Monday, August 22, 2005

Menage A Trois Gets Movie NC 17 Rating

Will Hollywood ever learn? A new film starring Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth titled "Where The Truth Lies", after a book by Rupert Holmes, has run into a potential roadblock on its path to the silver screen.
"The film includes a menage a trois sex scene involving Bacon, Firth and actress Rachel Blanchard that many observers expect will result in an NC-17, which would make the movie off limits for viewers younger than 18." Ok, you aspiring filmmakers, get this straight. American audiences do not want to see a sex scene between three people...if that scene is two men and one woman! You dolts get it right next time. We want two women and one man. Dig it?
If the film "cannot be cut without compromising the central scene of the narrative and thus rendering the mystery of the film incomprehensible,"then at least save that version for Europe, I hear they're more comfortable with two guys and one girl anyway... as long as she only watches.