Sunday, August 28, 2005

So-called Rev Jackson Services Communist Chavez

Yes, whenever a murderous commie thug needs some lovin', there's Jesse Jackson. The Sinister Minister wasted no time hopping a plane, train or automobile to show his solidarity with the Jimmy Carter Approved socialist Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.
The Rainbow/Putsch Fuehrer made an appearance at a nuremberg rally where "Jackson said every country has a right to self-determination, and touched on subjects from poverty to Martin Luther King Jr.'s role in the civil rights struggle of American blacks. 'Though our histories are burdensome with pain (of carrying briefcases full of money) and often bitter memories (of Nascar cancelling their donations), we must have the strength to get ahead and not just get even (more), Jackson said to a rousing applause from Venezuelan lawmakers." I assume the "lawmakers" applauded when he was finished because they didn't really understand a word he said. Martin Luther King is an enemy of freedom crushers.
"Jackson later met and shook hands with Chavez during the Venezuelan leader's weekly radio and television program." The report didn't indicate whether Chavez' pants were down while Jesse kneeled in front of him. Chavez and Jackson spent some time together discussing such things as how Jesse hijacked Martin Luther King's vision of equality between black and white. "'Reverend Jackson, you can be sure that we will continue fighting for the ideas of Martin Luther King, for Christ the Redeemer's idea of loving one another and building a society of equals through our peaceful and democratic revolution,'' said Chavez.'" Translation: We are in the process of loving our enemies to death and creating a peaceful revolution of the grave for those who don't follow our noble ideas.
Later the pair discussed "the possibility of sending oil at preferential terms to poor communities (Jesse Jackson) in the United States. This oil will be available for resale to those who complete a UN application for a new oil for Jesse program. The funds raised from the sale of the oil will be used to feed babies. All babies fathered by Jesse with his mistress are eligible to receive cash payments. This program will be headed by Mr Kojo Annan, the son of a major player in international affairs.


GUYK said...

No shit? This be the case I will stop my monthly donation to Jessie, bwahahahahah