Monday, September 12, 2005

Algiers Militia Preserves Neighborhood After Katrina

Via Instapundit from the Austin American-Statesman: "NEW ORLEANS -- The Algiers Point militia put away its weapons Friday as Army soldiers patrolled the historic neighborhood across the Mississippi River from the French Quarter." Wow! Someone who understands what the militia really is!
"'Pit Bull Will Attack. We Are Here and Have Gun and Will Shoot,' said the sign on Alexandra Boza's front porch. Actually, said the woman behind the sign, 'I have two pistols.' I'm a part of the militia,' Boza said. 'We were taking the law into our own hands, but I didn't kill anyone.'" Yes, she was armed for self protection in a time of disaster. And she didn't kill anyone! She didn't go off searching for people to blast away at. She did what all Americans are entitled to do under the Constitution. I'm sure that makes some people very angry. It sure bothered those who were intent on evildoing in the neighborhood.
"The militia rigged car headlights and a car battery on porches of nearby houses. Then they put empty cans beneath trees that had fallen across both ends of the block. When someone approached in the darkness, 'you could hear the cans rattle. Then we would hit the switch at the battery and light up the street,' (Vinnie) Pervel said. 'We would yell, 'We're going to count three, and if you don't identify yourself, we're going to start shooting.' They could hear people fleeing and never fired a shot." The militia in action! Defending his neighborhood from predators, "' I was packing,' Robert Johns said. 'A .22 magnum with hollow points and an 8 mm Mauser from World War II with armor-piercing shells.'" Gotta love it.
The story goes on to say that the police and army eventually reached the neighborhood. The neighborhood militia did its job and now can put away its guns...until the next time. Criminals beware.
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