Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Rogers Back to Baseball

An arbitrator has ruled that Texas Rangers pitcher Kenny Rogers must have his suspension for attacking a cameraman lifted.
Now this really irritates me. The man attacks a cameraman just for taking video of him during practice. He injures the guy and so gets suspended for twenty games and gets fined $50,000. Apparently the team thinks this is too extreme and goes crying to an arbitrator. Look, had I attacked anyone I would have been arrested and either put on probation or spent some time in the lockup. Because he's a baseball player he gets out of the rest of his punishment?
The ruling, by arbitrator Shyam Das (pronounced Sham?), followed a hearing Monday in Chicago.
Bleh. Why can't these athletes take responsibility for their actions and take their punishment. What he did was ridiculous precisely because it was just about doing poorly in his job for a short while. Were lives threatened by his performance? No. Was the country about to fall into ruin because he had a bad day on the mound? No. I wish these players would just do their jobs, take their pay and be thankful we still watch baseball.