Saturday, August 27, 2005

Philippine Government Can't Control Borders Terrorist Funding Either

The Arroyo government admits that it's unable to control terrorist funding activity within its own borders. It appears that terrorists can easily slip in and out of the country while bringing in large sums of money. "National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales said the money could be going to Jemaah Islamiyah, an Indonesia-based terror group linked to Al Qaeda that is accused of training terrorists in the Philippines."

This is a serious problem. I assume that they have no crack airport security squad like our own TSA heroes. Perhaps Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta can head on over there and teach them how to secure their own ports of entry.

The Philippine government was warned by Indonesia that suicide bombers have traveled to the country and have brought money to fund more terrorist activity there. "'We have not yet captured the suicide bombers, and money continues to flow in that we cannot stop,' he (Gonzalez) said. 'I cannot say how we are able to find out, but I can say that money is coming in and (bombing) materials are being purchased.' He declined to give details but indicated couriers take advantage of the busy traffic between the Philippines and the Middle East, where hundreds of thousands of Filipinos work." I suppose it would be bad form to ask whether these travelers are thoroughly searched when they return from The Mideast? Perhaps I would be considered a bigot if I asked if all Filipino Muslims were searched when returning from work there? Does the government have a do not fly list? You see, this underlines the fact that the terrorist network is a worldwide problem. Despite what crackpots say, Iraq is not unconnected to this ongoing problem. Pulling out of Iraq will not stop islamist terror.

These activities affect everyone who does not bow to their will. It appears that it even affects communists. The National Democratic (Ha!) Front has proposed a peace plan to the Arroyo administration. I assume they are also being pressed by the fanatics. Of course their "offer" is laughable. It "calls for forming 'a clean and honest coalition government'(impossible with communists in it) with 'significant representation' (what? by you?) of workers and peasants; canceling foreign debts; (sorry pal, you ain't getting that) cutting military spending to provide funds for economic development; (riiight, disarm and all your attacks will cease) and trying government officials for corruption, treason and human rights violations." (step right up yourselves for punishment first) This offer was of course rejected. Although perhaps these communists have learned something. If only our own hate filled leftists would see the light too.


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GUYK said...

The hell of it is that the Philipines consists of a BUNCH of islands with about a hundred different languages. I can understand how it would be tough to control entry egress in a country like that. Even the Japanese with over a milliuon troops in the Philipines never gained complete control.