Friday, August 12, 2005

You know Cal? Yahoo!

The Chinese National Offshore Oil Corp recently tried to acquire Unocal. The deal fell through because of political pressure. "The decision ended a hotly contested battle between Unocal and Chevron, the second-largest U.S. oil company, which were both vying to acquire Unocal's valuable oil and natural gas assets, most of which are based in the United States and Asia."
Yeah, poor China, can't buy our oil, now they'll try to steal it no doubt. -Paging Mr Clinton, paging Mr Clinton.- That's good that some people in Washington see that China is not a strategic partner but a competitor. Of course China is more than a competitor. "'The way the U.S. government has treated Cnooc and politicized the deal will largely frustrate Chinese companies,' said Han Xiaoping, the chief information officer at Falcon Power, an energy consulting firm that is based in Beijing." How have they treated it? I dunno, maybe like a front for the Communist government? Really?
Here's what they think of us "Cnooc has been one of China's most aggressive companies in that regard. It has been on an acquisition hunt for the past few years. Its bid for Unocal - the most ambitious yet - was dubbed 'Operation Treasure Ship,' ...."
Oh a treasure ship alright. A foothold in our markets, a US company to control and use to lobby the government, a grip on resources in Asia, a priceless treasure ship indeed. Listen to this extra tidbit "...and it came with tremendous financial support from Wall Street's leading banks...." What the Hell? Selling them the rope they want to hang us with I see.
"Cnooc officials pleaded with officials in Washington and at Unocal, saying that they were simply attempting a 'friendly' takeover of Unocal...." Ah, yes a friendly takeover, you know like the friendly hike into the Saarland, the friendly handover of the Sudetenland and the love-fest Anchluss. So friendly these people! Who wouldn't want to be friendly with them? Better to spend treasure than blood to achieve goals right?
At least this deal fell through. You just know they'll try again, or maybe try the backdoor.
Yahoo announced recently that it had purchased a 40% share in Alibaba, a Chinese online company. The usual blather follows but then this little nugget shows up: "Yahoo will have 35 percent voting rights. The new entity will have a four-member board led by (Jack) Ma (founder of Alibaba) as chairman, with a second seat held by Alibaba and the others held by Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang and a representative of Softbank Corp., the Japanese firm that is a big Yahoo shareholder.
(Hoefer and Arnett analyst Martin) Pykkonnen called that a departure for Yahoo and CEO Terry Semel, because the company usually takes control of a partner's operations when it spends this kind of money. The arrangement could lead to some friction, he predicted."
So Yahoo pays $1 billion dollars to buy a share of a company that is of course controlled by the Chinese government, and doesn't even get to call the shots! That smells, that stinks. Think of all the stuff you do on yahoo, all the info you might have on their servers, all the cookies on your computer from Yahoo. And now the communists will have access to it!!
What is it with these people and their mega deals with an illegal, immoral thug junta ruling China?! Are these people commies too? Are they just greedy, just don't care about the country, or only want the rush of the deal?'s the women, isn't it?


GUYK said...

I don't use yahoo much, I did download the yahoo messenger to make it easier to talk with Livey while we were setting up the blog but never could get it to work right because of my firewalls. And the sumbitches down loaded so much shit in my system is still is not working right. I am slowly but surely finding it and taking it out and it is a pain in the butt! They put shit in every damn file I have I think. Fuk em and the Gotdam chinese both.