Thursday, August 25, 2005

We Eat Ham And Jam And Spam Alot

Well I received three spam comments on my Headstone post below. I deleted them. Unfortunately I can't edit them instead of just delete, that would be so much fun. I wonder if the spam was posted by a person or a robot? Perhaps my sitemeter referral logs can answer the question?

Guy, JimmyB, Mauser*Girl have you had the same problems? If it starts becoming a problem, perhaps I will go to registered comments.


GUYK said...

I've been lucky so far and have not had any spam. I checked my firewall today for stuff that had been caught and stopped and it looks like it is stopping spam a lot of spam e mails. But I wonder sometimes if my comments section is blocking comments because I get over a 100 hits a day with usually 10 or 12 comments. Doesn't seem right but maybe it is. If I like a site I will at least let them know I was there.