Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Taft Charged With Graft

Well not really but it rhymed. Governor Bob Taft of Ohio was charged with multiple counts of failing to report gifts he received as governor. Any gift over $75 must be reported. He will apparently face misdemeanor charges from these gifts.
Governor Taft is a Republican, (but not really.) So of course the Democrat party will try to have a field day over these charges. I guess they think that if they can oust the R's from control of Ohio, then maybe they can take over and make it a state that will vote D in the next election cycle. What? Do they think that Diebold will just start cheating for them? Really, it defies belief that removing one person from office will make the voters suddenly change their minds on who they support at election time. Now that doesn't mean that people won't get fed up with the so-called Republican party that runs Ohio and replace them with Democrats. But that's all local and statewide races. If the Dems really think that there will be a shift in attitudes for presidential elections then they are still stuck in a fantasy land.
Just because Taft accepted some gifts, a few worth as little as $100, that doesn't mean that all Ohio voters will suddenly go wild for the next out of touch America hating extreme leftist that the Democrats will nominate for president. Unless of course they nominate someone like Zell Miller. Yeah, that'll happen with such hate-filled leaders like Reid, Pelosi, Schumer and Kennedy in charge of the party. No, I think Taft's in trouble, but I don't see that a Democrat takeover is in the offing. I see them becoming more extreme, thinking the MoveOn and anti-war groups are their key to returning to the White House. Keep trying is all I say.


GUYK said...

I think ou are right. I am sick of the almost republicans in congress and I am not all that thrilled about Bush-but not because of the war on terrorists and the war in Iraq but because of the way he is conducting the wars. But a half step forward is better than two steps back and a vote for the donks is turning tail and running.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I live in Ohio.
Taft is a RINO if I ever saw one.
He is also an asshat, and should resign.
I am a Republican, too.
But a real one.

Stoopid RINO's.