Friday, September 16, 2005

Another Stupid Celebrities Moment For The Environment

The Enemy Press AP reports: "Several leaders attending a U.N. summit joined international celebrities to support programs to preserve the environment as a means to help end poverty." Right, stop using the environment to live in and we'll all be rich. Don't know how, maybe we'll all just print money backed by nothing and call ourselves rich. But we can't use paper, because we'd have to cut down trees. Maybe we'll use tree bark that has fallen on the ground. If we find some charcoal we can write on the bark and make our own million billion dollar bills. And we'd be rich.
Here's one clueless statement by a so-called celebrity, "'Undermining and not understanding the environment is the problem,' said Angelique Kidjo, who was born in the African country of Benin." And this means what, exactly? And who the heck are you? Do you think the environment would provide a living for the people of the planet if we just left it alone? Sorry, that hasn't happened since Adam and Eve were still in the Garden.
"As guests dined, (on caviar and foie gras no doubt) Swedish Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds announced that her country will invest $150 million in environmental protection for the poor. The solution is not new for Scandinavian countries 'who were conducting research in the early 1960s' on how poverty is affected by the environment, said Freivalds." Yet amazingly, there's still poverty in Sweden. Apparently anyway, they won't tell you what the poverty rate is. Even the CIA doesn't know.
The elegant dinner attracted the usual group of haters like Ted Turner and Algore. Some has been singer said, "'Sometimes you don't have to wait for government to change before you make the change yourself,' said (Wyclef) Jean, who performed after dinner." Hyuk, regime change. Yeah, that'll show President Bush!
Blah, blah, blah, typical celebrity asshattery. As has been and always will be....
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