Saturday, August 27, 2005

What a pathetic man. Ok, it's not like supporting insurgents in Iraq, or certifying a rigged election in Venezuela, but this guy just can't seem to support his own side. The Fox Grapevine reported that Former (whew!) President Carter lobbied the Base Realignment Committee to keep the Groton sub base open and not send the facility to his own state of Georgia.
"Republican Representative Jack Kingston says Carter went 'against the home team' and Republican Governor Sonny Perdue asks, 'What was he thinking?'" Come on guys, he's just too used to stabbing his own in the back. You should know him well enough by now.
Former (whew!) President Carter went on to say that he thought that moving the base would be "militarily deleterious...." Well Bub, I guess you would know as everything you did while CinC was militarily deleterious. He also said they didn't make their decision based on his political influence. That's for sure. Do you even have any?