Sunday, August 07, 2005

That's Billion, with a B

The president will sign an energy bill. It will not have a provision for drilling in ANWR.
It is estimated that there are over 10 billion barrels of oil there. Oil we can use, but we won't see any of that oil any time soon. Thanks to "a coalition of most Democrats and a handful of moderate Republicans" these people have stopped cold our drive for energy independence.
I'd sure like to take a poll of these people and see how many of them spouted the "no blood for oil" line. So, no blood for oil? Well, whatcha gonna do about it? Let's see, first we can demand that you people stop buying cars that we consider unnecessary. SUVs and the like-we'll be exempt of course, we need those type of vehicles to get around from protest to protest to help make you see the light. Second, you must abandon this gaia hating suburban living. You will be relocated back into the inner cities and utilize light rail for your commute to the jobs we have decided fit your skills. Third, Monorail.
A fine prescription of the life worth living if ever I heard one. Blech. All these freaking enviro-nuts will cause our prices to rise and our dependence increase. We are in a war and these jackasses still plot and scheme to hold us back and force us into their foolish socialist hell, or utopia.
Screw that. Mr President, drill in ANWR! Now! Every time it seems we might have some hope to cut our dependence on foreign sources of energy these socialist charlatans start spouting "the environment's in danger by this evil plan." They think that nature is pristine, untouched. Hey enviro-freaks, did you know that your precious caribou, bears, and birds all shit in the woods! Did you know that shit is toxic? All that shit has got to have an effect on your precious environment. Maybe we should take all of the oil out of the ground there before the shit spoils it. Whaddya think? Oh, wait, socialist utopians don't think, they feel. How does it feel to be helping enslave our country to the whims of "mullahs and sheiks?"