Saturday, August 13, 2005

Which .22?

I'm considering purchasing a .22 handgun. For plinking and just because they're cheap to shoot. The Contenders are:

What's more important, price or reliability? I'm not sure, I like all these for particular reasons. The Rough Rider because of the price. I can shoot sooner if I buy this one. The Ruger because of the perceived higher quality than the Rough Rider. The Buck Mark because of the feel in my hand. Decisions, decisions.


GUYK said...

I used to have the Ruger single 6 and wish I still had it. I sold it along with a large part of my arsenal some years back when I was strugling trying to get may tackle business off the ground. But, it wouldn't make much difference to me because I am a poor shot with a hand gun. I'll compete with the sharpshoter on a rifle range but not with the handguns. A Colt 45 Army Issue 45 auto is more my style. Makes a lot of fast loud noise and if anyone gets within 10 feet I can hit them at least once.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I think the Ruger would be a great buy, but they usually could use a trigger job.
I love every Ruger I have, and they are competitively priced! :)