Thursday, September 08, 2005

Arafat Medical Report Hints At Aids

The Enemy Press AP reported on Fox News today that a French medical report on Arafat's death indicates he had a massive stroke caused by an unknown infection. (Wink, wink) Haaretz and Israel Radio gained access to the report and shared it with Enemy Press New York Times. All three "conducted separate reviews of the information, resulting in different explanations for the cause of the stroke and deepening the puzzle." Ya don't say!
"According to the French report, Arafat suffered a digestive ailment about 30 days before his death. He also had an "acute" case of a blood disorder, disseminated intravascular coagulation, or D.I.C. (snicker) The report was signed by Bruno Pats, a senior doctor at the hospital." That's agreed by all. But the interpretation is the key.
"The Times reported that Arafat's stroke was caused by D.I.C. (I'll bet, maybe more than one) stemming from an unidentified infection, though it rejected AIDS or poisoning." Of course, the NYT is the most friendly to Arafat's memory. Can't make him look bad to the Islamists, they might have stoned him if they suspected his prayer rug faced both ways.
"The Haaretz report, however, quoted Dr. Gil Lugassi, president of the Israel Hematologists Association, as saying the symptoms described could be typical of AIDS. 'What is simply unacceptable and seems very perplexing is the absolute disregard for the possibility of AIDS,' Lugassi, one of the doctors to review the records, was quoted as saying." Well, heroes don't die of diseases like this, they're supposed to go out blazing, not whimpering in a bed.
The Times whitewash doesn't really get much traction as Arafat's personal physician, "Dr. Ashraf al-Kurdi... asserted that Arafat had the AIDS virus in his blood. 'It was given to him to cover up the poison,' he told AP. Al-Kurdi, however, did not say where the AIDS virus or poison had come from." From having gay sex? I have it! He got it from a toilet seat!
The man has been dead for almost a year now and all these people are still trying to make him out to be a victim of Israeli plots. No, the case is clear. Arafat died of Aids resulting from his lifelong homosexual activity. Can't deny it, but the America Hating Enemy Press who gladly tried to "out" the young son of Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts will do and say anything to keep this man in the closet.