Sunday, August 07, 2005

Protest in Crawford:"Bush Why did you Kill My Son?"

I don't know what it's like to lose a child, and I pray I never do.

Someone in the news does, however. Her name is Cindy Sheehan from Vacaville California.
She is engaging in a protest near the Bush ranch in Crawford Texas. She had a son die in Iraq protecting the newly freed state.
"Sheehan was among grieving military families who met with Bush in June 2004 at Fort Lewis, near Seattle, Wash. That was just two months after her son, Casey, was killed in Sadr City, Iraq, on April 4, 2004."
Then the predictable moonbat howls. She says she heard about all the reports that said president Bush was wrong and a liar. She now parrots all the leftist lies about the justification for the Iraqi invasion.
It's too bad that she lost her son. However, what's being done in Iraq is just and noble, despite what the America hating and Bush hating leftists say. Her son's sacrifice is important. Yes, her life may be ruined, but turning to Bush hatred won't help her.
Lest we think she's just a lone voice of a grief stricken mother crying out for justice, lets examine her a little more closely. The story goes on to say that she founded an organization named "Gold Star Families for Peace." You would expect a support group for families who lost loved ones, and I suppose that's one aspect of it. But, by their links you shall know them. Gold Star's link page is a veritable link fest with left wing hate groups: Code Pink, Truthout, Common Dreams, Progressive Democrats of America and other like minded groups. There is perhaps one non-hating link, the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors.
A truly sickening display of Bush hatred drips from most of these pages. Hateful people doing hateful things. I hope that Cindy Sheehan was just duped by these people into creating this group. I shudder to think that she willingly and knowingly supports such evil. I fear it's the latter.


GUYK said...

Charmin'Just fucking Charmin' I hate this war and I hate all wars but by all that's dear to me I agree with this one. Many of us "old soldiers saw it coming over twenty years ago when the ragheads murdered over 200 Marines in Labanon. Reagan brought the rest home instead of sending the rest in! And it hadn't got any better since. Some how, some way the public is going to have to understand that there is no way to appease these crazy hopped up bastards and killing them as they appear like shooting a praie dogs head off when it sticks out of a hole is the only way to deal with them. Shoot the Gotdam Mullahs on sight