Thursday, September 08, 2005

Annan Blamed, But Not Blaming Himself

The Oil-for-Food scandal has reached a climax as the Volker Commission released its report on the massive fraud program overseen, or not, by the Secretary General.
"'The findings of today's report must be deeply embarrassing to all of us,' Annan told the Security Council Wednesday. 'None of us-member states, secretariat-can be proud of what it has found. Who among us can now claim that U.N. management is not a problem or is not in need of reform?'" Isn't that what John Bolton has been saying? So why all the opposition to his nomination?
"'Much of this report is critical of his management of the secretariat in general terms and in quite specific terms about his own personal responsibilities,' Volcker said. 'I can't say the responsibility was only his, but he certainly has, he is the head of the organization.'" Yeah, the responsibility is his. No one else had the type of control and oversight that the Secretariat had, or should have had.
Of course we can't let this report go too far without finding some way to criticize the US can we? The report stated that certain American agencies, like State and the US Mission to the UN were cooperative and others were not. Care to guess who wasn't cooperative? Perhaps the Senate, who tried to subpoena members of the OFF program? Could be.
Predictably however, Kofi refuses to accept responsibility and do the decent thing and resign. "'I don't anticipate anyone to resign. We are carrying on with our work.'" Yes, I suppose there are still a few dollars you can squeeze out of some poor unfortunate somewhere on the globe.
There's more blather...but it all comes down to the report saying no one but the UN can undertake programs on this scale. Sorry, but I disagree. There are plenty of smaller groups who can band together and do a superior job to anything a corrupt whorehouse like the UN can.
Links to the whole report:
Volume II - Program Background (pdf)
Volume III - United Nations Administration,Part I (pdf)
Volume IV - United Nations Administration, Part II (pdf)