Saturday, August 13, 2005

Schroeder Killed My German Heritage

I no longer have any German heritage. Although my maternal grandmother was born in a little German village in Hungary, spoke German and was effectively German, that has all boiled away with the idiotic and indeed dangerous words of German lame duck Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.
What purpose does it serve to tell evil people you won't use force to deter them? Well none really unless you are afraid of them. Considering the large number of middle eastern immigrants in Germany, I suppose they're more afraid of what some radicals might do to them than what Iran might do towards their enemy: Israel. Oh, well it's just a few Jews right? Not like Iran wants to exterminate them completely, just move them out of Palestine. Why risk German society over silly little tiffs?
The question is, why this stand by Schroeder? It didn't work before and it won't work this time. He will not be able to stop any military action against Iranian nuclear facilities. Perhaps he believes that the voters will return him to office like they did the last time when he opposed the deposition of Saddam. That's probably the reason. "Mr Schroeder is lagging well behind his conservative rivals in the German election campaign, but has been narrowing the gap in recent days. In the 2002 poll, he came from behind to snatch victory after anti-Iraq war feeling - and an outbreak of serious flooding in Germany - helped him attract last-minute support." He'll use anything he can to hold onto power. Hey Gerry, why not just call for a plebiscite giving you full powers over the state? After all, these are dangerous times, you need to protect the Bund.
Honestly, I don't know if he's just trying this tack to attract votes, or does this man actually believe that mere talking and cajoling and stern warnings from the UN and EU will stop the regime in Tehran from doing what it says it is doing? How many times have they said that once they develop an "islamic bomb" Israel will be attacked. Are these people so stupid as to believe it's only a bluff? Don't they think that Iran says what they mean. If he believes that the nuclear program is only to generate power he is a bigger fool than he appears. Why do they constantly disbelieve what they hear? Are they so blinded by their own "sophisticated" and "nuanced" ways that they don't understand unvarnished truth? That must be it. The alternative is that they hate President Bush and America so much that they would give up everything just to see him humiliated. They hold themselves up as the best and brightest hope for the world, yet who has liberated Afghanistan? Who liberated Iraq? And who stood by while ethnic cleansing took place in the Balkans? Yes, the believe they are the only good in the world, yet when they stare at themselves in the mirror, they only can see a disfigured face. A face that looks at suffering and says all is well, we don't need to go into Darfur. A face that looks at Saddam and says this is a man we can do business with. A face that looks at the liberation of Iraq and says it's an illegal and immoral war. What they see in the mirror is the Totenkopf.