Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Whacking Jacko

I wasn't planning to cover this. But when this story came out today, I figured I should. Just because I love to tweak celebrities.
So now two jurors come out in public and say they were originally going to vote guilty, but felt pressured to vote for an acquittal. I immediately thought "book deal" and was rewarded for my cleverness by seeing that very point in the story. Sure, you changed your mind alright.
Now let me say that my own personal opinion, backed with no facts or eyewitness accounts, is that Jackson does what they claimed he does. Men do not spend time in bed with children not their own. He's already admitted he's done this. One accusation, vendetta, two accusations, extortion, three accusations, a pattern of behavior. He is sick, he needs to stay away from children. He needs psychological aid. All in my opinion.
Back to the jurors. This third juror makes me think they were going to vote to convict, but something or someone changed their minds. Were they bullied by the foreman? No way to tell, it's their word against other jurors. You'll either believe one side or the other. The first story had some interesting allegations about juror conduct. Why would Jackson fans be let on a jury. If what the two dissenting jurors said was true, three of the jurors never intended to convict. "Not my Michael," they said. Hm, what if it was your son? Appears that there were more jury room shenanigans.
All this is moot now. He's been acquitted, and he won't be charged again...until the next time.


GUYK said...

Last I heard he moving out ofthe country-hope he stays.