Saturday, August 27, 2005

New Mexico, Chihuahua Governors Try To Stop Illegal Immigration?

Here's an interesting story from Fox News. It appears that aspiring presidential candidate Gov Bill Richardson of New Mexico has come to an agreement with Gov Jose Reyes Baeza of the Mexican state of Chihuahua to demolish abandoned buildings in the Mexican village of Las Chepas. This village is a staging area for illegal aliens and drug smuggling.

A stream of buses make the trek to this area on a daily basis to drop off loads of Mexican citizens who then attempt to illegally cross the border into the US. "Reyes Baeza said he would instruct law officers on his side of the border to fine unlicensed bus operators who ferry would-be immigrants 15 miles on a dusty washboard road along the border to Las Chepas."

That sounds like a good start, However part of this new cooperation includes "sharing intelligence." What type of intelligence would we be sharing with them? We need some information from them, such as any drug gang activity in the area and whether large groups of people are converging on the area to cross the border. What do they need from us? Where our border patrol agents are concentrated? Why? To help people to cross? We've already heard about a Mexican government pamphlet instructing people how to get across the border. How many of the so-called immigrant activists will signal when and where it's safe to cross? Will we share information on possible Minutemen activity? Considering Gov Richardson is a Democrat, who could put it past him?

People are increasingly concerned about illegal aliens, and it's time something was done about it. Things like this might work, but the best thing to do would be for the citizens of Mexico to clean up their corrupt government and free themselves from a socialist tyranny. It will benefit them and us.