Sunday, September 18, 2005

Afghans Vote In Free Election, Enemy Press Dejected

In a major blow to the hopes of the supporters of the ousted Taliban criminal junta and the anti-Bush "mainstream" press, Afghans braved threats of violence to vote in free, democratic elections, Fox News reported today.
"Sunday's vote was considered the last formal step toward democracy on a path set out after a U.S.-led force drove the Taliban from power in 2001, when they refused to hand over Al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden following the Sept. 11 attacks." This action should quiet the yelping of those who don't believe that non Europeans can understand or want to live in a democracy.
"'We are making history,' President Hamid Karzai said while casting his ballot. 'It's the day of self-determination for the Afghan people. After 30 years of wars, interventions, occupations and misery, today Afghanistan is moving forward, making an economy, making political institutions.'"
"Chief electoral officer Peter Erben said voting started slowly, but 'after the morning, it has seriously picked up all over Afghanistan.'"
"'Today is a magnificent day for Afghanistan,' said Ali Safar, 62, standing in line to vote in Kabul. 'We want dignity, we want stability and peace.'"
Do you hear that Enemy Press, Europe, Democrats? The people of Afghanistan want what they have, they aren't compelled by American force to accept it. Strange as it is to believe, people want what America has. Why do you think people will risk everything to make their way here? It's something that the enemy within doesn't understand. Because they have everything they want and have ever wanted handed to them they cannot fathom the meaning of freedom. From birth, they don't value it. They have a guilt that they feel can only be assuaged by destroying the system that allowed their ancestors to give them what they have. They make no effort to achieve, all is given to them. Those who would ruin this country because of feelings of self hatred need to learn somehow that the fruits of revolution that we enjoy now didn't come from the hands of some ruler or potentate. The fruits are raised by hard work, dirty, sweaty, blood-stained work by people determined to give the best they could to the generations to come.
We see that seed beginning to grow in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will not happen overnight, be prepared for setbacks. The enemies of freedom won't rest just because some people have taken a stand. When freedom marches, hatred reacts, often violently. Iraqis are taking over their country once again, but many are killed daily in attacks by those who hate freedom. Now is not the time to backtrack, now is the time to rejoice. Rejoice in what is beginning in lands that have known little freedom and much oppression. Rejoice, but still be vigilant, evildoers cannot and will not let their power be taken from them easily. Freedom belongs to everyone, but it must be tended to by everyone to remain healthy, viable and living.
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